Spoilers 13th March 2018 Revised

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan and Diya’s love story is beginning. They both have worry for each other. Their care and concern stands questioned by their hearts. Diya gets fond of Ratan. She apologizes and thanks him. She asks him not to be annoyed. She admits that she did wrong to lie to her best friend. He forgives Diya. He hugs her and expresses his worry for her. Diya asks him not to stress about her. She has always taken care of him. This time, its Ratan who turns caring towards her.

Leela plots a new game. She behaves mad to fool Susheel. She looks for the evidence that can ruin her image and position at home. She enters Susheel’s room and clicks Satya’s pictures in her phone with a motive to find a new girl for him. She wants Satya to get remarried. Jhanno informs Leela that Susheel is coming to the room. Leela quickly leaves from there. She gives an ad for Satya’s marriage. She hunts for a suitable bride for her grandson. Jhanno hugs Susheel and makes way for Leela to escape. Jhanno makes Susheel busy in her talk and apologizes. Susheel forgives Jhanno.

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