Spy Bahu 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Sejal’s mission is fulfilled


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The Episode starts with Sejal asking Veera, how did she think that Bappa will let you attack us, and says he has saved us from you. Arun asks what did she do with Aarti? Sejal tells everything. Veera asks Krish not to believe them, and says they are lying. Krish asks what about which I heard and asks her to stay away from him. Arun asks Yohan to get this murderer arrested. Veera says I will kill you all before that. She takes the gun and aims at everyone. Yohan comes infront of her and asks her to shoot him. He says you have killed many by cheat and asks her to do a murder, by looking in eyes. She tries to shoot and finds the gun empty. Yohan shows the bullets and says this is called betrayal with betrayal. Arun slaps Veera and says you have snatched Aarti and kids from me, I want to kill you forgetting the humanity. Sejal says no Papa ji, law will punish her. Veera asks what, who will give statement against me? Mahira? She says Mahira is a terrorist and will give statement against me, and it will be accepted as proof. She asks what prove you have? Shalini says we have proof and shows her face, lifting the veil. She says I myself is the proof. Veera recalls shooting and killing her. Arun says Shalini. Krish says bhabs, gets happy and hugs her. He says you are alive, I missed you so much. Shalini says I missed you too. She says I would have died surely, if Yohan and Sejal haven’t reached there. A fb is shown, Yohan says we know the truth. Sejal keeps blood packet in her jacket. Fb ends. Shalini says I will give statement against you. Drishti says even I will give statement, you had tried to kill me also. SK comes there with Harsh and the Police. He says good job Sejal, the most wanted terrorist is caught today, you have completed the mission as Paro. Yohan tells Arun that Sejal feigned memory loss to catch Veera. Sejal asks Harsh about Mahira and says she needs to get arrested too. Harsh says not yet. Yohan thinks if I shall tell them what happened yesterday.

SK says arrest her. Veera says she remembers a joke, and laughs. She says I am not laughing on joke, but laughing on you all. She laughs as lady constable is taking her. She asks Sejal not to sit as game is not yet over. Arun apologizes to Drishti and says don’t know how to apologize to you. Drishti says no Papa and hugs him. Yohan also goes to him and hugs him. Krish is going away from there. Sejal says whatever happened, it is not your mistake, nobody is seeing you with bad sight, and says this is your family too. Krish goes and hugs Arun, Yohan and Drishti. Sejal hugs Shalini and thanks her. Shalini thanks her also. Yohan tells Sejal that he needs to talk to her and goes inside. Krish hugs Shalini. Yohan tells Sejal that he did a mistake which can raise question on their marriage. He says Mahira and I was together yesterday. Sejal asks why you didn’t tell SK sir. Just then Inspector comes there and says we have arrest warrant against you. Sejal asks what? The Inspector asks Ahana to come. Ahana gets down from the Police jeep. Yohan gets shocked.

Inspector says she has filed complaint against Yohan. Sejal says we shall file complain against her. Ahana says Yohan has

Everyone is shocked. Yohan thinks what had happened yesterday. Krish says Yohan bhai can’t do this. Inspector takes Yohan with him. Arun says I will file defamation case against you. Inspector says do it. Sejal stops the Inspector and says this girl is a terrorists and had killed many. She says how can you believe her. Lady constable says case will be filed against you if you threaten her. SK tells that she is not trustable, and tells that she is a terrorist. Inspector says that doesn’t mean that she don’t have right to file the complaint. Sejal asks Yohan to say that she is acting to be victim. She asks him not to be silent and asks him to say, and gives hichki’s swear. Yohan says when I was in hotel, she tried to touched me, and I don’t remember anything. Ahana says the victim remembers, and not the accused. Yohan tells Sejal that she has mixed some medicine in his soup. He says he wanted to say this. Inspector says take him. Sejal says you can’t do anything wrong, not even in unconscious state. Yohan cries. Sejal asks him to have strength and wipes his tears. The Police take him from there. Sejal gets shattered and sits on the ground crying. Shalini and Drishti try to pacify her. Sejal says they can’t leave Yohan alone. Arun says I will come to the PS with you. Sejal asks him to stay at home with everyone and tells that she will go with SK sir.

Sejal goes to the PS with SK. She tells Inspector that Ahana is a terrorist. She tells that she wants to read her statement. Inspector says it is a crime, and tells that they don’t share the statement with accused family. SK tells that he is right. Inspector says they are waiting for Yohan’s test results.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wish it could have ended today instead of allegations on yuhan

  2. 5 more episodes to go. Would certainly miss it specially sejal yuhan n shalini

  3. Hmm interesting I wander how she is going to save Yohan now..too bad it’s ending. Another 5 episodes left😭 will really miss them.

  4. Would anyone support if I wrote a fan fic for spy bahu and SeHan? Need at least 5 comments and then if you all want then you can reveal what type of plot you want me to include

    1. Yes khushi dear

      Go ahead

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally game over for veera👏🏻👏🏻..
    2. 5 more episodes and Ahana alligations on Yohaan and sejal on defence… Super excited👏🏻👏🏻
    3. I wish spy bahu soon come up with season 2

  6. Something is fishy to me remember only harsh sejal knew yohaan was staying at the hotel how did ahana knew I think yohaan either has a twin or harsh is the villian and trying to frame yohaan since he hates him the show could have finished everything is done the terrorist was caught but they had to drag it hopefully they make a season two

  7. They still need unveil the masked man whoever it is has to be close to sejal my theory is it could be harsh but some other options are
    Sk and tanhaji since they know everything about sejal and could be helping veera
    Yohaan I know it sounds odd but the previous episode we see veera talking to a man who looks like yohaan and is voiced by yohaan and ahana doesn’t know and yohaan twin ra**d ahana
    Sejal parents adopted parents seems unlikely

    1. Yes I forgot about the masked it has to revealed but I feel that it has to be yohaan twin I agree with you it sounded soo familiar

  8. After fake Mahira entry, this show lost its original good quality. It has become one of the usual dramas on TV. Now this unnecessary stretching makes it much worse

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