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Ronak develops a good bonding with Muskaan. She always surprises him. He thinks she is unpredictable, since she speaks up in situations where he doesn’t expect and stays silent when someone asks her about family. Ronak meets her and gets the tiffin from her. Muskaan tells him that she has come for studies, he shouldn’t stop her every day. Ronak gets bothered by her behavior. He makes her participate in debate and asks her to express her views on the brothels. Muskaan tells him that the women living in brothels are always human and helpless that they can’t live as normal society. Ronak tells her that such women break homes and good families.


Dida plans to bring Kunal and Mauli closer. She wants them to give another chance to their marriage. Nothing remains the same between Kunal and Mauli. Deep and Aarohi meet Kunal’s family. They request Kunal and Mauli for the dance. The couples perform Garba. Kunal is fulfilling Dida’s condition. Dida asks him to stay at home with Mauli for a month and not meet Nandini. Dida is sure that Mauli can stop the divorce. Dida doesn’t want them to get separated.

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