Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 31

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Pragya “Why are u looking like that?” Abhi “Did you get hurt when u fall on me just now?” Pragya with a smile “No….I fall on you na…so I never got hurt!” Abhi with a smirk said “Acha….” Pragya “You look very tired…..” Abhi “Haan feel like lying down but here there is no place to lie down here….” Pragya looking at him “I am here na…” By saying that she asked him to lie his head on his lap.

He also did that and looked at Pragya who was running her hands through his hair soothingly.
Abhi “Do u want to tell something?” Pragya “Wo….I found someone….” Abhi looking directly into her eyes asked “Who is that someone?” Pragya “Someone who is caring…someone who is loving…” Abhi “Who is that someone?” Pragya blushed and covered his eyes with her hand. She bent down and whispered in his ears “He is lying on my lap….” Abhi “Arrey…if u cover my eyes then how can I see your face?” Pragya “You shouldn’t see…” Abhi smiled and took her hands away and said “I also found someone….” By saying that he kissed her hand. Pragya turned crimson red in shyness.

Pragya looking at him sang Koi Mil Gaye…..
khwaabon khayaalon khawaahishon ko chehara mila
mere hone ka matlab mila
koi mil gaya

haan kaun mil gaya
koi mil gaya
yuun to ham tum milne ko milte rahe
par kyon aaj aisa laga
koi mil gaya

My dreams ideas and desires found a face
I found my reason for being.
I found someone

Abhi still holding her hands sang
Yes? Who did you find?
Pragya still looking at him sang
I found someone.
You and I meet all the time
so why did it seem to me today as though
I found someone.

mujhse milkar kya hota hai
yeh batlaao na
baat yeh ham kaanon mein kahenge
paas mein aao na
jo baat tum kahoge voh baat main bhi jaanuun
yeh paas mein aane ki main baat nahin manuun
suno na

Abhi looking at her sang
What happens to you when you meet me?
Tell me this.

Pragya bending down a bit sang….
I’ll whisper it into your ear
come into my clutches

Abhi touching her face sang….
The thing you’re going to say I know it too.
I won’t go along with this idea about coming near you.

aakar mere paas mein tum ho
jaakar bhi ho paas
is ahasaas ke jaisa koi aur nahin ahasaas
aur nahin ahasaas
yeh jo bhi ho raha kyon jaanta nahin main
apne hi dil ki baatein pahachaanta nahin main
pahachaano pahachaano pahachaano
dil to apna pahale bhi dharka kiya
par kyon aaj aisa laga

Pragya looking pleasantly at him sang
Listen to me won’t you?
You come close to me when you’re near me
you’re still near even when you go far away.
There’s no other realization like this realization
no other realization
Why don’t I understand whatever that’s happening?
I don’t even understand the matters of my own heart.

Abhi pinching her cheek lightly sang
Understand it
My heart used to pound before this
so why did it seem to me today as though
I found someone…….

Abhigya were still having their eye-lock when suddenly Pragya heard some weird sounds.

Pragya “What’s that sound?” Abhi “Nothing Lieko….Just let me stay on your lap….This is my lap of love!!” Pragya “No! Kiddy!! Listen!! It’s getting louder….” Abhi “Just ignore yaar….I don’t want to move!” Pragya “Don’t be stubborn! First wake up from my lap!” Abhi reluctantly moved and Pragya stood up. Abhi “What sound did u hear?” Pragya “You can’t hear?” Abhi “No!!” Pragya “How can it be possible?” Abhi “Wait!! Now I am hearing it! Something dropping….” Pragya “Ok let’s go out and see!” Abhi got slightly nervous and said “Lie….ko….” Pragya was already in front of him when she heard his shaking voice. Pragya “I am here na…just hold my hand!” Abhi “What if it’s there?” Pragya pulled him by holding his hand and he too followed her.

They looked around but everything seemed to be the same. Pragya “Did we imagine sounds?” Abhi shrugging his shoulder said “Maybe…..”

Abhi “Let me try calling my friend….but I need to make it faster though….” Pragya nodded her head in response and he made a quick call. Pragya saw him just listening and not talking a single word in response. He ended the call and looked at Pragya. Pragya “Is everything ok?” Abhi “Why are u asking like that?” Pragya “Because u never replied anything to your friend….” Abhi “Oh…everything is fine….it’s just….” By saying that he walked passed her and went near a table there.

Abhi “ Nice table na….I mean it looks very different….” Pragya went behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder. She asked “What are u hiding?” Abhi “Hiding? Nothing is hidden from you….” Pragya “No!! You are surely hiding something from me…..”Abhi “Nothing Leiko…look here this table is so nice…” Pragya made him face her and asked “Look at me!” Abhi was still trying not to see her.

Pragya “Don’t be like this! Just tell me…you are not being normal after the call!” Abhi trying to move away from her said “Nothing Leiko….why are u keep on asking like this?” He walked towards a pillar there and was looking at it. Pragya again went towards him and asked “If u never tell me then I will leave u here alone….” Abhi was not looking at her and remained silent.

Pragya was about to leave by opening the door when Abhi said “Stop!” Pragya stopped and looked back at him. Abhi “Sahana is dead…..” Pragya froze in shock.

Abhi reading Sahana’s diary and was shocked to know how she is related to Abhigya…..

The first lines in her diary:
At times, accepting is easier than expecting…….

Please do tell me if it’s dragging at any point of time……and thanks for reading and thanks to those commenting…..bye friends!

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  4. Ok so the first part was AWESOME? but in last it was really shocking!? sahana is dead?? Waiting for the next one!

  5. awesome

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! What a Great Twist!

  7. Saranya24

    Ohh so sad poor sahana and u r not dragging its good we love it love u akka?????

  8. Awesome update dii…
    OMG! !sahana is dead..really shocking dii..
    Eagerly waiting to know about the mystery. ..

  9. Prathi

    Not at all dragging CS… Sahana is dead! OMG why?

  10. Sowji

    Y u killed sahana…sahana is acted very well in this ff…anyway nice keep going…waiting for next ff..

  11. its very nice bt how did sahana died

  12. Abhigya convo is nice and lovable….bt feeling sad for sahana’s death… want to know sahana’s connection with abhigya…. waiting for the next dii….

  13. Awesome …… but y sahana dead and wt is the connection , is there sahana make abigya meet
    Waiting next episode… sorry i not comment last bcs of my work
    Guys can u all be my frnd i like ur bro snd sis conneftion vry much

  14. Nice episode di abhigya’s scenes were cute but twist is shocking waiting to know what happens next

  15. The First Part was Awesome ! But you bought a twist in the ending ! That’s Interestingg . And yeah I liked Sahana’s role in this story so far !? But now she is dead and I am waiting to know how ? when ? and why ? and also abt the precap !
    I am sure about something ! You are A Marvellous Writer !? I loved the first line of her diary ! ?”Accepting is better than Expecting”? Whoaa ! Hattss Off !??

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