Spoilers 30th November 2020

Vanraj wants her to just get out from his house. Hasmukh tells that he will support Anupama’s decision. Samar asks Hasmukh why is he saying so. Hasmukh asks him to get the property papers. Vanraj is happy that he will be getting entire property now. He tells that Bahu can never become a daughter. Hasmukh takes a shocking decision. He tells Vanraj that he will shatter his pride. He tears the property papers and also disowns Vanraj.

He tells that he will name the entire house to Anupama and do justice with her. He wants Anupama to decide if Vanraj will stay with the family. He throws away Vanraj’s name plate. Vanraj is shattered with Hasmukh’s decision. He accepts Hasmukh’s decision.





Kundali B



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