STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 53

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Episode 53
Abhi: Never say that Basudha please if this happened then I will not be able to bear that pain Basudha If Basu left Abhi then Abhishek will break down for sure
Basudha being in hug: This will never happen it doesn’t matter to you weather I am alive or dead
Abhi: It matters silly it matters a lot because I, I love you Basu yes, it is true that I love you
Hearing that Basu got extremely shocked her eyes got widen being in shocked, it was looking like someone has freeze her there he cupped her face
Abhi: Yes I do love you and your silence, your ignorance all is like a stabbed knife which has been stabbed in someone’s heart please don’t do this you can’t even imagine that how these two days went without you, when you use to go to live with ma when she calls you I never felt like that but this time you… you made me scared Basu you went just like this without saying anything you didn’t told anything to Kaustuki neither you were picking up my call it was like hell for me I was dying thinking that where you went leaving me like this (striking his head slightly to hers)
He was about to say further but their moment was broken through a knock on the door
Abhi wiping his tears holding her arms: you don’t go from here I will check
He went to open the door and she was remained in the same position eyes being widen and lost somewhere here screen shifts towards door Abhi wiped his face with a towel and went to open the door it was Kabir
Kabir: Oh Mr. don’t you have mood to go office! It’s getting very late superior will kill you don’t you think? (while taking seat on the couch)
Abhi: Han I was just going let me call Basu
Kabir: she will come on her own you go first
Abhi: but baba…
Kabir: no if no but only shut up just do as I say she will come on her own just go
Abhi: Okay let me bring my bag
Kabir: go and bring it soon and where is Pragya did you make her run away again (said in a taunting tone)
Abhi felt bad on that statement: no, she is inside I will call her (said in a sad monotone)
He went to room and asked her to go out as Kabir is calling her he held her hands and again said “I Am Sorry Basudha” she was just looking at him and saying so he picked up his bag and went from there, then Basu went out where Kabir was seated
Kabir: Arey bahu beta, come here please bring me a coffee of your hand I would like to have it today
Basu nodded in yes and went to bring coffee
Kabir: did that idiot reacted?
Basu: no
Kabir: he didn’t ask sorry too!!!
Basu: he did it
Kabir: listen burry these misunderstandings here itself otherwise if they grew then that will be difficult to resolve okay so better leave all that matter here itself he realized his mistake and you also forgive him taking promise that he will never behave like that okay
Basu nodded in okay

Kabir keeping his hand over her head: that’s like my girl okay now I am leaving to home it is 8:30 in the clock I will come to office at 9:00 so before 9:00 try to reach office okay
Saying this he left and completing all the work she left to office and then everything got messed up how!! Come let’s see what was going on
Basu was working but all the time the thing which she was remembering the morning incident the proposal which took place in morning every time she was thinking that “Did he just said that” and as she was lost in those thoughts whatever work was given to her was getting worse like someone asked her to give some files to Abhi she use to walk straight towards the cabin but as he comes in front of her everything which was in her hand fell down, senior of Abhi asked her to arrange some of the files in Abhi’s cabin and what she did, she was keeping the files when suddenly all the files fell on her, she was doing lunch in the canteen and was drinking water when suddenly she saw him coming there and the water which was in her mouth spilled off on the person who was seated in front of her that was totally embarrassing moment for her though the person didn’t said something to her but still she was feeling embarrassed as everything was getting worse since morning itself and finally that happened which was she hoping one of the senior office member scolded her and Abhi was noticing all that she was listening all the while doing her head down and then Abhi went there
Abhi: sir what happened?
Senior: everything since morning your assistant is spoiling it all the documentation part she did it extremely wrong where she is lost
Abhi: sir, Mrs. Basudha is not feeling well that’s why may be
Senior: if is it so then ask her to take rest but not to spoil work and make her understand that this is not the way to work
Abhi: sure, sir I will
Senior: ask her to take leave until she feels well
Saying this he went from there and Abhi asked Basudha to leave home she agreed and went back to home here Abhi in his cabin was smiling like a mad person
Abhi’s P.O.V
Hmm so this is happening again she doing this is happening with her everyone will think she is sick but what is the matter only I know this (resting his hands on the table) hmm…. This girl is again confused about what to do yeah she is confused because whenever she is confused for some matters she use to do this and this is always happening when the case is mine yes I am the reason my thoughts are troubling her I am the reason that she is feeling confused I still remember the day when this was happened it was day just after our marriage anniversary and the time was of evening I never talked to her as that day I guess I was having some kind of meeting so I never talked to her that day but when in evening I returned back I was searching the excuse how to praise her as she was looking stunning last night on our anniversary night in that black and golden border saree with tied up hairs she was so cute that she became my mode of attraction that night but how because that time I was so scared that by which she will feel good so I never thought about the way I just said it to her when she bought the coffee for me that day and I just said to her “you was looking so stunning last night and today too in this yellow saree of yours” and hearing that her expressions was like hell shocked she made an annoyed face and went from there that day she done like this all the time whenever she was coming in front of me or facing me like I asked her to keep my documents safely she ended up with making them fall down, she was making food and I entered in kitchen to take water and when she saw me she made all the water which was in her hand fall down I was just looking at her in shock it wasn’t like that I didn’t helped her I did that and got to know that she was feeling nervous as she don’t know what to react and how to react over what I said to her and made her calm from that day itself I know how to make her calm down after all it was a small matter but today’s matter is a bit different from it because for me it’s a big day it’s my proposal day it’s my day of love

He was lost in thought which were broken by the peon he knocked the door and said to him that “Sir all the office members have left don’t you want to go home?” I just nodded in yes and noticed the time it was about one hour more than the usual time when he use to go home he was driving towards the home now being lost in her thoughts and as he reached back home what he thought there was more than it Basudha was looking totally nervous and then Kaustuki and Ganga were troubling her too being irritated she sent them to their room with her mobile as it was the game house for them they both left from there and he was looking that all from the door itself as it was open while getting back to work she got stumbled with that table which was at side being in irritation she yelled at the table itself “idiot can’t you see I am going who the hell kept you here” and within moment she realized what she said and patting her head said to herself “what the hell is happening with me how will the table be able to see” she left while mumbling in herself he was laughing lightly upon her and this happened two times while he was looking at her when she went from there he went inside the room and asked from Kaustuki
Abhi: what happened today your mummy is looking too busy
Kaustuki: I don’t know as she is all the time ending up doing some blunders like she kept my notebooks in your rack of files and your files in my cupboard and when I asked she just scolded me and said why don’t I take care of my things on myself she scolded Ganga that why she is crying this much don’t she have any other work
Abhi was literally laughing on whatever Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: we are being scolded since morning and you are laughing like this! That’s not fare
Abhi: oh, dear don’t worry I will talk to her okay you stay here I will be back
Kaustuki: yeah but before going change yourself otherwise the temperature is that high that you may get burn
Abhi nodded his head in disbelief and left towards the kitchen where she was doing some work he went and stood beside her and thus again in nervousness she left the glass which was in her hands he was about to say something but she spoke before him
Basu: don’t say anything you said a lot
Abhi; but what I have said
Basu: okay you haven’t said anything but don’t say anything more please
Abhi: But what I have done
Basu while picking up the glass: what you did in morning just said it I mean who use to say it so surprisingly you must have given me some indications right! But no, you just said it (aisey kaun bolta hai yr) who says like this
Abhi: then how would I have said that to you
Basu: Better you would have hide it so I had felt good but you just spoke it I mean didn’t thought that something may happen what if I had got heart attack with that sudden thing
Abhi was smiling at her
Basu: now you are smiling that’s not fare why are you smiling now
All the complaints she was doing in a silly kiddy tone and he was helpless to laugh she was about to make something fall again but he held her hand tightly and said
Abhi: How can you get heart attack when your heart is with me and mine is with you listen to me I do mean it and I mean it so just relax
Basu: Are you sure you mean it
Abhi nodded his head in yes: Now just relax have some water and stay relax because you have done so much things today which ended up in the matter of joke or messing up everything
He made her stand and gave her the glass of water she was having it and he was looking at her smilingly a small flashback is shown
When he praised for her beauty on the day after his anniversary the same incidents were going on so he went and just held her hands asking about the matter of her nervousness and she being in nervousness didn’t said anything she was just looking down he made her look at him and asked her calm down
Abhi: Just calm down silly nothing was like rocket science in it
Basu: I don’t know but it was new for me as no one never praised me like this so I don’t know how to react
Abhi laughed: Okay I am sorry for making you this much nervous now relax please
Basu: okay leave me for some time I will be
Abhi: no, I have better option you come with me we will go for a walk
Basu: okay
They both went for a walk and soon she felt comfortable with those words of him and smilingly started walking with him
Flashback ends
He was looking at her when she asked him gesturing “What” he smiled and tapping her nose gently said “Silly” she smiled

to be continued…
dont know about precap as thoughts are still under maintainance and about 10 shots so wait for another one patiently i will upload it when i will get more time just like today so wait for it patiently dears hope you like the episode

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  3. Saranya24

    Wow he finally proposed lovely dii loved it a lot love u loads????

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  6. Maya

    As usual the simplicity in your writing makes me filled with perplexity haha as in how can u write like this yaar? Until now u never answered me???it’s ok I will wait for your answer and keep rocking with your rocking updates!!??????

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    Super Duper awesome proposal I just loved it di.
    The epi was rocking you nailed it completely di and Basu is sooooooo cute and adorable and the way Abhi makes her calm is just amazing.
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  12. Mukundraj

    please confess their love to each other dont drag it please

    1. Bhai ji ..
      Sometimes na life mai confession se zaida important hota hai ke wo feel kiya jaye..confession is not important bhai..log keh detay hai ke
      I luv u …ye wo…
      Mgr tb tk faida nhi jb tk feel na kiya jaye…
      And Surbhi is perfect ….She just explains it so well that ..hum feel kr letay hai …tu confession is not compulsory …

      1. Oye bhai fir drag ..kitni bar btao kkb dekney ke baad mut padha kro..kindly..

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