Spoilers 31st May 2019

Nikki proposes Ruhaan for marriage. He refuses to her. Nikki cries a lot and goes. Radhika asks Ruhaan to agree for the marriage if he likes Nikki. Mishti and Pari are happy that Ruhaan didn’t give his nod for Nikki. Mishti asks Ruhaan how can he say yes for marrying Nikki. He tells her that he was kidding, he has refused to Nikki. They have a moment. Veer misses Mishti and tells his dad that he really loved Mishti. Veer’s dad asks him to move on and not lose out.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep loves Aarohi and can’t see her in pain. She wants to stop Deep from doing illegal work. He asks her to stop the drama of love. He asks her not to come between his life’s aim. He is smuggling gold. She doesn’t want him to enter the crime world again. She wants him to fix his life and not walk on wrong path again. She gets hurt. Deep cares for her and heals her wound. She realizes his love once again. She tells him that its her love that’s wanting him to be safe. He asks her to let him go if she loves him. He locks her in the room and goes away.





Kulfi Kumar

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  1. In kasutii saw the news prerna romances with bajaj.reading this news is disgusting.is there any value for husband and wife relation.stop this romance nonsense with Bajaj if it happens show will flop.i am watching kasuti only for parth n Erica that’s it Everytime makers separate anurag n prerna if u show prerna romance with Bajaj I am stop watching the show

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