Spoilers 16th August 2019

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Mayura asks Rivaaj how did he like the electric shock and says every day there will be a new shock for you. Ram gives the news to the reporters about Rivaaj’s engagement with Mayura. Roop asks Tashi to read about Rivaaj’s engagement with Mayura. Kesha gets upset. Mayura scolds Ram for giving the news to media. Ram shares his plan with Mayura and asks her to dump Rivaaj on the engagement day. Roop asks Tashi to help her get Kesha back home. Later, Rivaaj attacks Mayura and holds her neck when she goes to check him.


Lovely curses Muskaan that she will also lose Ronak. Gayatri stops Lovely from cursing Ronak and Muskaan. Ronak feels scared by the curse. He tells Muskaan that Lovely is innocent and still got punished. He asks Muskaan to promise him that she will always live happy even if he dies while fighting with Sir ji. Muskaan asks him not to say anything inauspicious. She is also scared of Lovely’s curse.

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  1. finally shakti makers turned evils plan successful.for their leap to continue they made it true.harman becomes father by mahi baby.and that will be a baby girl who will be a kinner what else.punishment to harak & family will be their waris will itself be a kinner.harman will die.saumya will be there to witness it.just to move the story ahead they spoiled harmans character which is not right at all.its not injustice for harman saumyas love.the love story between harman saumya was pure,unconditional & clean which must not have been made dirty.that would have been the moral of story.shakti was only a true love story between two people.their soul was pure & clean.the dirty thing what they did was harmans marriage & baby just for the leap.the only change was possible in this show was rebirth.not harmans child becoming a kinner.the story was about shakti.kinner empowerment & a clean love story.the correct track was when harman saumya joined school & tried getting educated.that track was a correct track which could have moved with a good script.but makers dirtiness destroyed everything.this leap story line a 10th standard kid can also write.what new in this track.the track would have been memorable if harman saumya & sohum stayed together until their last breath.this would have been a happy ending for this show.fans will guarantee for makers leap the show will run for only 2 to 3 months & then it will go off air.dirty disgusting illogical track.without harmans character assassination the show would have been got a high regards.the purity of love would have been shown so strong that whatever harmans condition may be after drinking he will come to know that the female who is there with him is not his saumya.shit shit shit shit.all dirty

    1. It is not complete justice to Harman character but we can say it is his punishment just because of Saumya he makes a fun of his mom and dad love and also destroys maahi life and now he losts his life due to her . Harman is aperfect example when people became so much selfish that he forgets about everyone . Harman changes the definition of love . Love is about giving not about making happy yourself and gulabo by destroying others

  2. yes we agree.in shakti there should not be harmans child becoming a kinner.because in shakti harman saumya are together.harman must not have any child from any woman.harmans love is a true & pure love.and except saumya there is nobody in his life.that should be the ending.and this love is witnessed by almighty mata rani who is there with both of them in any damn situtaion.almighty has made them together.after every separation,difficulties harman saumya have come together.so harman cannot die.all these evils must be exposed in front of harman.not waris drama with mahi.its illogical.there is no logic behind this.

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