Spy Bahu 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan reveals to Sejal about his love for Mahira

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The Episode starts with Sejal asking Yohan what did he say? Yohan says happy birthday. Sejal thanks him. Yohan says I want to say something. Sejal asks him to say. He says we shall sit and talk. He says I don’t know much about you and wants to know everything. He says a relationship starts with truth and that’s why I want to tell all my truth to you. He says I had told you that I had fell in love for the first time in the valley of Kashmir. He says it was not a story, but truth. He says he was just 11 years old, and he used to go to Kashmir with his mother during summer vacation. He says she has become his best friend in those 4 years and it has turned into love. He says once I went to meet her, and she couldn’t meet me. Sejal asks what happened to her? Yohan says she and her family was attacked by the terrorists, but Police couldn’t find her and her brother’s dead bodies. He says he used to search her and go to Kashmir often. He says he started Mission Kashmir because of her, as he don’t want any Yohan to lose his love due to terrorism. Sejal asks what was her name? Yohan says Mahira Mirza. Sejal is shocked and recalls her moments with him. A fb is shown. Yohan gets teary eyes and shows Mahira’s pic to Sejal. Sejal gets emotional. He says his Mahira used to call him Cuckoo with love. Mahira thinks Yohan, you was Cuckoo, I couldn’t identify you. She says you was just a friend for me, and I was unaware of your real name, you used to come once in a year, and I became special for you. Yohan says sorry seeing her tears in her eyes and says he didn’t want to upset her. He says today is Mahira’s birthday too. Sejal thinks he remembers her birthday, though she had forgotten about him due to the life problems. He says I used to celebrate Mahira’s birthday every year, but today I want to celebrate your birthday, and share your happiness and sorrows with me. He says I hope that Mahira will be happy with me, and says I want to open my secrets to you, only Maa and Drishti was aware of this. Sejal cries. He asks did I hurt you? Sejal says Yohan, I want to ….just then Drishti and Bomba come there. Bomba says lets start the party. Drishti says you are looking good without glasses, bhabhi. She asks Yohan to come. Yohan says I think I shouldn’t have told Sejal about Mahira. And says she might have got angry with me. Drishti says you did wrong by telling her that you love Mahira.

Sejal thinks you used to love Mahira, Yohan. She recalls their moments. A fb is shown, Yohan says I will share everything with you. Drishti says jealousy came, where love is? Bomba asks her to come. Sejal tells him that she will come. She thinks to keep her emotions aside and thinks to take Farid’s DNA sample. Farid talks to Sir ji and says today Sejal and Yohan will die, he has made such an arrangements for them.

Sejal comes to the hall. Everyone looks at her. Sejal walks inside. Veera says you are looking very beautiful sejal and asks her to wear lenses. Shalini says she is looking Nanda family, and calls her ex naukrani. Minal says she is jealous of Sejal and calls her jalkukdi. Shalini says I heard. Sejal asks Yohan to hear her and thanks him for making her birthday special. Bomba says it is time to play the game. He explains the game, that Nanda and Kotharia shall compete to get the handkerchief, and whoever loses shall pick a chit and do whatever is written on it. Shalini loses while Minal wins. Shalini says you have done cheating? Minal asks if anyone saw. Shalini reads the chit that she has to do dandiya holding kitchen ladles and spoons. She picks another chit and it reads cook food for everyone. She says she will do dandiya dance and try doing it with Shail. Bomba tells Aarun that they shall play together. Minal says it is time for Sejal and Yohan now. While Sejal is lost in his thoughts, Yohan manages to get the handkerchief. Shalini asks Sejal to pick the chit. Minal says I will bring the kathora. Shalini says as if this is not Nanda Mansion, but a traffic signal. Minal puts a chit in it, which is for Sejal and Yohan. Sejal picks the same chit and reads that the loser shall give a kiss to the winner. Aarun asks if someone else had picked this chit, rather than husband and wife. Minal says it is Ambe Maa’s doings. Saras thinks Minal’s doings. Yohan asks Sejal to choose another chit if she wants, but if any other thing difficult comes in it. Sejal hesitantly walks towards him, closes her eyes and kisses on his cheeks. Everyone claps. Kehdo naa. Yohan looks at her.

Precap: Yohan gifts bangles to Sejal. Sejal thinks it’s Aarti Didi’s bangles.
Abhishek realizes chandelier so that it falls on Sejal and Yohan and killed them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice serial..different from others

    1. very true it gives me vibes of Naamkaran that show was different as well but I missed first 2 episodes which I regrets now .

  2. This serious is going really good..we just started as the name was different and gave vibes of Raazi movie , it’s not same but we like it

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