Story 9 Months Ki 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kavya indirectly proposes Sarangdhar again

Story 9 Months Ki 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar coming near the ECG machine and it starts.. Sanyuri says my heart comes. Sarangdhar and Alia recalls hearing their babies’ heart beat for the first time, as their hands touches each other. Nurse says you’re here. Sarangdhar says Choti shall not know. Alia pulls the curtain and doesn’t see him. Sanyuri tells that her Papa is very worried for her. Alia says you will understand when grown up. Doctor meets Sarangdhar and tells that Sanyuri’s heart is very weak and needs to go wall transplant. Sarangdhar says she is very small. Doctor says we have to do this and asks if he has any other child, says that can develop the wall with her sibling’s tissue. Sarangdhar gets emotional and asks if she will be fine. Doctor asks him to make 4 donors ready for blood transfusion. She says if she would have a sibling then the operation would have been easy. She says they don’t have much time and prescribe the medicine. Sanyuri tells Sarangdhar that she has met a beautiful aunty today and just as she touched her, her heart beat came. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia. He thinks of Doctor asking him about his second baby. He leaves from the hospital with Sanyuri.

Alia asks Agastya, how was his day in school? Agastya eats brownie. Alia says this means you are upset. Agastya tells about new student Sanyuri. Sanyuri tells Sarangdhar that she has hurt a studious boy today and that’s why she made the book ready for him. Agastya tells Alia that Sanyuri named him Padantu Panchi and Priya Madam asked him to help her in studies. Sarangdhar asks Sanyuri to befriend the boy. Alia also asks Agastya to talk to his teacher. Kamleshwari and Sanyuri sing kala chashma. Kamleshwari says she wants Sanyuri to brighten like Alia Bhat. Sarangdhar offers to drop Sanyuri to school and asks Kamleshwari where is she going? Kamleshwari says she is going near. Sarangdhar takes Sanyuri to school. Kamleshwari thinks she has to go, don’t know what will he do if he comes to know.

Sanyuri comes to the school. She sees the class kids drawing Agastya’s painting and bullying him. Sanyuri thinks if I befriend him, then they might think me stupid. Sarangdhar and Kavya meet in the café. Sarangdhar says it is good that you didn’t sell it. She says it has many good memories of yours. She holds his hands. Sarangdhar tells that she made him Azaad Roy. Kavya tells that someone called and said that Sarangdhar is very cute and don’t look like a father of one child, but I told her that Sarangdhar is not interested in relationship else I would have made him my life partner. Sarangdhar asks Kavya not to have any hopes from him and tells that he can’t give what she wants. Kavya says not now, but can in future. She says she will propose him, when he realize that he can’t get sorted, beautiful and unique girl like her. She says she has waited for him since 7 years. Sarangdhar says lets read the contract. Kavya thinks if you was in Alia’s destiny, you would have been in her life. She thinks he is in her destiny and thinks he shall give himself a chance to forgive himself.

Alia messages Sarangdhar, welcome to Mumbai. Sarangdhar thanks her for the happiness which his daughter has, after coming here. Sanyuri gives book to Agastya. Agastya tells that it is not his.
Sarangdhar tells that he feels like someone shall be there, to listen to him. Alia says I am here. Sanyuri tells Agastya that someone gave this book for him. Agastya reads and smiles. The kids come and bully him. Alia writes Sarangdhar that she met a lively and jovial girl yesterday in the hospital and she reminded her of his daughter. He writes when I didn’t hear the heart beat of my daughter, I was worried. Alia asks which hospital?

Precap: Sanyuri asks Agastya why did he touch her Papa? Agastya says why did you touch my pebbles? Sanyuri says I touched it first. Principal calls their parents. Sarangdhar comes and waits for Agastya’s mother to come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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