Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 2 – Part 3)

Chapter-2(Part-3) Arjun’s POV

Arjun sat on the bar stool, completely haggard with all the work since morning, the bar ‘Compel’, was his hang out with the man he considers as close to a friend. It was well past eleven in the night and the guy was still way more late than usual.

Arjun looked at his watch, he threw down the glass whisky on the rocks. His shook his head, the affect of it was less, his stress out mind did not dim the zooming figures and cost of products.

What the hell is this guy? Arjun muttered a curse under his breath and stood up ready to leave but just then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Couldn’t have waited more, could you?” He heard a familiar annoyed voice.

Arjun turned and gave his friend a flat look.

“I would have waited more, but I thought, maybe you were busy with different woman each hour?” He snickered, and sat back down on the bar stool.

Neil loosened his tie and grinned magnanimously at his friend. He sat perched beside to him.

“You sound like my pissed off girlfriend, wanna fill in her space?” He asked, sounding amused thorougly.

Arjun stared at Neil for about a minute. His friend was a typical arrogant male and a certified casanova but he sometimes wondered at his pretty sounding to be hilarious jokes, which they were not funny most of the time, instead they were cynical. Neil Gordon was a cynical man. He was a business tycoon like Arjun, but he was an intelligent millionaire banker and Arjun had not much thorough knowledge or interested in numbers.
Neil was also the financial advisor of AAM company, so he was pretty much a family to Arjun.

Arjun ordered another round of whisky.

“I sometimes wonder at your s*xuality, Neil. Maybe, you should get checked by a shrink. He or she would help you about with the weird jokes you crack or maybe understand the strange humour behind it.” He muttered dryly, and smiled an unseeing across his long time friend.

Neil in turn shook his head still smiling, he sipped his whisky.

“I need my partner in crime when checking up by the shrink. You will be the perfect example of a cured soul. From gay male to straight one. How is the tagline?” He counter attacked.

Arjun was done having this bizzare conversation. He had more important things in life than dealing with this.

“I don’t think I will be comfortable from now on with you in future. Count me out. I’m done hanging with you.” He said wryly, looking around at the buzz of the bar, his grey coat was on the back of the chair, he had folded his shirt sleeves a little.

Neil laughed low in his throat, sipping his whisky too.

“Oh, don’t be such a sore bear.” His sharp lazy gaze went to a group of women who were smiling there way from across the bar, Neil smiled back.

Women were so predictable and gullible. He could play four different of them in each week and not one will be aware of another.

“Speaking of s*xuality, there is a group of polished lipsticks giving us the eye.” Neil informed Arjun, looking over at the woman and smiling at them more, clearly indicating that he was interested too.

Arjun didn’t turn around.

“Mundane barbies. Not interested.” He said dryly.

Neil slid his surprised filled gaze back to his friend’s face. He observed that the usual sharpness of the guy was dimmed a little. He looked harangued and lost in thought. He hadn’t seen the guys since a week. Neil’s brows drew together.

What might be the matter. A second later his frown cleared off his brows.

“Who’s the chick?” He asked, his voice curious.

He turned in his seat, as he ordered another more stronger drink.

Arjun’s head snapped to the side. His eyes flashed a little. His face a clear confused expression. His left one dark eyebrow raised at the comical way Neil enquired the question.

“What chick?” He asked.

“The same one that you’re thinking about.” Neil assessed, looking all over his friend.

He knew the guy too well. Something was bothering him.

Arjun’s jaw clenched. He eyes stared into the brown hued coloured drink of the cut glass. He swirled it, the ice cubes clinked.

Immediately, a pair pale brown sultry eyes stared from the drink and straight into his eyes. The gaze dug into his mind and soul. The luscious red berry lips invited his desire, teasing him, torturing him, burning him, his body.

Sweet innocent smile, lovely eyebrows and a cute chin provoked ten different thoughts making everything go hayfire all over his skin. Heating his blood. Making it stir in his veins. Raking a deep insatiable hunger for within his mind, body and soul.

He slammed his drink on the counter, it vibrated with the force of the hit.

Radhika Mishra, his mind growled out frustrated.

He scowled heavily across his jackass friend.

Damn, Neil for reminding him of the brown eyed witch.

“I’m not a teenager, Neil, to moon over a ‘chick’.” He bit out.

Neil who was watching all the shades of emotions pass through the face and attitude of his usually passive friend was surprised at the intensity of his outburst.

“Now, what the heck is wrong?” He asked, wanting to know the riff in Arjun’s manner.

His friend was as closed up tight as a clam. He needed to be haggled to know what was happenning in his life or else Arjun was always mysteriously secretive.

Arjun spine straightened.

“I found the registered name on my father’s land.” He replied, his fist clenched and his jaw ticked

Neil almost fell of the bar stool. His mouth half hung open with incredible surprise.

Finally, the land he was going insane after, spending millions in search of it, even against Neil’s advice, Arjun had went berserk over it for years and year. Heaven help him, he finally found it.

The affect of the spirits he was having pegged down all the glasses completely.

He could only say one word.

“How?” He whispered.

Arjun looked sideways at him, swirling the drink in his glass still.

“My secretary found it. Recent activity.” He gave out the little information.

Neil shook his head a little. His mind vibrated another question. He put back his now useless drink on the counter.

“Registered under who?” He asked.

Arjun eyes narrowed, his lips thinned out, his jaw hardened. The swirling of the drinl stopped and his hand tightened over the glass.

“Raghav Mishra.” He replied through gritted teeth.

His tone turned harsh and gravelly.

Neil’s body locked up in tightness. His eyes turned cold too as his jaw ticked.

“f**k.” He whispered.

Arjun smiled a dark one.

“The dirty mongrel.” Neil hissed. ” The land is as good as f**ked now.” He said thorougly ticked off.

Arjun turned his now caluculative gaze to Neil’s seriously annoyed green one’s. His turn tone speculative.

“I’m not going to let the land get f**ked.” He said, sliding his fingers over the glass cut design.

Neil’s gaze sharpened and his instincts awakened.

“How can possibly do that.” He asked curiously, but he added his own conclusion to it. “Remember he would go to hell’s length to put that land property far away from you once he gets to know that you’re after you. He hates your guts, if you did forget that about him.” Neil warned foremost.

Arjun leaned back in his chair. He slid his hand over his hair and pulled at the locks with his fingers.

“I have a plan.” Arjun said evasively, he didn’t want Neil to know about it.

He didn’t want anyone to know about it.

Neil smiled and grinned a second later. He knew the ‘I’m done tone’ very well.

“Well, be careful is all that I can say.” He said sagely, and went back to his drink.

He scowled down at his drink.

“Why the f**k did you order a chick’s drink?” He glowered at the now effectless liquid.

Arjun for the first in the evening grinned and threw back his head and laughed.

Neil didn’t think it was any funny. He glanced around and signalled the bartender. He whispered something the counter and came back and sat back with a ‘happy with myself smile’

Arjun shook his head and sighed.

“Did you order an absinthe again?” He asked, though he knew for sure about the answer.

“Oh, yes.” Neil grinned, rubbing his palms together.

“You know how messed up you become after drinking it, don’t you. Man, you can’t even hold two sips of it.” He gave Neil a flat stare.

“Will see.” Neil declared bravely. “But, I will be going home with the two brunette babes there, surely.” He waved at the women and went about his business charming them with his moves..

Arjun three back the drink down his throat. It burned but it made forget the only woman he was thinking about since the morning.


Radhika and Arjun..collide…gazes spark…touch felt….there world’s change…read more to know more…

Credit to: kfar

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