Spoilers 28th March 2017


Rangeela gets an idea to make Shivani run and get tired, so that she gets exhausted and eat food. The family found this idea better. Rangeela leaves a dog after Shivani. Shivani runs to get saved. The family looks on. Rangeela wants her to have food on own. Shivani was teasing him to say I love you so that she eats food. Rangeela saves her when she falls down. Rangeela gets juice for her. Shivani takes the glass and confesses her love to him. She finds her bold to confess love always. He gets scared seeing Veer and gets away from her.

Meri Durga:

Yashpal who dearly loves Durga sends her to his sister’s house. Subhadra starts being biased towards Durga. She wants to make Durga work as maid in her house, and made false promises to Yashpal that she will educate Durga. Durga gets a shock when Subhadra starts ill treating her. Durga loves Subhadra by going on her good image. Durga gets to see Subhadra’s truth when Subhadra scolds her for a small thing.

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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai




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