Story 9 Months Ki 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Veer blames Alia for his betrayal

Story 9 Months Ki 3rd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manju telling the poem about a mother. Alia recalls telling Rabia that she wants to become a mother. Sarangdhar comes there to her office and recalls Alia’s words. He looks at the office, recalling her words. He tells the receptionist that he came for the interview. She says interview is tomorrow. He says he didn’t read in excitement and asks can I meet Alia, as I have to return her money. The receptionist asks why will Alia give the money to you. The client likes the poem told by Manju. The receptionist asks him to give the money to her. Sarangdhar says I will give money to just Alia. The receptionist asks if he thinks of her as 420 and calls the security. Sarangdhar tells that this 500 Rs is like a rice bag on him. Alia appreciates Manju’s write up and praises her. Manju says she is working with her since 4 years. Manju thinks whoever has written this and feels thankful. Sarangdhar finds his poem viral. He gets a call from his friend and tells him that someone made his poem viral. Alia leaves from the office. Sarangdhar follows her in the auto and thinks to tell his poem to her, and request for the job. He asks driver to drive fast. Alia reaches the hotel and gets inside. Sarangdhar comes there and insists to go inside. The security refuses to give him entry without reservation. Sarangdhar asks can I wait here. They ask him to wait at other side.

Alia comes to meet Veer. Veer says the way you came to know about Nitya is wrong. He says I was about to tell her about her, but was afraid thinking what she and her dad will think. He says you knew that I loved you, but your priorities are different, your monthly and yearly goals are different, where am I? He says when I met you, I thought you are ambitious and our life will be happy and comfortable. He says you didn’t know how the wife and daughter in law shall be. He says you have thought emotions as business, while selling emotions. Sarangdhar is still waiting outside. Veer asks how this mechanical marriage will work and says I just want to say that it is not just my mistake. Alia says there is no reason for affair, just because you don’t like my behavior, you are blaming me. She says if I have an affair, will you forgive me. He says I am in love with Nitya now, you have never understand me. He says I hoped that you had understood me. Sarangdhar waits for her still. Veer says a wife supports her husband and goes to his success party, but I used to go to your success parties and clap. He says I felt like a loser and asks did you ever told me that you was with me? Alia says she was focusing on her business, so that I can plan baby with you. She asks why didn’t you tell me and make me understand if you don’t like my behavior. She says I thought you are with me, but you felt that you was behind me. She says like everyone, even you are not with me. Sarangdhar waits for her. Veer says you will do the same thing with other person, who comes in your life. She asks her to accept that you are not meant for relations. Alia says you are saying this, you have cheated on me and was in the marriage. She calls him hypocrite. Veer says I don’t want my deal to go as your dad can make me get it. He says I was selfish, but helpless. Alia asks him to leave. Veer gets up and asks her not to tell Dad, until this deal gets done. Alia says I said…just leave.

Alia drinks wine in the hotel till night. Rabia says she came to meet Veer and is drunk now. Rabia says you are with Veer. Alia says we were never together. Rabia says I will be right there, don’t go anywhere. Alia says I don’t need anyone now, I am going to leave from this place. She says Veer told me that I am not a good wife. He told that Nitya supported him and I am a bad wife. She asks if I am bad. She is coming out of the hotel while talking to Rabia. Sarangdhar still waits for her. Alia says I have managed without mom and will manage without Veer. She says I will reach home myself, I can drive and don’t need anyone now. Sarangdhar sees her coming out and comes to her. Alia falls on him and pulls his shirt. His shirt gets open, as he holds her. Sarangdhar asks are you fine? Alia asks how dare you hold my hand, leave me. Sarangdhar says if I leave you then you will fall down. He says I have saved you from falling down. Alia says I am Alia Shroff and don’t need anyone’s help. He leaves her and she falls down. She says you made Alia Shroff fall down. He helps her get up. He asks her to think what she wants. Alia says she don’t want anything, but sometimes she feels lonely and wants someone to be with her. She falls again and he holds her. Song plays….story 9 months ki……Alia looks at him. They look at each other, while she is drunk. Rabia comes there and asks him to leave her, asks if he wants to get beaten. She calls Police. Sarangdhar says I am not a goon. Rabia sprays pepper spray on his eyes and takes Alia with her. Sarangdhar says Alia ji…

Precap: Rahul hires Sarangdhar as office boy. Veer insults Alia in her office, blaming her for his doings and asks her not to think of becoming a mother. An employee says if Veer said this then it might be Alia’s mistake. Sarangdhar hears him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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