Spoilers 16th February 2019

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Jai, Aadhya and their families reach Mathura. Jai meets the pandit. Diya goes to get the bags from the car. Diya screams. Everyone runs to see her. Diya faints down. They get Diya conscious. Diya tells them that she has seen someone in the car dickey and got hit on her head. Karan misleads them. Aadhya suspects something fishy. She checks the car dickey. She doesn’t find anything. Jai asks Aadhya not to take relax. Jai doesn’t believe in Kundli prediction. He tells Aadhya that they have to make their life by their own.

Roop always takes a stand for his mother and sisters. He stands for Jigna, who is tortured by her husband. Roop protects his sister. He asks Jigna not to bear any injustice. Shamsher gets to hear about Jigna and her husband’s fight. He asks Jigna to return to her Sasural. He isn’t happy with Roop’s decision to get Jigna to her Maayka. He doesn’t realize Jigna’s problems. He just thinks of his reputation in society.

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