Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-6

I am really so sorry for the short episode yesterday. I figured out the problem. Don’t worry, I will write the episode once again. As your wish I will try to maintain sweet funny fights and romantic scenes.

The episode starts with :-

she on the FM. Hey baby I love your voice song plays……….

Rithikha :- hey! Your favourite song…….. (Very excitedly)

Everyone is shocked!!!!!!!

Tanu :- how do you know, it’s Vikram favourite song?

Rithikha :- (tensed) aaa…..a…….

Harry :- why you look tensed?

Ram :- speak up rithu!

Vikram :- how do you know it’s my favourite? (Questioning look)

Rithikha :- (suddenly! Her mind strikes a idea) I don’t know it’s his favourite song. It’s one of my favourite. By mistakenly I said, yours……… Before correcting my mistake, suddenly you all asked me so many questions even not giving gap then how could i answer? (Casual tone)

Everyone believe her and said ok! But Vikram is looking doubtedlly.

Rithikha :- what! Why are you staring at me doubtfully?

Vikram :- I am not staring at you. I am just looking………

Rithikha :- hahahaha…… So funny! (Sarcastic manner)

Vikram’s inner thought :- you convinced others very well but not me? My heart saying it’s you, but your behaviour confuses me! But, I will definitely find out the truth!

After half an hour :-

Rithikha :- tanu just look outside, once! It’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!

She keeps her head from the window.

As well as Tanu also keep her outside and she also enjoying it.

Vikram’s pov :- she also enjoys herself like this, she doesn’t care anyone if she was doing right!

Vikram :- (smiles)

Ram :- Vikram! Where did you lost?

Vikram :- no where

Ram :- then, why you are laughing, like a fool with out reason?

Rithikha :- because, he is……

Everyone giggles

Vikram :- are you happy now?

Ram :- undoubtedly!!!!!!!!!

Harry :- Tanu ! Please don’t do like that. You know how dangerous it is?

Tanu :- Harry! I am in good mood. So please don’t try to spoil it. (Slightly Angry tone)

Harry :- but……

Tanu :- I said No!

Rithikha :- harryyyyyyy……… Why are so over protective about her? Even, I am also keeping my head outside and enjoying but you don’t say anything for me, then why Tanu? (Teasing tone)

Vikram and ram are trying to control their laughter.

Immediately Tanu sit normally……..

Tanu and Harry both locking into each other eyes tensionally.

Rithikha :- why are you looking at her? First Answer my question? (Innocently)

Vikram :- yes Harry! This is not first time, we all went for so many trips. She always do like that but you never obbject her but know?

Harry is pleasing rithikha to save him with his eyes. Rithu was laughing.

Rithikha :- oh!!!!! Now I understand……

Vikram and ram at a time :- what do you understand? (Unknowingly)

The duo was controlling their laughter and asking her unknowingly.

Rithikha :- she was not feeling well when we started our journey, I mean she had mild cold.

Vikram and ram :- ok! Ok! (Teasing tone)

After sometime……….

Everyone feel asleep.

Tanu rest her head on Harry’s shoulder.

Ram also rest his head on him.

Rithika was still awake……

Rithikha :- (coughs)

Vikram :- doesn’t notice her

Rithikha :- once again she coughs

Vikram :- smiling……..

Rithikha :- (hitting his arm) why are laughing?

Vikram :- you know very well. Why I was laughing……

Rithikha :- if you know the reason, then why you are not speaking with me?

Vikram :- nothing! Just I was thinking………

Rithikha :- thinking?????

Vikram :- thinking??????

Rithikha :- (waiting for him to complete his sentence)

Vikram :- how could a devil can change its mood in split of seconds…….

Rithikha :- ho!!!!!

Rithikha :- wait! What?

Rithikha :- you mean, am I monkey?

Vikram :- how can I say it on your face? (Laughing)

Rithikha :- (hitting his arm playfully) (suddenly she realise herself, what she was doing) I am sorry

Vikram :- your are really impossible…… Before a second, you was playing with me, suddenly you became cold. Just tell me what’s your problem?????

Rithikha :- I am not in a mood to argue with you, I am sleeping (saying this she closed her eyes)

Vikram :- miss mystery. No! Miss mood swinger. I think this name fits you perfectly.

Rithikha :- thank you (without opening her eyes)

The cool breeze hits her hair and face. Slowly her hair covers her beautiful face……..

Vikram :- (slowly he take his to her face to set her hair but suddenly he backward his hand)

Ram :- have we arrived? (Sleepy tone)

Vikram :- why did this idiot want to wake up at this time? Who will be going to beat him, if he doesn’t wake! Spoiler!!!!!!(Murmurs under his breath with very frustation and angry)

No sir! If we arrived our destination then I will wake you up. You may sleep now. (Sarcastically)

Ram :- ok then! (Once again he close his eyes)

Vikram :- O goooooood!

They reached their destination………..

I already update the campaign pic in previous episode.

And thank you so for all your love and support, it really means a lot for me. It will like a boost up for me that’s why I always request you all to drop a comment and please share my FF to your friends or at least tell them the story and ask their opinion. Are you ok with this update or I want to make it more lengthy? It takes 1 and half hour to write this. That’s why I am asking.

Lots of love for you 🥰

  1. Really! It’s somewhat time-consuming process. I also have the same problem. It was interesting like college friends, mystery, suspense. I think the main leads are Vikram and Rithika😍😍

  2. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Finally Vikram starts teasing Rithika. Now the fight is balanced 😂. The size is enough as for now but you can increase the length gradually… So, Rithika knew Vikram favorite song. But how? Waiting for the next episode

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