Spoilers — 19th October 2016


Naira tries to express love to Kartik by signs. Naira does not get time to confess love. She is very happy after realizing love and wants to tell Kartik any way. She fails to reach Kartik and her mood gets spoiled. Kartik does not understand her answer, when she wears the dress he gifted her, she throws roses on him and dances for him. Naira’s performance is the highlight of the function. Even then, Kartik does not understand her.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi is dressed as the bride. Rocky is mesmerized seeing her. Sesha takes disguise of a lady and makes Shivangi ready. She aims to stop Shivangi from marrying Rocky. Yamini follows Shivanya and takes a knife to stab her. Shivanya does not know Yamini’s plans. Yamini says Shivanya will be shocked seeing her, as she does not know Yamini is alive. Shivanya senses Naagin’s presence. She makes Shivangi to swear that she will not go out of the room. Shivangi does not understand why Shivanya is too worried.

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  1. Avishi

    With kasam spoiler im little bit ?and?
    And yrkkh is good nut.why katik dont understands

    1. Avishi

      Opps is not nut its but

    2. Avishi

      And.after reading full yrkkh spoiler im happy?

    3. Kanna

      As director told karthik to act as not understanding.. Karthik is following him

  2. Keerthi aishwarya

    Ishqbaaz spoiler??? Make it fast!

  3. Nainaa

    Ishqbaaz spoiler ! WHAT THE HELL…

  4. Ishqbaaz spoilers anika is hurt that’s why anika gets rude to shivaay

  5. Karthik himself called him idiot….. Who can’t understand naira ke issharee
    Karthik is damm cute

  6. Finally naira has realised. I hope their confession would telecast on momo’s bday !
    *fingers crossed*

  7. Nowrin

    Spoiler of yrkkh made me really excited and finally some actual not any kinda dream romance between kaira will be seen !!!! Can’t able to wait….Can someone tell me air date of this episode???????

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