Spoilers — 13th November 2015


Ragini wants to get Laksh anyhow. Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini were playing some games. Laksh wins 50000rs in game and they together start planning how to party with the prize cash. Swara likes happy moment in Diwali. The pandit asks Swara and Ragini to do the Dhanteras puja, as they are the new bahus of the family. Swara feels awkward and has to do puja with Sanskaar. After all the good time, the new twist in Diwali is the shocking car blast. Sanskaar’s car will blast and Ragini will be behind this.


Vasundara is glad to have Shraddha alongwith Dhruv in Diwali function. The family celebrates Diwali. Bihaan suggests some good family fun. The family plays card games. Bihaan and Shraddha outdo each other in the game and try to win. Bihaan gets to know Shraddha is cheating and tries to make her lose. Bihaan asks Thapki to help him, but she refuses to help him saying it would be cheating. Later on, Diwakar comes with Aditi and her family to meet Thapki in her inlaws house. Diwakar announces his marriage with Aditi. Bihaan lifts Diwakar in air and scolds him.

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Ragini’s determined tactics to ruin Swara by using LOVE…

Rana ji surprises family by succeeding to clear all debts…

Diwali festive to bring many twists in Thapki…

  1. i think swaragini spoiler is off screen only in iv helly said they back form farm house and utara came vo said ragini will plant bomb in sanskaar car and his life in danger…..

  2. I don’t understand why Ragini is against sanskar, if he get swara, automatically she can get Laksh

  3. tku so much 4 tapki pyar ki spoilr

  4. Swaragini main aisa much Hua to nahi!!!

  5. Thapki Pyar Ki………….is interesting,thank you spoilers

  6. i m feeling sad for sanskar .swasan should unit.if it will not happen then seriel flop ho jaye gi .salman aur sonam ko bulane ka kya fayida. Fokat me un dono ko bulaya tha

  7. iss ragini ko kya hai bichare sanskar ka murder karne chali.akal toh hai pata nahi kaha se lati hai aise bakwas idea.
    swasan rock

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