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Anjor romances Sameer in the holi party and kisses him. She doesn’t want Sameer to leave her. Anjor is thankful to him for saving her respect from Kiku. She loves Sameer a lot. She apologizes to him. Sameer feels she is still lying to him. He asks Jatin to control Anjor. Aarohi, Nethra and Chakor land in trouble. Mohini, Tara and Deep get plotting evil. Chakor gets kidnapped. Mohini and Tara join hands to kill Chakor and Nethra. Aarohi will help Chakor in protecting Nethra and exposing Deep’s truth.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla and Triloki get some men to stop Veer and Krishna’s marriage. Shukla tells the people that Krishna is Radhe’s widow, and didn’t take the consent of in-laws before remarriage. He scolds Krishna for killing Radhe’s memories in such a way. Shukla creates a storm in the marriage mandap. He asks the men to beat up Veer. Shukla tells Krishna that she has no right to marry Veer, since she is still his bahu. He vents anger on Krishna, who takes a tough stand to get married to Veer.

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