Spoilers 24th March 2017


Maya threw the party to celebrate her third anniversary. She gives a big news to the media. She says a little member is going to come in our life. She announces Arjun and she are always together, and now they will be blessed with a baby. Arjun gets a shock hearing this. Maya keeps the press conference to give clarification about their arguments in the party. Arjun tells media that he loves Maya a lot.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori and Parth are made to fake fight by Teni. Shorvori gets angry on Parth to get into the mood to fight. Teni directs them and asks them to fight over Parth’s shirt. Shorvori asks Parth how did he scold her for a small thing. Parth asks what could I do, shall I scold Teni. She says Teni has done wrong with me, you did not stop Teni, you should have shouted on her. He says Teni did not do all this intentionally. Teni has spoiled Parth’s shirt by the cow dung marks.

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Dil Se Dil Tak



  1. Where are chandra nandini spoilers???

  2. Debarati

    Guys in which episode did Shivaye give Anika a bangle?I don’t remember it.I only remember Mallika giving her bangles but when did Shivaye give her such costly bangles.

    1. Lids

      I think those are Mallika bangles, I think he added the diamonds to them to make them special from him because I think Mallika said wear them on your wedding day and adding the diamonds means that SSO making her wear the bangles he remade for her.

    2. They didnt show it in any epi.
      It was jst shown as Flashback

  3. Can anyone please help me in clearing a bigggggggg doubt in IB…… IS SHIVAY ELDER TO OM….. OR OM IS ELDER THAN SHIVAY…….

    1. Shivaye is elder than om. But probably their age difference is very less due to which om doesnt call shivaye bhaiya. Morever om calls annika as bhabhi so…

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