Spoilers 19th December 2019

Nimki Vidhayak:

Mintu fills sindoor in Nimki’s hairline on her saying. Dadi scolds him for his mad step. Mintu tells her that Nimki convinced him for doing this. He explains that Nimki told him that its fake sindoor moment, it doesn’t matter to her. Dadi tells him that Nimki knows the value of sindoor, which is part of her past. She knows that Nimki would be affected by it. Nimki tries to wipe off the sindoor. Anaro sees this and hits on her head. She scolds her a lot for risking Babbu Singh’s life. Mintu defends Nimki. He tells Anaro that Nimki is allergy to the sindoor and he had asked her to wipe it off.

Kasauti ZK

Kahaan HKT

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Kulfi KB

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