Spoilers 4th July 2017 Revised


Sita comes to hospital to meet Gopi, who is serious. Sita gets Ricky along. Sita as Sia has affected Ricky much, and changed his thinking. Ricky is repenting for his mistake. He realizes his mum has slipped in trauma because of him. Ricky is alive. Sita has hidden him from Sameera. She got him to the hospital to make Gopi know that he is alive. Sita has saved his life. Ricky says I just want to tell mum that I m fine and alive, so that she gets fine soon.


Meghna and Kunal come back home safely. Sandhya has failed to target Meghna. Dada ji is hopeful that Haryali Teej will bring positivity at home. Naina has the pressure to cure Karan within the given time. Chauhan family celebrate Teej. Naina and Meghna get the mehendi applied. Dada ji’s positive talk makes them feel good. Dada ji says his two bahus are like Parvati Maa, who did great tapasya to get Shiv. Meghna and Naina pray for Kunal and Karan’s well being and happiness.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

After marriage, Piyush tells Dipika that he had made many attempts to tell her the truth. He says I don’t love you and did not wish to marry you, I just love Sarika. Dipika gets a huge shock hearing him. Dipika had many dreams, as she loves Piyush. Dipika falls down. Piyush holds her. She pushes him and cries, being shattered with this revelation. Piyush asks her not to leave.

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