Spoilers 26th November 2020

Kumkum Bhagya:
Ranbir makes an entry to reveal about his engagement with Prachi. He tells them that he loves them a lot. The family also showers much love on him. They have a happy moment. Ranbir and Vikram have a cool competition. The family just supports Ranbir over Vikram. Ranbir thinks they will be glad to know about Prachi.

Pallavi finds him wearing the odd ring and asks him to remove it. Ranbir doesn’t want her to remove it. He reveals that its his engagement ring, given by Prachi. He tells that he got engaged to Prachi. The family can’t believe this shocking news. Pallavi asks him if he is saying the truth. He tells that he loves Prachi, even if his family dislikes her. Pallavi angrily slaps him. Meanwhile, Pragya reaches home to take Prachi for helping Rhea. She tells her that Rhea got arrested for the murder attempt on her.


Shaadi M



Kumkum B


Kumkum B

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