Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 3)

Chapter-3 ( Touch Of A Stranger)

The hands tightened on her waist and Radhika felt deeply mortified by her move. Where did that come from? She thought. Her hand started loosening its tight clutch on the shirt, but when suddenly a rough warm hand came up and caught hers over the chest. Her heart almost stopped at that.

She looked up surprised and the eyes, burning embers now caught hers in a deep circuling storm, the other hand on her waist pulled her up, almost dangling she was, now being embraced more warmer than before.

The aristocratic flared and the eyes changed a shade darker hue, his breath fell on her forehead and felt a wealth of life get into her shivering body almost changing the colour of her blood. It simpered to a normal tread in her veins.

Something spectacular and life changing happened, connecting her pale brown eyes with the deeper darker one’s of him.

Her senses heightened, leaving her ears listen only to her short pants and his ragged breath falling over her forehead, aand bizzarely as it was Radhika did not want to let go.

The tightening hand on hers and the arm hold around her waist turned softer. Radhika went into a loop of Haze.

The touch, feeling it. Taking it in. Liking it. Letting it remember. All over skin. All over inside. All over her, warming her heart.

The minutes passed in the silence and Radhika kept staring and the stranger kept gazing down at her. His face an unfeeling mask while her mind was playing havoc on her senses. She felt like floating in the clouds with the high of his heating touch and gaze.

Then, the hand slipped away from over her hand, the other hand too glided away from over her waist, gliding a trail on her skin under her t-shirt. He moved away a little and a change seem to come over magnificietly, he leaned back more straighter.

Radhika blinked back when he took a step back from the wall she was cornered, the door moved away and a sun streamed in a flood of light from behind him.

Her eyes automatically winced and squinted . She lost sight of his eyes and the connection she felt tugged her moved forward too, desperately wanted to feel all those things again, but he took another step, then another and another and like that a whole yawn of emptiness seem to accumulate in the space between them, and when he turned around and walked off, Radhika felt a whole lot of another thing.

Extreme cold.

She gulped hard, stood by the door a second, taking in a ragged breath, waiting in the silence, then she ran.

She ran by the door, pumping her feet down the stairs, then to the second floor stairs, sensing that she might be too slow, she ran towards the large balcony, with her hair flying in the air and breath turned into panting, she caught sight of the grey suit man.

He walked in a smooth saunter of walk, with the light black glares on, he waited the car, Radhika heart stuttered, he seem to stiffen, his head moved to the side and she waited for him to turn around, but he didn’t .

He got into the car just as smoothly as he walked, the door shut, the windows tinted.

The shiny black Porsche Turbo speeded ob the road, leaving dust in its wake.

It also waked a thousand trail of disturbing thoughts, Radhika kept leaning on the rail of the balcony still blinking and frowning.

Arjun Mehra.

What was he doing here? What was he doing in her father’s study? and How did a big rival of her father get into talking with him?

What was happenning here?
A great spear of anxiety seem to pierce her mind spreading into much coldness all over.

She hoped, it was all nothing? whatever happened by the door was nothing? And everything will go back to normal again.

She shook her head, completely forgetting the moment, her thoughts again went pleasingly to the New York trip with Sam, maybe she will stay there permanently….


Little does she know, dreams are not easy to get nor she knows what will happen next..

Next, Arjun’s POV..

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      U going to travel wit ur family or u alone next month?

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    But kfar eagerly want to know what happened in arjun’s mind at this time.

    Its quite clear that radhika felt so much feelings bumped in her heart. But it makes more interesting the story.

    That what arjun thinks about this meeting what feelings he hide in his heart.

    It become a super hit episode if you explain it in your beautiful weaved words.

    Love you dear. Loved this episode. And always want to admire your writing skills .

    Love you . Keep writing.

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