SPECIAL ONE IN OUR LIFE (Intro) #based on true story#

Hi friends. This is my first fan fiction. I am not very good at writing. But I try my level best to complete this. I can’t post daily, I will post the updates weekly once.

This story is based on real one. I can’t explain main lead characteristic, and can’t explain the main concept of story. If you want to want it, just follow my FF. And one more thing, the story line and concept will make some difference until the season 1 completed.

character sketch :-

Vikram Aditya the main lead (hero). He is very good looking, intelligent at the same time very naughty. He loves his friends more than his family. If he want to choose between his family and friends, definitely…… He will choose his friends. Anything is not important than his friends. ( You may find new shades in him when the ff begins)

RAM :- best friend of vikram, he was managing his studies and modeling career very easily. He always flirt with girls. He used make love but never fall in love. If he trust anyone, he will do anything for them.

Harry :-  He love tanu secretly but he never tried to express his feelings to her. He want to became a software developer. He is from a rich family but very independent.

Tanu:-  very cute and innocent girl. She always want to become a part in ITV. Present she was working in short films and managing her studies. She is an orphan. Very close to harry.

Ram, harry, Tanu and Vikram are best friends since their childhood. Present they all were studying in same college. 

Rithika the main lead (heroin) as I said, I will slowly reveal about characteristics in FF. 

Ok friends, these are the main character in my fan fiction, once the ff starts then you will find more characters.

I hope, you all like my intro. I can’t say it’s zoner because it filled with everything but it take some time to find out each and every layer.

Until my first episode keep guessing the characteristics of main lead.


  1. Shesha485

    Loved it. Looking forward for the first episode

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Thank you shesha485
      I will not post daily just once or twice in week
      But if became free, I will post next one

  2. Its something out of our imagination. Loved it. Continue your hard work, we’ll surely support you😇

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tqsm zingo 😍😍😍

  3. Radhakrishn

    The character sketch is nice.

    1. Crazydoll_185

      Tq radhakrishn
      I had already uploaded next episode please check it once

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