In those soulful eyes let it be a dream – Part 4

The broken flowerpot,bihan sits near it on the floor….the glass pieces was broken into pieces just like his heart…the flowers lost its pleasantness faded petels withered …., added gloominess to the surrounding air.

“Thapki …this may be a silly flowerpot u made to shatter on this morning to wake up me…but today…its me  shattred….. ….broken into pieces …….because of you!!….when I realised that u don’t even remember me…don’t recognised me…intentionally keeping distance with me…it hurts….it hurts a lot..!!
Bihan tries to pick up each pieces its sharp ends was pricking on his hands and drops of blood came out…he sweeps all the pieces and flowers,petals with hand and they got soiled with his blood…

He lost himself in memories…….

Stop this divakar..!! What nonsence are u saying??” bihan taunt  divakar

“Arey bihan whats wrong in it? Do you forget what she said after the meeting with principal??”

“ You blodyfool don’t u have any brain?? Its already too much had happened between us.. I hurted her a lot….yes its true that she too insulted me…but this is not the way to take revenge on her..i will suerly pass the 8th..”Bihan said with a little bit of anger..

“ hmm ……i know Its not a matter for you bihan…he teases him….and also I know u will never change ur decisions ..

“Then what… ? Why are u compelling me to do such a drama ….? “

“ You know something bihan? I just overheared something…the new rumer sperding on school is that there is something in between you and thapki!”


“don’t u understant..??something means LOVE!!!”

“ WHAT THE…..”bihan rises from his seat..divaker pushes him to sit down.
“ Bihan….thats why iam saying this is a chance!! She will be more afraid of you..if u propose her! And u also want her to fear you!!”

“ I said once to stop your nonsence divaker…! Everything started for a fun..but she took it as serious and made an issue..and it ended..thats it you got it!?

“ hmm yes….every love story begins  from fighting”

“ is it ? But this will be tragic story if love interferes and at the end hero’s best friend got killed by hero itself…” bihan gives an evil glare to divsker

“ Which means you kill me??!! “  divaker got irritated.

“ Of course if u say such foolishness I have to be..bihan clutches divakers neck with his both hands…divaker force fully throws out bihans hand and looks weirdly on bihan who was laughing at him..

“ you devil”

“ yes iam” bihan replied while laughing loudly….

” I said what  i have to say….ehh ehh… rest is your decision”said divaker by clearing his throught ..

” Who the hell is spreading such rumers..?? Me in love with thapki…!! Never!! And what made every one think so?”

“Bihan you are silent after the principal room drama ,according to ur nature u must have shown her a lesson..but u didnt…may be that”

” Rubbish!!! People are mad nowadsys….”

Hey Bihan your result published..exclaimed john….he runs towards both of them  higly exited …
” Congrats !! This time bihan passed!!”

he announced loudly…
A smile of victory appeared on his face!!!
“Gajaaaaaaabbbbb!!!!” Divaker hugs him….you done it bro…!! They rejoiced

” I was waiting for this day..come bihan lets meet th..thapki…i want to say thus to her” said divaker…

” Why..its not she wrote my exams meet her after results..i dont even want to see her”

” Hey when will u give party for us…?? John asked innocently”

” Oh my friend ..i have passed my 8th
Not civil service exam”

” B for Bihan pandey if u try u could even do that too simply…B for Bright Bihan pandey suddenly one day failed  on his exams …not studying… writting wrong ans intentionally ,…scribbling over right answers ….u never answered what had happend to u! But we are not fools that not to understand your problems…ok leave it…but any how thapki is the one who changed your attitude knowingly or unknowingly…u were dustroying your own life ,being blind on love for brother and family…..she unknowingly made a spark on you and see what happened..!! I am personally thankfull to thapki”

What!!! Divaker made an astonishing sound

” I dont understant” div looked on johns face..
” How could u? U are seeing him only for 1 year…as a failed bihan , i was with him since he joined the school.. dhruv and bihan are classmates…i know bihan more than anyone…..he is dumping his life…for..

” Could u please stop this!! Its all my personal matters” bihan interrupted john.he goes to the house…
Balvender and krishnakanth were sitting ouside aand chatting

” Arey agay!!” Balvander rises from seat and goes near to bihan..
” Do u seen the result…?! You passed bihan…”” Bavuji tapps on his shoulder with exteame happiness..
Bihan smiles at him….he gets glad by seeing bavuji happily…
” Congrats bihan” krishnakanth said..

” Thank u uncle” he replied
” Vasu is waiting for you..go inside…”
” Ha bavuji”

” Oh u came!!” Kosi looked on him with contempt..
” Hmm…what happened ..are trying to become educated slave ehh!! Just remember something  you are not a part of this family..realise your position ok!! Dont become too smart… We dont need a higly educated servent to dance on our head…dont u feel this is too much …and u are becoming over qualified… 8 th std is enough do u get it??

” Bihan.”.. Vasu comes near to him …
Thapki cames with vasu on aside…
” Kosi  please bring those laddoos for him..”
Kosi leaves by glaring bihan with a warning sign..

” Its very happy news beta..vasu careses his hair softly…i was worried that what had happened to iam relaxed…all credit goes to thapki..!!

“Thapki??  How did you know those things?? “( Does ma know what had happened between us??)

” Thapki had said me that u both are good friends..”

Bihan got relaxed..( she didnt said anything..and she had intoduced her self  to all of us in her new name Thapki..and no one knows the past..that girl is not that much bad as i thought..)

Kosi brings  the laddoos..
” Bihan give the first sweet to ur sweet friend”vasu insists bihan..!!
Bihan takes a ladoo and about to give it..
” Hey bihan feed her..dont feel ashamed as we are here…”
Bihan unwillingly feeds her…he unexpectedly looks on her face..she was happy..the glittering on her eyes was really due to happiness…he could feel that its true..

Co…congrats bihan!! Iam really happy
She said

” Ok take this and give to all yourfriends ..i am a little bit busy in preparing your favorate dishes..”vasu smiles at both

Vasu and kosi goes to kitxhen

” Dont u say e..even a t.thank u…for my compliment….??

Are u teasing me?? Bihan looked her doubtfully..

” T..teasing and k.kidding is y..your job hena…why did u asked so..”

” You said u are could it possible..i am your enemy he na!!”

” were tt..treating me so…b..but i dont want to establish e..enimity towars anyone..and i said true iam happy about u!!”

Mind voice( this girl is  really a wonder…!!how could she become genuenly happy ..its not fare if i hurt her more….a girl with such a mindset…)

“Thank u …for not saying anything to anyone..say my thanks to krishnakanth uncle too ..he too incisted me to become a friend of you “

” B..but today too u are c..considering as enemy hena…no problem because of this enemity good things happened on ur life iam g..glad a.abot it…”

” right..! Iam sorry thapki for what had happened”

” iam i d..dreaming..?? You s..said sorry!!..and …

” Thapki” bihan interrupts her …she looks on him with emmberrasment…
There was a silence for a while…they both looks each other and become deprived of words..
( I think she is not aware about the rumers spreading about us..i should make it clear otherwise she will missunderstand me..but how will i say??)


“Me…you..?? Wh..what bihan??”

“N..nothing??” Bihan stummers
” You begined t…teasing?”thapki gets irritated..
“I didnt done any thing”
” will never change!” Thapki goes in anger..
Days passed the classes started..meanwhile dhruv moved to next school after passing his 10th

“ Bihan”  pan called him from behind
Pan: what are u doing there ?? Just throw it to floor!

Bihan: why?? Why are u saing so paan??

Pan: don’t you see ur hand is bleeding and its sharp just throw it…

Bihan didn’t hear his words …he looked on his fistfull of glasspieces petels anoited with his bloood and lost himself …………..

Bihan: You know  I said her that its me her bihan…but she left me without uttering a single word….her image is still here on my eyes….how can one become such heartlezs….that tooo thapki…she changed a lot…..i don’t feel any pain in hands….But what for this heart pan?? Its too bleeding…and no one iz there to see it..
Bihan fumesin anger

Pan comes near him and forcefully withdraws bihans hands

Pan; atleast me to hei na?? I am here don’t u see?? Relax first..why u are becoming anger?? May time had changed everything bw u and thapki…..she had selected her path…

Bihan:  does the time brought much changes to me such that she become unable to even doubt me that iam bihan or raj?!!!rubbish!!! She was avoiding me…..and I know now…am not her path!!!!

“The path!! This way or that way??thapki was confusedabout the path towards bihans residance
“ yes I think this is that” she chooses a path and starts to walk as faster as she can…she wanted to meet him even without wasting a single momment …
An ambulance with its siran flew through the road….
Thapki stops for a while…turned into pale…those scenes passed through her eyes….just like happened like yesterday…
That night was more darker…an ambulence  came on the gate of pandey nivas…vasu maa  was  yelling his name…she was being hunted by her own actions..was guilty..

“My bihann….
My son….
I blamed you for bavuji s death…..

Thats why i lost u now……
Oh my God i cant bear this…..” She loudly cried…
A stetcher was carried out from ambulance covered with white cloth…….
…..she was unable to see that…..
She fell down on her knees….sobbing and yelling again and again…..
It was bihan…lifeless …breathless ………
Burned..charred…!! Unable to identify..

The police men handed over that gold chain he was worned….

” DNA test is needed to conform its him”

the cop said… krishakanths throat shakened..while recieving the chain..he said
” Its of no use sir..bihan is an adopted son!”
Thus the chain proved he is conformed bihans death..

She was still on the road…her eyes closed…for flashing memmories.. ( mind voice)

My heart was broken ….i was unable to see you dead… last glance is  that all i remember…i fell down unconsious….fainted again nd again….struggled in bw consiousness and unconsiousness…on hospital bed i weeped….sobbed…cried my heart out….lost sleep for many nights…sedatives were injected to my bloodsteam…..sleeping pills holded my sleep…….at last my loving parents retrived me revived me…i recovered from that shock…a lone tear escape from her eyes..she started to walk again more fastly…
Wiping her tear…

“Fast “ paan said to bihan who was packing dresses…”we have to leave here as we planned”
“ no need for such a hurry berry!!”bihan said while packing and closing the bag

Pan: do you forget yesterdays atttack ?? Its not really safe here !! And a break is indeed for you too
They heared a strong knock on the door..bihan and pan looks each other.. pan signs he open the door..bihan became ready to took pistol from his back and attack..pan opens the door slowly and got shocked he looks back bihan

It was thapki at their doorsteps….. !!! She ran into the  room  with excitement and stops just close to bihan..

“Bihan” she softly says his name…the passion the love the emotions suppresed within her overwhelmed on her eyes her sound echoed on his ears…she moves forward to hug him..but before she could..he cuts the hug on anger and pushes her away…

Arey kon ho tum?? Who the hell are you?? Bihan burst out in anger..
Thapki get stuck for a while

Thaki: b..bihan ..whats this?? Why are u saying so??

Bihan: who is bihan there is no bihan here…iam Raj …and who are u?? His voice raised

Thapki; what is t..this bihan…pls stop this…iam your thapki …

Bihan: you are vani isnt it….??

Thapki: t..that..i

Bihan: I don’t want to hear any thing just get out now..!! You are not my thapki and am not your bihan any more…go away…I don’t even want to see u any more….get out..
Thapki: I liedb..bihan…but ….you must here me…..i am here to say everything untill I will not go..

Bihan: acha….dont u ??

He takesthe pistol from back and make her stand at gunpoint on her forhead..thapki gets frightened and he makesher walk backwards towards the door
“ go!! There is nothing bw us…everything ended before 10 years…nd don’t ever come to me..i know u will not…those knows to avoid someone curally must study to shut their mouth too I don’t need any explanations…go!!” he force fully shuts the door

Thapki felt weak…she sits near the door…she announced loudly

“ you may make me away from you like this bihan, but u cannot do this for long ,you left us alone…but I  ..iam n..not going to leave u…I will be on your doorsteps…you cannot walk away with out hearing me…”

She was unable to controll her feelings…she hardly press back of her head against the door …weeped for a while…
She wiped her tears..stand up ..she was determined…knoked on the door forcefully…
“Co..come out bihan…are u afraid of me eh..?? Stop your hide and seek game…!!y..yes i lied…i lied that iam vani..not you know why…coz..coz not to fall on you….its why be..because you r..resembled my b..bihan… Your eyes na…those eyes was like that of my bihans…my bihan the whome i lost…whome left me alone…and dissapeared”she exclaimed…
Bihan opens the door with great force such that it produce a loud sound on hitting opposite wall.
” Oh wow! Your bihan …!! Your bihan whome u lost..!!

Whome left u alone and whome dissapeared…What a beautiful sentence thapki… Great…!  Why should i blame you..!!! No one believed me he na..vasundara pandey blamed me for my bavujis death! She too belived that i had done it…why should i stay on such a home where no one belives me…everyone blames me…thus i left that house….but those who after knowing the reality doent serced for me..didnt  even thought of me…..” Bihan roared at her

” Have u   e..ever seen this??” Thapki shows him that gold chain..
Bihan gets shoked by seeing it…
” Is it this yours…i mean was it..? said that no one searched for you right!! Then how did i got it ?? Say…!!
Thapki grabs his collor tightly…b..bihan i want to know what happened on that this chain….

” I have thown it away ” he hesitantly says by pushing back her..
“Those who cannot even recognise me have no right to question me u  understand!!” He proclaimed.
” Yes..i didnt recognised you…realised that its you…Do you know why?? because you were dead damn it!!!!
We had seen your dead body!!
We belived that its u died..!!
Her voice shrilled at its high pitch….
Bihan stood still shoked thoroughly..
“WHAT!!WHAT DID U SAID??”He solicted..

” Truth…i said the truth bihan…on the night you left the home we got information about a blast happened on city and cops brought a deadbody and this chain is got from it..we have no other options than believing it…and you hena never returned back…thus…we believed that our bihan was no more…she burst out crying…now say can i recognise you…how could i ?? And u, u too introduced yourself as Raj..then how could i recognise…haa???” She cupped her face and sobbed
Bihan was in uttershock..he never expected such a thing…
He was in verge of tears
“Thapki” he murmmered…she looks on him sliding her hands from face..
Phir bhi tum ko plays

tum mere ho is pal mere ho
kal shaayad ye  aalam na rahe
kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho
kuch aisa ho hum, hum na rahein…

you are mine, in this moment, you are mine,
tomorrow, things may or may not remain the same,

maybe something happens that you don’t remain yourself,
maybe something happens that I don’t remain myself.

Now do you belive iam sill alive?? Do you believe me??”he was on tears..
“Bihan…” Her voice was conveyed all her pain .

ye raaste alag ho jaayein
chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…

maybe our paths diverge,
and we get lost while walking.

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga,
main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga…
is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chahunga…

but I’ll still love you,
I’ll still love you.
I’ll die for this love,
but I’ll still love you.

Why did you dont came back??do u know how much i suffered…how much i missed yo….this chain…i was keeping it with me for years…it knows all my pain ..the days i lost in hospital recover from the shock of losing you.  …when my body and mind churned in pain i holded it tightly….but bihan you left me alone ..and never came back!! Dont you ever remembered me of me”

She looked on his eyes worryingly
He looks her without answering..without hindering the tears which is flooding over him

meri jaan main har khaamoshi mein*
tere pyaar ke naghme gaaunga…

O my life, in every silence,
I’ll sing the songs of your love.

main phir bhi tumko chahunga
main phir bhi tumko chahoonga
is chaahat mein marr jaaoonga
main phir bhi tumko chahoongaa…

and I’ll still love you,

I’ll still love you.
I’ll die for this love,
but I’ll still love you.
I was dieing every momment…thapki…!!
In thinking of past…i havent forget you to remember you…everytime when i close my eyes i was seeing you…all my sorrows added pain on my heart but your thoughts was torturing me…i was feeling gulty for leaving you without saying a word…i spoiled all my life but still alive because of your love!!”

aise zaroori ho mujhko tum
jaise hawaayein saanson ko
aise talaashoon main tumko
jaise ki paer zameeno ko-

You are necessary for me,
like air for breathing,
I look for you
like feet look for the earth.

hansna ya rona ho mujhe
paagal sa DhoonDhoon main tumhein
kal mujhse mohabbat ho na ho
kal mujhko ijaazat ho na ho
TooTe dil ke TukRe lekar
tere dar pe hi reh jaaunga

whether I have to laugh or cry,
I look for you like someone crazy.
whether you are in love with me tomorrow or not,

whether I have the permission tomorrow or not,
with the pieces of my broken heart with me,
I’ll stick to your door only.

Thapki moves towards him
Grabs his color tigtly  bihan felt a jerck forward  she looks on his eyes…
His face ,mostache beared she observed silently…everything changed but those eyes are same…reflecting his mind…his worries ,sufferings and pain were evident on it

“You have changed alot…..”said thapki…
“It has 10 years  passed thapki”

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga
main phir bhi tumko chaahunga
is chaahat mein mar jaaunga

main phir bhi tumko chaahoonga…

but I’ll still love you,
I’ll still love you.
I’ll die for this love,
but I’ll still love you.

But iam  the same  same15 year old thapki he bihan…the same girl studying on 10 th…the teena you met on 8th….”
” No thapki you cant be…everything changed…”
” I accept…changed…but nothing in between us changed”
Bihan gives a weird  look to her..still on tears

tum yoon mile ho jabse mujhe
aur sunehari main lagti hoon
sirf labon se nahi ab to
poore badan se hansti hoon

since you have met me,
I feel more golden,
now I don’t smile just with my lips,
but with my entire body.
Thapki comes more closer to him…

Looks at him with the passion suppressed for years…she  touches his cheeks with her fingertips…
” I never imagined such a momment” she looks on his eyes
Those cheeks were wet…but his tears  was just like burning her fingertips..she wipes it…
Bihan hinders her holding her hand

” Let it come out of me….”
Thapki shooks her head in negation

mere din, raat salone se
sab hai tere hi hone se
ye saath hamesha hoga nahin
tum aur kaheen main aur kaheen

my days and nights are beautiful,
all this is because of you only.
this companionship will not be there forever,
you’d be somewhere and I, somewhere else.

” All our harder times ended…now no more tears…!!” She wipes his tears..and cups his face
Bihan cups her face and wipes her tears….they both  looks each other in a state of out burst of stong emotion.
lekin jab yaad karoge tum
main banke hawaa aa jaaunga

but when you remember me,
I’ll become the wind and come.
Strong passion and emotions flooded over them in that eye lock
Just like magnetic poles attract each other they huged each other …
Tightly…intensely…the craving ..the longing for each other outbursted….
Thapki was in cloudnine..eventhough she sobbed …bihan was in an state in which mixed emotions coverd him..

main phir bhi tumko chaahunga
main phir bhi tumko chaahunga
is chahat mein mar jaaunga
main phir bhi tumko chaahungaa…

and I’ll still love you,
I’ll still love you.
I’ll die for this love,
But i still love u

” Nothing changed bw us…thapki”
” Hmmm…..” Thapki was in his tight grasp ..comfortable…..

” I love…”
” Thapki but..” bihan interrupt
” Wh..what but…?? You know something i can hear your heart sounds…its very wonderfull…the most good sound i have ever heared …in its each reverberation i can hear my name…y..your heart is beating for me…you too said you are still alive for me…then what?
Bihan loosens his grip ..he seperate from hug..
” Iam now…”
” Throw your past here …and come with me……iam not ready to lose you at any cost” her voice sounds a ditermination…
She needed to bring him back …give back his lost family..wipe out all his pains.. begin a life they dreamed…
Precap: love, life, and past..
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