Spoilers 17th August 2019


Dhanak and Raghu will be seen celebrating Janmashtami and participating in the Dahi Handi competition. Dhanak gets Raghu’s support when she climbs up the pyramid to break the Handi. Raghu doesn’t break the Handi and gives the chance to Dhanak to break it. Maai loves Raghu a lot. She tells him that she can’t share his love with anyone. She feels insecure that Raghu is blindly following Dhanak. She wants to explain Bharat’s evil character to them.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Dr. Sharma tells the family that Kainat is brain dead. He doesn’t give them any hope to them, since she didn’t react even seeing the fire. Dr. Sharma asks Zaroon when did he marry Kainat. Zaroon tells him that he is married to Saltanat, Kainat is Saltanat’s sister. He clears his confusion. Dr. Sharma asks Zaroon to get more tests done. Kainat asks Zaroon to take rest. She goes with Dr. Sharma to the hospital. They take Saltanat for the tests. She is happy when he tells her that survival chances for the patient is low.

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  1. Shakti started the story of transgender.harman ke character ko zinda kiya hain vivian ki acting ne.vivian have lived the character Harman.same as rubina has lived the character of saumya a kinner.both are the pillars of the show.either of them leave the show the show charm is finished.its been story of two human beings who loved each other very purely,clean & unconditional love.they just wanted to live their life very simply and happily.it was their only wish.whats wrong in that??.it was about love.why cant a transgender live happily in this society.it was a love story.every love story ends in good note.some live together & live happily & some can’t live so they die together.when you have started the show of love story end it on good note.dont make it a saas bahu drama for running the show.harman & saumya are two bodies one soul.shakti number one show tha love story ke liye kyonki who ek exceptional love story thi.then in the end why spoiling it with disgusting saas bahu track.its a very big injustice for the show like this.harman saumya always promised together they will live & die together.then why she is alive without Harman.its not justice for this love story.you are showing the love was not strong after 3 years.is janam main agar Harman saumya nahin mil paye who agle janam jaroor milinge yeh hona chaiye tha story.all evils criminals murderers win & they are alive.harman a strong character never knew that in the end again his parents where the people who betrayed him again.their only wish was the heir for the family.after losing their own son & getting heir will make them happy in life??

  2. Mahi took the get up of saumya & drugged Harman to become his wife.is it right what she did???when someone don’t love you is it justice to betray him & do such crime.harman did a mistake of marrying mahi & he accepted it.surbhi also had did that but she realized & left him,same as jasleen did.but mahi ??? she was selfish woman & she did that was not right.it was a crime.surbhi was saumyas real sister ,infact preeto made her also change her mind but she was mature enough & she did not do that.then why mahi???how can makers show her innocent.its injustice for the love story of Harman & saumya.makers jarasa toh dilse socho yaar.harman jo sher ke tarah insaan itna confidence tha ki chila kar bolta tha wof sirf saumya ka hain,then how can you insult his character for the leap,how can you make his character a cheap person? Use harak,preeto aur mahi ka puppet bana diya.you made them so helpless that they were not able to hug themselves.harman ka ek hi sapna tha ki who saumya ke saath ek choti family bana ke rehna chata tha.what was wrong in that?but now saumya will live with his memories??does it make any sense??she will live a kinner life same the story started before?kya is liye Harman use baar baar bachake wapas lata tha??woh saumya Harman singh thi.then why did you showed court case where they got the justice.dont understand??agar Harman ka bacha saumya ka zinda rehna Harman ke bina toh itne saal kyon yeh struggle dikhaya??phir end main court main jeet dikhaya ???what was all that??and now suddenly he died & again it came back to square one.she is just surving because she have to survive without him??what was all that of last 3 years where almighty made them together always??in last also Harman just wished from almighty only one thing.ek ishara dikha do ki Harman saumya sirf ek doosre ke liye bane hain,phir mata rani ne bhi Harman ko marne diya aur saumya ko zinda rakha??please don’t show this.show rebirth of two pure love.

  3. In shakti Harak & preeto do not deserve to be parents because as a individual human being they do not have humanity in them.they were always selfish.preeto ne toh apne pati ko chod diya because he was unable to give her child.harak singh when that dancer mohini had come,she fooled him of being pregnant & that man inspite of guilty he was happy & he forgot everything about his wife preeto & son Harman.these kind of characters makers support.disgusting.preeto aur harak jaise parents ke liye makers Harman ko mar kar leap la rahein hain.what a shit.why did they spoil harmans character.like his parents he never ditched saumya.but makers made him forcefully marry & drugged him & that disgusting rapist woman raped him.she was not even ashamed of it.what disaster of the show.really can’t believe they spoiled harmans character & made him feel guilty.harman was fully drunk & drugged also then too this woman slept with him.what a shameless character she is.she did not even had her own identity & took a kinner indentity just to sleep with him so that she can emotionally blackmail Harman for being his wife.what a characterless woman.and that harak sing is having debate on Harman that he went to complete his love story with saumya.a characterless man do bachon ka baap Harman aur raavi apne sixty sal main bhi mohini dance girl ke saath romance karne main bhi peeche nahin hata.woh us pr*stitute mahi ko bol raha hain ki tu apni sautan la rahi hain.jabki saumya legal wife hain Harman ki.mahi main aur pr*stitute main koi farak nahin.if fans would have been the writer they would have shown this track as harmans plan to just saumya realize what is Harman in her life & to bring back.but makers just made it a daily soap like other shows without any moral.this show had a moral that was pure love.and it remained till their last breath inspite of all evil plans they survived or they died together.but makers flopped it to run the show ahead.harman saumya ne ek hi kasam khayai thi saath jeeyenge saath marenge.aanewale har janam main saath hi honge.so makers must have shown rebirth.it was sensible.

  4. Shakti makers are not loyal to their own show.all the evils are still alive & the man who lived only for saumya lost his life without her.the biggest bastard,rascal,bluddy son of a b*t*h,rapist,dirty & bad words are short for that vedant.usne Harman ko Dhaka mara aur chila kar bol raha tha woh galti se gir gaya.and that bastard mercilessly killed him & he is not even guilty for that crime what he has done?.aur saumya ne use aise hi chod diya?this kind of death for Harman is not acceptable.makers yaar kahin pe gir ke mar jaoo yaar.criminals ko zinda rakhte ho aur innocent ko mar dete ho?for Harman deaths preeto,harak,mahi & vedant are responsible.saumya must not forgive these people.preeto is such a selfish woman his son died in front of her but she was consoling herself that mahi you don’t cry because my waris is within you.so I am not in a loss.after so much of conspiracy atleast if I lost my son I got my waris for my family.such a disgusting parents.mata rani ne bhi sach ka saath nahin diya.and that mahi what a shameless woman she is crying?that characterless woman she took advantage of harmans drinking & drugged him with his parents & made him helpless becoming father.agar sach main makers immandar hain fans ke liye toh preeto,harak aur mahi ko ek hi saza (punishment) milni chaiye.mahi & her child must die while delivering the baby & this will be a right punishment for preeto,harak & mahi for betraying Harman a clean soul.mahi ke pet main jo bacha hain who Harman aur mahi ki pyaar ki nishani nahin hain,so she must die realizing her mistake & confess in front of preeto & harak that she betrayed Harman & became pregnant that’s the reason she is been punished by mata rani.kyonki saumya aur sohum ka hi hakh hain Harman par.and if at all Harman comes back,not if at all he must come back only for saumya & sohum.preeto harak must realize their mistake for what they did.preeto aur harak ko ehsaas hona chaiye ke unlogone Harman ke saath dhoka kiya aur aaj apni kiye ki saaza bhugat rahe hain Harman ko khokar.they must bring saumya & sohum back home & Harman should come back.because Harman ke liye uski biwi saumya thi aur uska beta sohum tha.this will be a perfect justice for the show.and that vedant he must die in front of saumya & Harman.harman only wanted saumya in his life.very painful it was.this should not be the ending of Harman (vivian).as Harman vivian must only come back & that too not after 10 years leap or something.we still request do not spoil the show.only 1 week is left for mahi to deliver.finish her role & her baby.do justice for the show.harman saumya married in front of mata rani you cannot show mata rani wrong.jis bastard ne Harman ko mara saumya usi ke ghar main rehti hain ?aree yaar makers kuch toh sharam karo yaar?

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