Spoilers 7th September 2018 Revised

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi learns a big truth about her dad, and understands why she failed in her exams often. She cleans the house and seeks help from Pancham and Pintu. Karuna tells them that she will get snacks for them. Ilaychi and Panchan ask Karuna to make sweets for them. Murari taunts Ilaychi for not passing her 11th standard exams. Ilaychi understands the taunts. She catches Murari’s lie. She asks Pancham to read the news. Pancham reads about Murari who brought disgrace for his school and locality by his mischief.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Miraj puts Kabeer and Zara in the cage. She tells Kabeer that she can accept any punishment and difficulties when he is with her. They share a moment. They are happy to be together, even if they are in trouble. She asks him to be always with her. He tells her that she is his strength and he can overcome any difficulty. She tells him that she believes him and is sure that he will rescue her. He tells her that they have to be united and powerful. He asks her to find some way to escape. Zara looks for some exit to get saved from Miraj’s madness.

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