Spoilers 7th March 2018 Revised

Nimki Mukhiya:

After Nimki came home, the haveli gets divided. Nimki is kept away from the family. Dadi talks to the maid about cleaning the wheat from pesticides. Nimki corrects Dadi and teaches her some English words. Nimki tries bonding with Dadi. Dadi insults Nimki. Dadi asks Nimki how dare she sit beside. Nimki reminds the rules and tells Dadi that this is her side, she shouldn’t come on her side. Anaro asks Nimki is this her dad’s haveli. Anaro asks Nimki not to cross the limits. She says you have no manners and values. Anaro doesn’t want Nimki to roam around the house. Anaro asks Nimki not to think that she belongs to their family. She makes Dadi away from Nimki. Nimki ignores Anaro’s words.

Susheel and Satya play their first Holi post marriage. Leela stays in her mad self. Susheel warns her against planning anything evil again. Leela has promised that she will behave well and give responsibilities to everyone. They organize Holika dahan. Everyone sings and dances. Sejal and Gulabo make Susheel do the puja. Sejal makes fun of Leela. She asks them to conclude their words soon. Leela doesn’t want Susheel to get importance. She acts good in front of everyone. Susheel also gets happy. Leela asks Susheel to do the rituals. Susheel tells Leela that she doesn’t know anything. Leela assures that she will teach her everything. Susheel does the rituals. Leela plans something tricky once again.

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