Spoilers 9th April 2019

Ansh is smoking along with his friend. Mishti finds him smoking and slaps him. She holds Ruhaan responsible for Ansh’s smoking. She thinks Ruhaan is badly influencing Ansh. Ansh asks Mishti not to oust Ruhaan. He tells her that he can explain her, Ruhaan isn’t wrong. Mishti packs Ruhaan’s clothes. She is sure that Veer will understand her if he truly loves her. Radhika asks her not to upset Veer by taking any extreme step. Mishti tells Ansh that she will not spare Ruhaan this time. Radhika asks Mishti not to vent anger on Ruhaan or Ansh. She doesn’t know about Ansh’s smoking incident. Mishti hides the matter from Radhika. She wants Veer to understand her this time. Veer and Ruhaan come home with Pari.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara are fighting again. Zara has to go to Shariah board. Kabeer doesn’t want her to go. He organizes a special surprise for her. He wants their special date to fix everything for them. Kabeer tells Zara that girls are sensitive and should be at home. He asks her why does she want to do his work, he is always with her to protect her. He tries to protect her, by not forcing his thinking on her. He asks her to just think the strength and tolerance levels of both.

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