Spy Bahu 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan comes to Paro’s house

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The Episode starts with Yohan getting Inspector’s call. Inspector asks did you come to know anything about them. Yohan says no and tells that whoever had stolen the guns, had set the fire. He drives off. Veera is angry about Yohan’s smartness and says she wants to shoot him. Ahana says we are not trapped, and says he shall be alive. She says he must have known about guns by now, then why didn’t he come till now. Shalini comes there talking to servant. Veera immediately sits on wheelchair, before Shalini could see her. Yohan is thinking about Sejal and their moments, as he is going to Gujrat. He recalls her words, that she is a spy and married him as Intelligence doubted him to be a terrorist. He recalls SK giving him ashes of her dead body. He says Sejal betrayed him big, but his heart used to say that he lost his love. He says I am mourning for your death since 6 months and there, you are living a new life, how you can be so ruthless. He says he is burning in the fire lighted by her, and even she has to face this fire and give him answer to his questions, and he will take that. Shalini asks Veera, if you didn’t go to sadsang and says Mrs. Lamba had kept it for Mahira and Yohan’s marriage. Veera says Drishti and Mahira was exhausted after the accident so I thought. Shalini says Drishti is sleeping. Krish comes there and says he needs Yohan’s sign. Ahana says Cuckoo is busy. Shalini says he missed his engagement preparation and went. Ahana says she is not kind of wife, who spy on husband. Shalini thinks she is hiding something for sure. Veera tells Shalini that she has done nice decoration. Shalini says yes, but Yohan’s track record is that he announce marriage with someone, and gets married to someone else. She says I don’t hope this will happen again. Ahana says she will take care. Krish asks Veera to give him 20 lakhs as he wants to bring whiskey from Scotland. Veera asks Ahana to take out money from locker and give to Krish. She gives keys to Ahana. Shalini says Mom gave keys to Mahira. Krish says she has become Mom’s favorite bahu and you are jealous. Shalini says she will become bahu, if Yohan marries her, but this marriage will not happen. They have a bet.

Babu ji tries to keep Sejal’s legs in the warm water. Sejal asks him not to touch her feet. He says he has taken care of her and she is stopping him. He keeps her feet in the warm water and says you have been fighting since 6 months. Sejal says she don’t know about her and her baby’s father. Harsh comes there and gives breakfast to Sejal. He asks did you take vitamin tablet today. She looks at him as she has forgotten to take. He says I will bring and goes. Babu ji asks Sejal, if life gives her new chance to start her life, then will she do it. Sejal says my first start is incomplete, and says I might be having deep relation with someone, whose baby I am carrying now. She says if that person comes here searching me, then?

Ahana tells Veera that yohan didn’t return home after the expo and says she is worried. Veera says I thought yohan came in the night. Arun says he is successful in professional life, but a failure in personal life. He calls yohan, but he is not picking the call.

Yohan comes to Sejal’s locality and asks Lakshmi if she knows her. Lakshmi says she is paro, but she looks different in the pic. She tells about her house. Yohan walks towards there. Sejal tries to get something from the trunk, kept on above the almira. She is standing on the table and falls. Harsh comes there and holds her. Yohan comes to the door and sees Sejal in Harsh’s arms. He is devastated to see her in someone’s arms. Harsh makes Sejal stand and asks why did you climbed on the stool. Sejal says nothing happened, you came to hold me. He asks if she is having mind. Sejal says if I had mind, then would I have stayed with you. She asks him to help her get the book. He gives her maths book and asks her to drink water. Yohan looks at them. Ahana calls him. He picks the calls and asks why is she calling him, if he is not picking the call that means he is busy. He ends the call. Ahana gets angry and says misbehavior with me. Shalini hears her. Harsh sees Yohan standing and asks if he came to buy something. Yohan looks inside the house and says he needs an answer. He asks who was that girl who came to exhibition. Harsh asks who are you? Yohan says he is a reporter. Harsh asks him to show ID. Yohan says ID is lost in the exhibition fire, and says he came to interview his babu ji and that girl. Harsh says you should have told me this before. Sejal teaches maths to kids and asks them to take out answers for the next solution. Babu ji says you have forgotten yourself, but didn’t forget maths. Sejal says whenever I see the numbers, my mind locker opens. Yohan comes inside and asks what you have hidden in your mind locker. Sejal says I have so much, but why shall I tell you. She asks Harsh, who is this bhai saheb? Yohan asks seriously, don’t you know me? She recalls seeing him in the expo and says you are the one who helped me in the fire. She tells Babu ji and Harsh that he had saved the flag and her life too. Babu ji says you have done our first sales. Harsh thanks him for saving Paro’s life in this delicate condition. Yohan whispers your Paro. Harsh asks him to sit. He makes Sejal sit. Yohan thinks Sejal has made them hers, like fooling me, he thinks she is a big betrayal

Precap: Yohan collides with someone and Paro’s reports fall down. Yohan sees the report and thinks why Harsh’s name is not there on father’s name. He thinks if this is not Harsh’s baby then…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hahaha Paro called Yohan brother 2-3 times in one episode, awesome episode after long time I enjoyed it full

  2. Though I haven’t watched it yet but yes made me laugh as well ,and how dare he wants all the faithfulness from Sejal while his chewing gum fake Mahira was being a chipkoo with him always and so soon got ready to get married again ?

  3. I know this may sound a bit stupid but why do I feel that sejal may be faking her memory loss to avenge revenge and that harsh will turn out to be fake

  4. Some shows are quick with the story after the leap but here it was torture waiting for their reunion. Now waiting till monday wished it was more scenes of them. Sejal was perfect, hilarious. She shouldn’t forgive him so easily when her memory is back. Let him torture, seeing her with someone else. We have endured a lot with him with Mahira.

    1. well said that’s what I wants let him suffer and until he doesn’t realise the true value of her ,first he brought the psycho Alisha now following the evil Mahira every where and obeying her orders .

  5. His car but it turns out that someone actually ins Nowra n

    If you want some quick information about the next episode apparently yohaan will find out what happened to sejal. When the van crashed the people of the village saved her but she could not remember anything and the baby in her stomach is yohaan we will get a flashback of everything and then will happen is yohaan ask sejal to fix His car but it turns out that someone actually in the kidnapping her which I think is pretty obvious now

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