Soul Mate: Four Shots (SwaSan) Shot 4

Actually guys from starting I wrote like this as os… But when it became so lengthy I divided it in few shots and from third parties it was like ts… So now couldn’t do anything .. well don’t worry this is not last part… Epilogue will be there but depends on response ???…. And will soon give you new TS’s prologue too… If you want that to increase in few shots… I’ll try there…

And thanks Virman_superhit and saima261 both of your cmnt ???… Sometimes happen that I don’t used to have enough words to thanks for appreciation…  Thank you very much… Glad you both, and other lovely readers find this story different and good…. Love you all very much…

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Instead of going outside, swasan took turn, and went upstairs… they entered in room which was filled with dust, and walls were decorated with photos…

“Whose room is this?” Swara asked, he not said anything just moved ahead, and took a pic in his hand… he blew air over it… and cleaned dust with hands….

“Who are they?” Swara asked seeing him staring that photo, in that pic a couple were standing with beautiful smile playing on their lips…

“My bhai, and bhabhi..” Sanskar smilingly whispered…

“She was so beautiful and they are looking perfect too, but this room like this.” Swara asked not getting why this room is so much dirty.

He tried to speak something but not able to utter even a word.

“Sanskar it’s okay, if you don’t want to remember bitter memories then no problem, for me our present, and future matters… I know you’ll not let past come between our life.” She said squeezing his hand.

“No Swara I want to share this with you, that is eating me inside but don’t know how to start this..” he said

She hugged him, and caressed his back..

“Now tell.” She said

“Actually Swara Muskaan is not Bhai’s blood.” He said, and stopped for some moments…

“I am not getting anything, your bhai was married to Bhabhi then how..” She said not getting what he mean…

“Bhabhi was 3 months pregnant when she met bhai, bhai was doctor….. umm bhabhi was rape victim… 3 months back her friend raped her.” He said with little pause….

She closed her eyes remembering her sister. Understanding this his grip around her become more right, she wiped her tears, and asked him to continue.

“But her family not let anyone know due to society, they even wanted abortion, but Bhabhi was adamant giving birth to child… according to her what was that baby fault… might be seeing her this side only he started to attracting towards her… soon he completely fell in love… one day he proposed her, but she slapped him and said not to show any pity…. But he was well stuck to his decision… at the end she has to give up… bhabhi family easily agreed as it was good only, but my family created havoc… they denied saying they’ll not let this marriage happen… after some days bhai came with bhabhi with garland around their neck thinking all will accept them but Mr Maheswari not let them enter… but dadu allowed them till delivery as that time bhai was not that much established who could look after them… Mr Maheswari tried to protest but no use…” He paused for some second, and took deep breath… she caressed his back and hugged him tightly.

“What happen after that, is things became alright?” She asked

“Whenever no one used to at home, Mrs Maheswari used to torture her mentally not physically because she well knew if she will do that then all will get to know… you know she always used to make her remember about her past… and used to taunt her saying she must have slept with that boy with herself… (Swara felt disgusted at herself too, she thought them as good people but…) due to this her health started to become worse… but still she was silent as not wanted to break family… things got worse when in her 8th month dadu passed away due to some disease…. Now bhabhi one support became less… both become more cruel just all time taunting and many more… A fine day bhabhi got labour pain there was so many complications…. Doctor told all they can save only one… Bhai said save Bhabhi…. But Mr Maheswari went beside doctor and said save baby without acknowledgment of Bhai…” he said

“How can he do that…” Swara asked with tears in eyes…

“Because 51% property was on unborn baby name… whatever they show love for Muskaan all is for this only….” Sanskar angrily said, and fisted his hand…

“I can’t believe this… I thought them good who love their grandchild very much…” She unbelievably said

“I can understand, well there bhabhi died and giving Muskaan responsibility to bhai… he came to know to all truth through Bhabhi’s dairy, and some servants. He decided to leave house, but those morons said him if he’ll leave house then he will kill me because they don’t wanted that in any condition property go….” He said hugging Swara…

“Sanskar don’t cry…. What next happen how bhai died? And why they said they’ll kill you I mean you’re their son…” Swara asked

“Because they are my dad’s Bhai Bhabhi… Bhai was my cousin… and mom dad died in plane crash… and they can’t harm me because if I died unnatural then all property will over to orphanage…. Uff you leave about this, these all are very complicated… about Bhai then with all this started become depress… first bhabhi left him… after knowing true colours of parents he just shattered… soon due to depression he died but before death, he told me everything and asked me take care of his angel…” Sanskar completed

“Really they are animals… why you not left home?” She asked confusedly

“Swara it’s easy to say why I not left home even after knowing all this, just think where I would go with angel? That time I was just 15 years old and even I can’t file case because according to law they not killed anyone… so I took decision I’ll not repeat that mistake which Bhai did, if he first become capable of taking responsibility then might be things would be different, so that day I thought until I’ll not stand on my feet I’ll be here only and take care of angel… I well know they’ll never harm my Angel till she not become 18 year..” He said adding further.

At other side, Ramta were tensed…

“I just thought Swara is fit for sanskar as she’s not interested in money stuffs and we would easily manipulate her… as according to one clause if any case Muskaan parents not want property they can transfer to anyone, and as sanskar always wanted to adopt Muskaan, so he would be her father after marriage, and his wife mother.” Sujata frustrated said

“And you thought, Swara will follow us like blind because we will make her our daughter in law.. so for her our words would be god word.” Ram angrily said

“Yes…. But this love angle spoil everything now she will come to know truth…. And they’ll never give this property to us our long struggle went waste….. I told you force him for marriage long back only but you said wait for correct time.” Sujata…

Both Ramta started to fight over it… meanwhile swasan talk disturbed by Shaurya, and Muskaan who just reached there… luckily they not heard anything… (I just thought in this age It’ll not good to let them know.)

“What you both doing here?” They asked

Swasan wiped their tears, and looked towards them who were angrily yet cutely glaring them.

“We were checking if we lost somewhere then you both will able to find us or not…” Swara said sitting on knees.

“We found you, it means we won…. Yippee now let go outside for ice-cream party…” Muskaan said, and went near Swara…

“No we will go pizza hut…” Shaurya

“Just shut up, they will listen me because I am smart unlike you… in class too I come first…” Muskaan

“That because all teacher give you extra no or else no one can win over me…”Shaurya said

“You both keep quiet, we will not go anywhere… Shaurya you’ll come home along me, and Muskaan you’ll be with chachu… and study.” Swara said

“But why you’re going? Now you’re my Chachi so you can live here… please don’t go.” Muskaan said hugging her.

“Angel let her go, she will come to us permanent when I’ll marry her.” Sanskar said taking Muskaan.

“Then marry her now, I don’t want her to go away…” Muskaan

“Ha friend she’s right, marry my Masi now only so we all live together.” Shaurya said

“Baby, doll we can’t marry like this, acha tell you don’t want to enjoy in marriage.” Swara asked

Both nodded in yes.

“Then just for few days.” Sanskar

“Okay but soon.” They said

“But yes let be here for one hour, I not show him this house even my doll house.” Muskaan pleadingly said

“Wow doll house, I don’t have any doll… show me.” Shaurya excitedly said

Both run from there without waiting for answer.

“Thanks Swara for listening all this, today I am feeling so light…” He said hugging her side way…

“Don’t say thanks, I am glad you share all this with me…” She said, and kept her head at his chest.

For some moments both were like that only, soon they too went from there leaving all past there only…

After some time,

Again swasan were in front of Ramta.

“Sanskar think once again, if you’ll marry her then you have to take that boy responsibility too, who knows that boy is her son only which she is hiding behind some fake story…” Sujata said, now at any cost she doesn’t want Swara in her house as now she want someone on whom she can control… this hurt Swara, it was not first time someone trying to say her characterless… but as usual he held her hand.

“She is saying correct, we misunderstood her that’s why we selected her for you… see sanskar your brother also did same mistake bought some…” Ram about to say but stopped seeing sanskar eyes which were red…

“Sanskar be quiet… leave this… uncle aunty… still I had some hope that might be all that are some misunderstanding but you cleared everything… and if you remember I never came to you asking make me marry him… you both yourself came to my house and ask me to meet him once… I just went to meet him because of your respect or else…” Swara said with glittering eyes…

“Then prove you are pure…. How we believe that all not your plan…” Sujata tried to instigate sanskar but now it was enough for him…

“She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, stop your drama for now.” He shouted making everyone afraid….

“We just…” Ram tried to say…

“I well know what you’re trying to do but just keep this in mind… I can doubt myself but not her… and yes it’s final after marriage I’ll go away with my family… and yes I am not stone heart person whatever property was on my name I already named on you and also promise whatever property is on Muskaan name that will also we will not keep… all would be only yours…” Sanskar said, Swara was little confuse listening this and Ramta happiness were no bounds…

“But…” Sujata

“At least now stop drama… here all knows truth and remember one day will come when you only have this money but no one will be there with you…” He said

“We don’t need anyone too, if we will get money then we will never come in your path…” Ramta said making their Colours reveal openly…

(Happy ??? but don’t worry soon you both will realise relations are more important than money.)

Sanskar just smiled, and went from there with Swara.

Muskaan, and Shaurya side both were playing with each other… yeah after long time they were happy… for Muskaan she was going to her Chachi… now no will tease her in parents meeting when just her chachu or sometimes Dada dadi come…

From now onwards her Chachi will be there, and pamper her like she dreamt..

And Shaurya, however he felt protectiveness in Swara’s arms but when outside he used to get in fight all used to ask him call his father…. Now he will say them he has friend who will never let anything happen to him…

Yeah both children seeing their parents in swasan…

At Swasan side,

Both entered in his room, Swara was still silent. Sanskar was continuously blabbering something, but she was loss somewhere.

“What happened?” He asked shaking her shoulder, she came in trances and nodded in nothing.

“Swara we spent 6 long years together, so tell me what’s bothering you?” he asked

She stood up, and went near window.

“I become little confuse, whatever Mr, and Mrs Maheswari did all for money… but instead of punishing them you promised to give all properties to them… why? Isn’t this like reward?” Swara

He back hugged her, and kept his chin at her shoulder.

“In starting days it’ll be like reward, they will enjoy as much they want but after some time when they have this money but not anyone on whom they can spend this then they’ll realise importance of relations… but Swara that time they’ll not have anyone… and you don’t worry I have my own savings I know that is not that much as compared to Maheswari properties but that will be enough for me, you, Muskaan, Shaurya, and our babies…” He said nuzzling nose in her neck.

She felt proud on her choice, but soon her cheeks became red when her brain get his last words…

“You want our own baby too…” She muttered

He stopped romancing, and make her turned towards himself who was all shivering due to his touch.

“Yes I want, don’t you?” He asked

“I too, but will they accept it… might be they feel insecure…” Swara

“Point but leave all this for further, if we will face this situation then we will talk about that later, but for now just happy…” He just, and kissed her forehead.

“Let move, I have to go my home too.” Swara said,

“Don’t go, be here…” He said little dramatically

“I can’t… moreover Mr sanskar you still don’t have right to stop me…” She said pushing him.

“I have all rights on you, just I don’t show…” He whispered pulling her close…

“Is that so, Mr sanskar? Then I want to see your rights.” She muttered, and softly pecked at corner of his lip.

“I have right to kiss you anytime and anywhere.” He said capturing her lips…

She about to respond, but disturbed by two cute voices..

“We came…” Muskaan, and Shaurya said at same time.

Sanskar freed her lip, and immediately stood straight…

“But what you were doing…” Shaurya asked

“Nothing just something went in your Masi eyes… I was just helping her…” Sanskar said without taking breath….. Swara rubbed her eyes supporting him..

“Chachi are you fine… show me your eyes…” Muskaan asked

Swara gave look to sanskar, he smiled sheepishly and ruffled his hair.

“Masi, first go and wash your eyes… and then…” Shaurya said and held Swara’s hand.

“Now I am fine, your friend and your chachu already did great help… now I not need any of yours help… let go home.” Swara said holding Shaurya hand…. She angrily glared Sanskar, and moved from there.

“Please Chachi just for today here, we all will do lots of fun and I’ll show you some cards too which I made for you…” Muskaan said

“Yes Masi be here only… see it’s already night how we will go and gate must be close too… it’s not good to disturb anyone in night… what happen if anyone will think us as thieves..” Shaurya said, Swara arched her eyebrows and about to speak something but interpret by sanskar.

“Swara now just agree, you can sleep in Muskaan’s room with her, and Shaurya will be with me…. Friend, are you okay with it…?” Sanskar asked, Shaurya nodded in yes and looked at Swara for answers…

Muskaan, and sanskar too looked at her for answer…

“But… (Listening this all of their face fell down…) What we will do? Still there’s lot of time for sleeping.” Swara completed making other jumped in happiness.

Trio hugged her, and smiled widely.

“We will do lots of things, first we all will play some games then we will eat dinner together and before sleeping we will go on terrace…” Muskaan said

“Yeah great idea, and after that you both will tell us story then we will sleep…” Shaurya

“Okay you both think some game, and sanskar you go change your clothe…till then I’ll see what’s in kitchen.” Swara said

“I will change, not need to go alone I’ll come along you.” Sanskar sternly said…

She nodded in yes, and went with him.. while Muskaan Shaurya became busy in thinking what to do…

Swara entered in kitchen there was only noodles, and some snacks were there.

“You all eat this?” Swara said revolving her eyes.

“Yeah, or sometimes we order pizza but why you’re asking?” Sanskar casually said

“Nothing.” Swara said making faces.

“After marriage I have to do lots of work on these chachu niece…” she thought

At other hand,

Ramta were busy in spending money… they were booking spa.. hotels… and many more things…

This night became beautiful for everybody, after playing dumb sheraz… They ate noodles… and went on terrace where all enjoyed with each other very much sometimes by counting stars or jumping while seeing moon…. Or by chasing each other… indeed life going to more beautiful for them…

Precap: Epilogue only if you want or else will add two three paras at last???…

Sorry for mistakes ❤❤❤❤❤❤…..

Epilogue will take time as I didn’t even posted on wattpad….

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