Spoilers 6th September 2019

Main Bhi Ardhangini:

Adhiraj sees Mohini in danger and saves her. Shalaka sees Bhujang taking a dip in the water and thinks today we might unite. She puts the magical liquid in the water and looks on at Bhujang. She thinks to control his mind and make him the slave of Maha Maya. Maha Maya gets angry when Adhiraj doesn’t return home and calls him. Rani sees her and tells Jaichand that Maha Maya might see Chunnu. She says if Maha Maya gets angry seeing snake baby. Maha Maya comes and sees Chunnu. Adhiraj and Mohini are still stuck in the magical jungle.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:

Madhav avoids coming in Zaroon’s sight. He takes Saltanat and Krish home. He scolds Saltanat for not carrying a phone. Saltanat tells Madhav that Krish is too young and doesn’t need a phone. She thinks of her childhood. Madhav worries seeing Krish’s wound. He expresses his concern. Saltanat thinks Madhav had a bad childhood. Indu and Sneha worry seeing Krish when they return home. Madhav asks Krish to take rest. Saltanat tries to recall her past. She helps Krish in a drawing project. She unknowingly makes Zaroon’s sketch. Krish



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