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Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets saved from Jai’s clutches, but gets trapped by the goons. Aadhya runs away from Samrat’s goons. Jai saves her once again. Jai and Aadhya get locked in the room. They struggle to get free from the goons’ sight. Aadhya feels safe when Jai is around. Their friendship begins. Jai protects her. He wants to ensure her safety and happiness. Aadhya sees a caring side of Jai and changes her opinion about him. She doesn’t know that Samrat has made them against each other always. Jai wonders where will he sleep. Aadhya does arrangements when there is nothing around. She uses her smartness and gets useless things into use. She surprises Jai by her wise approach.

Chakor gets worried for Suraj when the days passes soon and the court hearing gets close. She wants to end Anjor’s hatred by getting Suraj home. Suraj gets tortured by Vikram, when Chakor doesn’t withdraw the case. Suraj gets proud of Chakor that she didn’t give up in front of evil. Suraj tells Vikram that Chakor will burn his evil kingdom in no time. Vikram gets enraged and reveals his evil intentions to Suraj.

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Internet Wala Love


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