Story 9 Months Ki 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kamleshwari talks to Nandini about Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 21st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Agastya saying sorry to Alia. Alia asks why? Sanyuri gives Principal’s letter to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar asks what did you do? Sanyuri says that boy threw spider on the teacher, but I threw at him first. Sarangdhar scolds her for troubling the kids in school and realizes she was talking about the boy. Agastya tells Alia that he was scared. Alia says she will talk to Principal. Kavya comes there and says if she don’t do mischief now, then when she will come. Sanyuri hugs her and asks her to take her for outing and make her see SRK’s house. Sarangdhar asks her to write sorry in book for 100 times. Sanyuri says I will write. Ramesh comes there and greets Kavya. He says you came after a lot of time. Kavya says she has become Sarangdhar’s manager. She says all her time goes in handling Sarangdhar’s work. Ramesh says you both work really well and have reached heights, but I am stuck at the same place still. Sarangdhar asks him not to think of moving from his place and tells that selfless people are less in this world. He says you brought me home and I am staying here and now with my family. He asks where is Maa? Kamleshwari enquires about Nandini and comes to know that the art shop is closed since 2 years as Nandini went abroad. The watchman gives her number. Kamleshwari thinks what to do now? Sarangdhar thinks to message her chat friend. Alia messages him that she is happy due to her son, some girl troubled him, but he didn’t tolerate silently. He has become brave. Sarangdhar smiles. Kavya looks at him. Sarangdhar asks Sanyuri to write 100 times and goes out. Sarangdhar messages Alia that she is strange to celebrate on her son’s mischief. He asks with whom she is celebrating. Alia says alone. He says even I am alone. Alia says due to your ex wife. Sarangdhar says I never thought about myself, as my life revolves around my daughter. Alia asks him to think and asks if you think that someone is missing. Sarangdhar says you are wonderful to celebrate for your son’s mischief. Alia says even you are wonderful father. Sarangdhar says Principal called him as his daughter has done mischief. Alia says even she has to go, what a coincidence. Sarangdhar says shall we meet? Alia asks him to give her sometime to think. Alia thinks she has a feeling that she has a friend after many years. Sarangdhar also feels the same and thinks she shall meet him.

Kamleshwari calls on that number, but nobody picks the call. Ramesh says she is in America, so must be sleeping due to timings. Kamleshwari thinks Nandini calls her back.

Kavya sees Sarangdhar happy and thinks she couldn’t make him laugh in 6 years. She gets his letter and smiles. She thinks neither you nor Alia meet for 6 years, but I know that Sarangdhar whose heart was broken, who was in pain and I fell in love with him again. She says I won’t let you break my heart this time and will not let anyone break your heart too.

Next morning, Sarangdhar is in the Principal’s office. Principal calls Alia and says she is not receiving the call. Sarangdhar hopes she comes fast. Jeevan asks where is Alia? Rahul says today Alia is on leave for personal reasons. Jeevan says she must be on leave due to her son. He says Alia still thinks as she is a boss. Rahul says Alia has sent presentation already. Param says many people think Alia is the boss still. Alia is on the way to school with Agastya in the auto. Rosy asks Jeevan to choose the paper. Jeevan says anything is same. Rosy recalls Alia’s words and tells that their company sell emotions. Mala and Rahul support Rosy. Jeevan calls Alia. Alia says she will reach office in sometime. Sarangdhar requests Principal that he has to go for meeting and tells that he will meet the boy’s parent next time. He assures that Sanyuri will not do anything wrong. Principal agrees. Sarangdhar thanks her and leaves. Alia comes inside the Principal’s office and apologizes to the Principal. Agastya also says sorry. Principal asks him to join the class. Agastya draws chotu toofan and Papa toofan. Sunita comes there to pick him. He asks where is Mamma? Sunita says she has gone to work and that’s why I came. Agastya says he wants to give his list to Mamma for his birthday party. Sunita says we will go home now and asks if he knows what she made? He says sabudana khichdi.

Kamleshwari calls Nandini again. Nandini picks the call. Kamleshwari asks did you remember me? Nandini says you. Kamleshwari says I heard that you stay in foreign. Nandini says I am in America. Kamleshwari asks if she is fine? Nandini says yes. She tells that she is feeling as if so much is left behind. Kamleshwari says I am calling you, so that if I close my eyes, then nothing is left behind. She tells that she loved Alia more than Sarangdhar. She says if they unite again then…Nandini says after whatever had happened, I don’t think so. Kamleshwari says what had happened? Nandini says I can’t tell you. Kamleshwari says they have come to Mumbai for Choti’s treatment, Alia and Sarangdhar’s baby. Nandini is shocked.

Precap: Alia asks Sarangdhar to make cake for his daughter. Sanyuri sees senior boys kidnapping Agastya and taking him to the storeroom. She thinks to find out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hello Sir,
    I watch this serial from first episode throughout YouTube channel. I enjoy following the story because it has English subtitles. But since the 19th April episodes there is no more English subtitles, so I don’t enjoy watching it because I don’t understand Hindu Language. I live in Jakarta Indonesia.
    Luckily I found the written story in your blogs.
    Hope there will be English subtitles in the next episodes.

    Was salaam, Best Regard
    Ramdi Halim
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