Spoilers 9th September 2020


Choti Sardarni:

Vikram doesn’t care for Sarabjeet’s way of investigation. He hears Karan crying and goes to see him. Meher consoles Karan. Sarabjeet tries to pacify the baby. Vikram feels the urge to pacify the baby in his arms. He feels connected to Karan. When everyone fails to pacify a crying Karan, Vikram takes him into his arms and makes him smile. Meher gets surprised that Karan got calm suddenly when Vikram took him.

Kundali Bhagya:
Rishabh tells Karan that he doesn’t trust him, he trusts Preeta more. He explains that the police is supporting Preeta since she is right. He is proud of Karan to carry ahead the rituals. Sherlyn asks Mahira not to fight with the constable. Mahira gets helpless to remove the thorns. Constable teaches a lesson to Mahira and Sherlyn.


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Choti Sardarni




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