STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 52

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Episode 52

Basu and Abhi were in the room at that time Doctor entered in the room
Doctor: Mrs Mehta if you permit us may we check him
Basu: sure
She smiled and went from there

Next day he was discharged from the hospital but doctor advised him bed rest and that too for one complete month which was hell irritating according to him Abhigya and Prateek also left to US for Keeriti’s marriage preparations as the marriage was about to take place after two months which was the very less time according to Keerti so they left from there asking Basudha and Abhi to attend the wedding she just nodded in ok after all she was going far from her again so it was obvious that her heart is feeling heavy but it’s okay at least now she knows where her mother is and she can talk with her she was totally happy with that as now whenever she wants she can talk with her mother share her feelings with her. Here Prabhas was still in confusion that how to talk with Ranvi as he was now feeling guilty for doing so with his own son, Ranvi was happy as now he got his best friend with whom he use to share his pain his happiness always, Abhi and Yash were turned into best buddies now Yash use to enjoy a lot with Abhi and Abhi with the help of him use to tease his sisters a lot, sometimes Abhi and Yash both use to tease their wives in their own way and that results into totally angry women for them then they have to bear their punishments and the punishment was they have to live without coffee for the full day or without looking at their wives face for a day, Priyansh and Gaurav were the sister’s boy now whatever Basudha used to say it was an order by a king to them and this was an awesome excuse for Yash to meet his crime partners Kaustuki and Ganga. Subuhi and Subhash were also left with Abhigya and Prateek to help them in preparations.

Vibha now use to stay very confused with Prabhas’s behaviour as he is behaving totally lost for example once she said to him that he have to cut vegetables he did so but still she got irritated as beside cutting vegetables he threw them and cut all the waste of vegetables like he threw the onion and kept the onion peel he threw all the peas and kept all the peels, threw all the potatoes but kept all the potato peels, this was not enough once she asked him to give his shoes to cobbler for polish but he gave instead her sandals and her white shining sandals were now no more white as that idiot cobbler also polished it, once she asked him to put off the lights instead putting them off he broke all the lights in the home. Vibha was hell irritated with him as he was behaving totally lost body present mind absent some where and this all happened after Abhigya made him realise his mistake and this was all because he was thinking all the time that how to ask sorry from Ranvi. Yashika and Naira left to their home promising everyone that they will meet them directly in Keerti’s marriage now. Divya and Kabir were as usual busy in their own work.

About one month spend and now Abhi was perfectly fine he was allowed to join his work too then Basu was also allowed to do so now as her boss was perfectly fine now everyday she use to come back home before him just because no one shall know that she is his wife Kabir always wonders that how they both managed to hide from everyone about their relation. He was all relaxed now as doctor still advised him not to do any table work so he was always allowed field work till he gets perfectly fine she was also okay with it as she was getting enough time to spend with him but a change was there every evening her smile always use to fade off as now a days they were having many arguments on silly matters he use to get angry every time upon her whenever she use to say something right like he use to keep his towel on bed after taking bath and if she pointed out it he use to say that “what is this Basu now you have started irritating me on small matters yr you can also do it right!” this was the sudden change in him he never ever shouted on her like that she use to point out it earlier also but every time what he did was rectifying it with a sorry but this time he was behaving change and she guessed that it was because of work load but his behaviour towards kids that was changing too he was giving importance to Kaustuki in every means as if he has forgot that he have a second daughter too his all attention was on Kaustuki.

He was giving her some responsibilities and trying to make her a responsible person which was unbearable for Basudha as for one he was so concerned and for other he was giving her all responsibilities to her this continued for few days but one day Basu felt that it is enough she has to do something because he is snatching Kaustuki’s childhood by giving her those responsibilities which are not for the children he was again and again to do what he is saying she was feeling irked with this behaviour of him because he was never like that although he was the only one who use to say that people have to be with their responsibilities on correct time but now he was doing its alter what he said once he was totally ignoring it he was doing its alter he never shouted on her as like he was doing now-a-days his thoughts were changing a bit then and this resulted into un burst anger into her which burst out one day for the first time she shouted on him, for the first time she was never scared of his anger. One day when he came back from the office after having dinner he kept something in cupboard and then called Kaustuki

Kaustuki: yeah I am here
Abhi: do one thing now go and keep this key with you whenever I will need it I will ask you to bring it
Now this became in tolerable for Basudha she came in mid of them when Kaustuki was going
Basudha: Kaustuki give me the keys
Kaustuki: but he said to keep them
Basudha: I said Just give me the keys (she said in a cold tone which was enough to scare Kaustuki)
She handed the keys to her
Basudha: now go

She left from there and then she went ahead while keeping the keys in the drawer she said to Abhi who was looking at her
Basudha in a cold tone: I am still alive there is no need to give her such responsibility
Abhi: why shouldn’t I..!! she can take care of them very well
Basudha: of course she can but tell me one thing is this is age of taking care of your stuffs
Abhi: what’s wrong in that!!
Basudha: hmm. Just tell me one thing what are you doing now a days
Abhi: what?

Basudha: don’t you think you are giving her importance more than enough
Abhi: what’s wrong in that she is my elder daughter so I am doing!!!
Basudha: she is a kid too and you are burdening her with responsibilities and giving importance to her in this age is not enough she will get habitual to it and it will result bad I am warning you
Abhi: Oh now I get it you are feeling jealous of your own daughter!!! What kind of a woman you are?
Basudha yelled: don’t you felt shame saying that once who feel jealous with their own kid I am just trying to say the hell you are doing with these two kids it will create a rift among them for sure
Abhi yelled: don’t try to teach me what is right and what is wrong I know that all better than you
Basudha closed the door which was open of the room as the argument was getting heated now
Basudha: I will tell you because you are doing wrong you are giving this much attention to her Ganga is too young she doesn’t know or understand about all that what is going on in her surrounding but when she will grow old she will understand everything and this will be the reason of rift among girls you are thinking about that once and Kaustuki she will become egoistic with this kind of treatment and I can’t see that happening
Abhi shouted: What’s your problem Basudha now a days you are having problem with my every decision and this is happening from the moment you have met your family

Hearing so the anger which was buried inside her that burst out
Basudha yelled: what a cheap thought of yours chhee how dare you drag them in this argument I am just saying that your behaviour will create a rift among the girls and I won’t let it happen
Abhi yelled: they are my daughters and I know that nothing will happen like that but I think it’s you who will do so intentionally
Basudha: you know what you have gone mad arguing with you is my stupidity
Abhi: so why the hell you are talking with me don’t talk with me and even do one thing don’t see my face itself it will be good
Basudha: have you ever thought what are you saying, you are asking me indirectly to leave the house
Abhi: so what!! If you think I am saying so then think
Basudha: think once before you say
Abhi: I am sure

Basudha being at extreme anger: Okay fine now I won’t stay here anymore just stay here alone and handle your daughters too as you think that you can take care of them very well and don’t need me also so be happy
She went out banging the door and didn’t took anything left everything at home itself just took her mobile with her Abhi sat on the bed in anger she left the home Kaustuki tried to call her but she said that she is going to meet Yash and immediately left from there without saying anything further but she sensed that something has happened with her for sure and without wasting time she called Divya and told her about her
Kaustuki: Dadi
Divya: yes my dear what happened you remembered me?
Kaustuki: Dadi something is wrong for sure
Divya: what happened you are sounding too serious!!
Kaustuki: Dadi mummy went out in anger banging the door when I asked she said she is going to meet Nanu but she was very angry
Divya: really!!! Then it is possible that she went to meet Yash only
Kaustuki: But Dadi she was too angry that didn’t even asked us to come with her she left me and Dangu here alone with papa

Divya thought something is serious then pacifying Kaustuki said
Divya: you don’t worry beta I will check where she went you don’t worry okay take care I will tell you about her soon
Kaustuki hanged up the call saying okay then Divya immediately called Basudha who was seated in the park thinking what to do where to go as in anger she didn’t brought her car too and was again and again thinking about what happened few minutes before when her phone beeped and as caller ID was of Divya she didn’t wasted the time to pick it up
Basudha trying to control her heavy voice: Haan maa
Divya: where are you

Basudha: at home
Divya: really!!! Now you will lie to me? Haah
Basudha: no I…
Divya cuts her off: Kaustuki called me told me that you are not at home then tell me where are you?
Basudha: at park
Divya: hmm I am sending a car there come here now okay and tell me what happened?
Basudha nodded in yes and waited for the car when the car reached there she just left towards the Mehta’s residence she went in Divya was in hall itself she went in Divya ordered one of the servant to bring water and she made Basu sit near her

Divya: now tell me what happened?
Basu trying to hide: I said na nothing
Divya: Madam I can see clearly what is happened so nothing is there to hide from me just tell me what happened?
Basu hugged her tightly and narrated the whole incident Divya became extremely angry on that
Divya: is this boy mad or what did he have any idea that what he has did idiot fellow, you was saying right and he did this beside hearing it have he lost his mind or what? I mean how the hell he can talk like that wait let Kabir come back now he will handle him for sure this boy ugh once his mind gets mad for sure you don’t worry you stay over here in night you don’t think anything you did extremely right he has gone mad okay
Basudha: But maa
Divya cupped her face: you don’t think about Ganga and Kaustuki what he said!!! He can take care of them right!! Now let him do so just enjoy dear
Basudha kept her head in Divya’s lap and she started caring her hairs Basudha in a mild tone said “THANKS MAA” Divya smiled

After about a hour later Kabir returned home Basudha was preparing dining table
Kabir: arey bahu beta you here!! Everything fine na!
Divya while coming from kitchen: just wait for sometime I will tell you what your dearest son had done
Kabir: what that idiot done now (in a stern tone)
Divya: first you go and get fresh n up then we will talk about that
Kabir nodded and went from there after something he came back getting fresh n up
Kabir taking his seat on the dining table: now tell me what that idiot did
Divya: again his mind has replaced from its place
Kabir: how

Divya narrated the whole matter and Kabir became extremely angry over it
Kabir: this boy has lost of mind and I know why he is doing so
Divya: why?
Kabir: one idiot has joined office the worst person ever Mr Surendra dixit he always use to share his thoughts about family in office at lunch time and I think that silly minded boy is hearing it he always use to share how he use to control his wife and he have two sons aging about 13 to 14 years and he has made them so responsible that even a cup of tea he never use to pick up. And I think that idiot person is getting in his silly ideas
Divya: so why don’t you fire him
Kabir: I can’t as he is on auditing by a finance company
DIvya: but see what he did today he asked her to leave the home tomorrow he will say something else

Kabir: this will never happen I am here to handle him you don’t take tension Beta he will come on line for sure just one night let him stay alone because our values are not so weak that they will get buried by some happenings you know what once he started doing same with Yashika and Naira also that time what happened you know
Divya: your father in law banged think sticks on his legs for disrespecting his sisters that time he was in first year I think so
Kabir: and now if the situation is same then get ready for his band baja baaraat you just stay calmly here and do as I say I know he will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow when you will not return to home for sure in search of you so you just stay here and keep hiding from him let him realise what he has did once he will think cool minded he will realise what you was trying to say
Divya: now go and take rest my Daughter was in cold for this much time I am sure he will have broom treatment from me if he didn’t kept his ego aside
Kabir: I am saying you since long time that he need a broom treatment from you
Basudha: hope everything gets fine soon
Keeping the plate aside she went from there
Divya being concerned: she is very upset

Kabir: He never behaved like that ever that’s why she is upset but don’t worry I know him everything will be fine
The screen shifted towards Basudha she was so upset that she was unable to sleep that night unknowingly tears started to flow from her eyes and like this the whole night spend here screen shifted towards Abhi he was unable to sleep too as he was feeling guilty upon what he said to her one day was spent she wasn’t returned it was the day of Friday he thought that she will come to office then he will talk to her but that never happened she came office and did work too but without even talking to him she left the office too he tried to follow her but in vein because when she went out of the building she always use to change the direction which results into lost the chance of talking with her. Abhi thought to call at Sangvang villa and there Dinu kaka picked the phone he asked about Basudha but he answered that she never came there after she went with him, then he called Yash and indirectly asked about Basudha but from there also the thing he got was disappointment now his thoughts were that where Basudha went, he was all lost in thoughts when Ganga started to crying calling out the name Mummy she was crying so hard that Kaustuki also felt emotional

Kaustuki: where did mummy went and why she is not calling us neither picking up our calls did we committed any mistake?
Abhi nodded in no and took them both into his hug then he asked them both to sleep with much difficulty Ganga slept and Kaustuki was laying beside her after making them sleep he went to his room and sitting on bed started reminding the incident which took place that day and suddenly a lone tear escaped from his eye he thought “Where are You Basu please come back I am really sorry for what I did I promise I will never do this but please come back” with these thought he dozed off and next day taking Kaustuki and Ganga with him he left to Mehta’s residence there as his car honked to open the gate Basudha immediately went to Divya and she asked her to hide in store room till he goes back she nods okay and went to the room to hide herself here Kaustuki rushed inside like a storm and Ganga was in Abhi’s arm

Kaustuki: dadu….
Kabir hugged her: Oh my beta how are you and didn’t missed dadu haah! Coming after a long time
Kaustuki: No Dadu actually he didn’t brought me to you so what can I do
Divya: Abhi where is Pragya? She didn’t came with you
Abhi whose face was looking fade off smiled and nodded in no Divya and Kabir passed a victory smile a little and then Kabir asked
Kabir: why what happened? Is she not feeling well?
Abhi: nothing like that
Divya: then?
Abhi: I don’t know
Divya: what!!!! You don’t know what kind of a answer is this
Abhi: woo
Kabir: wait for a while. Kaustuki, beta go and look at Papa’s room I have bought some games for you and they are kept there
Kaustuki: really!! Then come Dangu we will go
They left from there

Kabir: now tell me what happened?
Abhi narrated the whole matter
Abhi: I just said that in anger Baba I never meant it but she took it too seriously that she went somewhere and now she is not picking up my call too
Kabir: she did extremely right
Divya: very good step of hers you deserve this
Abhi being shocked: maa, Baba you too
Kabir: she was saying extremely right and you ignored her this all is influence of that Surendra right!!!
Abhi: no Baba nothing is like that
Divya: shut up idiot his thoughts are overcoming your mind and you are letting that happen too
Kabir: it’s good that yesterday was his last day at least now you will be out of that crap thoughts
Divya: yes now you have to wait until her anger calms down because no one of us know that where is she
Abhi: I really did a mistake Baba
Saying this he left towards his room

After few hours it was the time of night when Abhi decided to leave the home he did so and went back taking Kaustuki and Ganga with him here Kabir and Divya decided to send Basudha back after a day as they want to let him feel guilty a bit more so that he can never commit this kind of mistake again here Abhi making Ganga and Kaustuki sleep went to his room there and being lost in thought of her he also slept
It was the time of morning when the door bell ringed Abhi went and opened the door it was a courier boy he brought he took that courier and opened the package they were some kind of papers and a letter in it where it was written
Mr Abhishek Mehta
We thought you are the one who can never see our daughter in tears but we were wrong you became the one who hurted her the most and as she has bear so much pain in her life now I can’t let my daughter bear more pain so better stay away from her just sign those papers and send them to us as now she will never return to you.
Prateek Sangwang

Abhi looked at the papers and got hell shocked they were divorce papers and his thoughts were broken by the ring of alarm clock he woke up in shock he was sweating a lot and looked at clock it was 9:00 am morning he thought “God what a horrible dream it was damn I am getting late for the office I have to leave now” yes it was a dream which he saw he hurriedly rushed to bathroom and after getting ready he came out of his room the view in front of him made him totally shocked as dining table was well prepared breakfast was there already Kaustuki was also there but looking at him she became angry not she only but Kabir was also there
Abhi: Who made all this?
Kaustuki while leaving to school: George Bush sent his chef to make all this that you can sleep well and I can miss my school who else will make it Mummy made it
Kabir: it is waste to talk with him come soon we are getting late
Abhi: sorry for being late bye
Kaustu and Kabir went and Abhi realised what she said he hurriedly went to kitchen and saw she was there he saw her and felt like his life has returned to him he called her name
Abhi: Basu…
Basu: don’t think I have returned for you the fact is I can not leave my girls with you, how will you take care of them you can not take care of yourself and you are claiming that you will take care of them impossible now give me side Mr stranger I am getting late

Mr Stranger that word hurt him most but he didn’t bothered because what he did then this anger was valid for him by her she went towards their room and he just followed her she was doing something he started saying with heavy voice having mixed emotions in it
Abhi: I am sorry Basudha I am really sorry I was fool that I said that to you I never meant that really I don’t know what happened to me that time
Basu turned to him: Leave it Mehta Sahab let it spend what happen but be careful from now onwards as I returned today but if you repeated it I will not (again being busy in something) then you have to forget who the Basudha was
Abhi turned her towards him and just pulled into a bone crushing hug said
Abhi: Never say that Basudha please if this happened then I will not be able to bear that pain Basudha If Basu left Abhi then Abhishek will break down for sure
Basudha being in hug: This will never happen it doesn’t matters to you weather I am alive or dead
Abhi: It matters silly it matters alot because I, I love you Basu yes it is true that I love you
Hearing that Basu got extremely shocked her eyes got widen being in shock

to be continued…
keep guessing weather it is a dream or truth and if it is truth then what is going to happen next

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