Star cross love abhigya (episode 22)

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Hi guys heres my nxt part .special thanks to my angels di, priyanka di ,suhani di,saranya di,asmitha di,prathi di,minu, nannu,sira,ani ,reshma di,.keep supporting everyone

Next morning
The birds were chirping with a sweet voice the sunrays beautifully spread fall on a angels face disturbing her sleep it was none other than our sweet roshini aka pragya.she woke up saying papa i want coffee we can see ram standing near the door with one mug of coffee n another glass of juice he said my darling dear pls go fresh up n drink coffee or juice.roshini lazily walked yawning she freshned up n came with a bright smile she said papa you sit first n made him sit on a cushion n said papa why u brought both juice n coffee he said because i want my daughter to drink what she wants n not waiting till it arrives.roshini smiled n said papa i wanna see mom photo he said arey beti thum bhi na first drink this pragya drank coffee first n decided to drink juice later .ram n roshini went to a that room we could see some drawings it was of lady she was holding ababy .she said papa amma is looking like an angel n whos she holding in her hand he said its my imagination dr when ur mom was preganant
A fb

Ram is painting a lady is sitting in front of him she asked how much mote time will u take ram……………………………………………….she said uffo i think u r not painting but just simply pretending n stood up n went near him she was shocked to see her holding a baby n said wow its awesome ram i didnt think youre this much talented n hugged him they both smiled n happy tears brimmed in ladys eyes…..
Suddenly a flash someone shouting ram pls dont leave me he said ill never leave u a big tsunami wave took the lady in while ram shouted noooooooo………

At present

Roshini shaked him n asked wat happened papa he said bad old memoties dr he said n wiped his tears he saod come dr ill show u one suprise n closed her eyes n took her to a room that room was beautifully decorated he slowly took his eyes roshini was stunned n asked papa u did all this n hugged him ram was happy seeing her happiness the room had many fluffy toys n beautiful cradle many dresses in a wardrobe n baby powder shampoo n all roshini was happy she carresed her baby bump n said my dr baby ur so lucky see now only ur 3months i think so but my papa ur grandpa has bought all things to u.

Screen shifts towards abhi he woke up n was very sad but fr some reason tears were coming continuoisly but a smile too .he was confused.suddenly abhi gets a call it was from a police station they had found a dead body n wanna check if it was his wife abhi screamed noooooo later neil ranveer took him there they opened it the girls face was smashed she was wearing a yellow saree the same pragya wore n gave him a locket abhi saw it he felt as if he had been stabbed in his heart his love his fuggi his pragya his life was lying dead his mind was literally exploding he shouted no inspector its not my pragya she wont leave me n go he cried heavily while neil n ranveer too broke down all family members came they all cried thinking it was pragya as all her accesories was found near ut abhi didnt believe his heart said your fuggy is alive he quickly took his white mercedes n went ranveer decided to console abhi n called but he didnt pick up.abhi drove his car fastly he didnt stop it until he ran out of petrol his car stopped before a krishnas mandir abhi was heartbroken .

Precap abhi meets roshini n hugged her roshini felt comfortable in his embrace….but was sad that she was betraying her husband it felt disgusting she ran away. Pragya thinks about abhiiii

To see .ore stay tuned i hope u all like this if so pls comment abhigyas union will be in two episodes

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    Superb dear… waiting for abhigya union

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