Spoilers 9th July 2019


Soumya had politely refused to Vedant’s love proposal. Vedant wants to get Soumya and is obsessed. Vedant and Preeto join hands and want to separate Harman and Soumya. They both plan to keep Soumya away from Singh family. Preeto doesn’t want Soumya to return in Harman’s life. Vedant traps Harman and compels Soumya to accept him. Soumya doesn’t accept his conditions. She has no idea that Preeto is putting Harman in risk to separate them. Vedant can break any limits to defeat Harman and take revenge.

Raghu decides to get married to Maya. He announces his decision to Dhanak. He compels her to sign the divorce papers. Maai is happy seeing Dhanak in stress. She wants Raghu to get separated from Dhanak. Dhanak keeps her self-esteem and asks Raghu to marry anyone he likes. She agrees to give him the divorce, which shocks Raghu. She takes the papers to sign. Raghu doesn’t want to lose Dhanak. He stops her from signing the papers. He just wants to hurt Dhanak and take revenge on her. Raghu wants to see Maai happy. He wishes that Maai forgets the jail trauma. Maai wants Maya to become her Bahu.




Kulfi Kumar

Star Plus


Nimki Mukhiya

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Tujhse Hai Raabta


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  1. What a shit by Shakti writers.they just completely ruined everything.what nonsenses they played with Harman & saumya character.pehle to saumya ko guruma banadiya aur ab Harman ko saumya ka shradh karte hue dikhadiya.us 3 feet long ugly langde character ko main lead bana diya.the way he talks feels like vomiting on his face.use bada mad uska baap.aise nalayak langde beta ka galat main saath de raha hain jo pura din baba gadi main ghum ghum ke doosaron ki zindagi barbad kar raha hain.what writers are upto.and that preeto she is a curse for this earth.everytime she pretends to harak & Harman that usne dono pe ehsaan kiya harak ko beta de kar aur Harman ko paida karke.aur use uska fruit milna chaiye.sab uske isharon pe nachne chaiye aur har insaan ki zindagi uske mutabik honi chaiye.insaan ko pura hakh hain ki who apni zindagi apne hisaab se jiye,but in Shakti har ek insaan ki zindagi preeto ke hisaab se jeeni chaiye.harman ko kab akal ayegi aur apne ghatiya maa ke khilaf bharosa karna bandh karega.she does not deserve to be a mother nor a human being. Pehle to misunderstanding 2 ,3 months ke liye hota tha but ab 20 years ke liye hoga sirf us ugly skeleton kinner langde ko main lead banana ke liye??? There is nobody in this show who can clear harmans misunderstanding.where is raavi,Sindhu,malika,rajat,harak,veeran???where is rajat??he is a lawyer why saumya did not go to him??why bluddy writer is making saumya sacrifice her entire life for a (dirty disgusting ugly skeleton,langde character) for his happiness ????.infact sacrificing her entire life for this d grade character she must message Harman that take care of soham & she must finish her life taking poison instead marrying this man.as it is Harman ne saumya ka shradh kar diya hain.harman ki life uski pagal maa set kar degi.uske pas bahut paise hain jis se who apne bete ko khush rakhe.rashmi sharma has spoiled the show by getting a leap & such disgusting separation track & bluddy shit charcters.such a nice school education track was going on between Harman & saumya with those kid.it was so inspiring that education do not need any age.but everything is spoiled by shakti makers.we fans beg you please do not make mokery of our favourite show.3 years we saw a mesmerizing unique love story of two people who always came together because of that almighty (mata rani) jisne in dono ka rishta joda hain aur use koi nahin tod sakta.dil ka rishta tha.at last Shakti makers proved mata rani also wrong that negativity wins.very very disappointing,heart breaking disgusting tracks.fans will curse the Shakti makers for this.

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