Spoilers 26th February 2019 Revised

Anjor vents anger on Sameer. When she gets back to her senses, she feels sorry and apologizes to Sameer. Anjor is unhappy with Chakor’s comeback. Anjor emotionally breaks down. She expresses her feelings to Sameer. She tells him about the problems of her life. Sameer gets upset when Anjor misunderstands him. When she apologizes to him in a nice way, he forgives her. She tells him that he is her friend from now on and she will not cheat him. All his anger melts down in a fraction of second when she gives him a rose.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil and Pankti are at the airport. They didn’t know they will lose Vedika’s belief. They wish Vedika could understand them. Sahil is depressed. He is going away from Vedika forever. He doesn’t want to hurt Vedika more by forcing the truth on her. He makes things easy for her, when he feels she will never give him another chance. Sahil tells Pankti that he is fine. She knows he is in pain. Sahil wants Vedika’s betterment. He tells Pankti that Vedika has a right to stay happy. Pankti is helpless because of her mum. She is threatened about Vedika’s children.

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