Special one in our life #based on true story# (season-1) episode-5

Next day morning :-

They all get ready for trip. They all packed their luggages. Vikram, Tanu, harry, ram came to rithika’s home to pic her. She was waiting for them at outside. Vikram is on driving seat. Tanu sit beside harry, harry with ram. That mean harry is in middle. Vikram opens the car door.

Vikram :- good morning!

Rithikha :- fake smile.

She wish good morning to everyone. They all reciprocate to her with huge smile.

Rithikha :- Would anyone like to change their seat?

Vikram :- Rithikha! What’s your problem. Why can’t you sit here?

Rithikha :- because, you will try to talk with me. I don’t want to talk with you.

Vikram :- ok promise! I don’t utter a word, until you ask me to speak.

Rithikha sit beside Vikram(front seat)

Friends, I would like to know how my ff is, do you want any romantic scenes? Or you want this Tom and jerry fights more? I don’t want to reveal their past in these days, I am planning to make it special one. It take some time. I hope you all like it. Please give me some suggestions for romantic scenes. Please message me personally or you can tell me in comment section. It may help me to improve the FF.

  1. Hi friends……..
    Sorry their is a small mistake in this update, I had written it lengthy (I mean, I had added some more elements in their journey) but it didn’t get published, I am figuring out the problem. So, please don’t hesitate and don’t mind. After knowing the reason I will update the next one very lengthy, including this one. But if you want lengthy, I will it tomorrow but I can’t give you pics. If you want to include the pics wait for Sunday. Choice is yours

  2. Sure! It was amazing. As you said there was a problem in publishing, its okay. Loved it. Waiting for next parts. I can’t say anything, it’s upto your wish.

  3. Dear, you’re writing fabulous. But please make it lengthier. I am loving Vikram and Rithika.
    Vikram + Rithika = Vikika

  4. You nailed this episode. We want tom and jerry fight plus romantic scenes too… Please upload it daily

  5. Your creativity is mind-blowing. Keep writing👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Shesha485

    Loved the episode but sadly it is short. I too don’t know what is the reason behind the removal of other scenes by the website. You can contact TU regarding the same. I wish to see more of Tom and Jerry fights from both the sides and then romance. To be fair, Vikram is too patient to bear those insult. Feeling pity for him!

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