Soul Mate: Four Shots (SwaSan) Shot 1

First shot

Scene starts with a lady entering in school, she saw here there are smiled seeing children playing. She directly entered into class and kept her register at desk. Seeing her all students smiled and stood. They wished her good morning and sat back at their places.

“So students, I am your new maths teacher.” That lady said, and wished them back.

“Mam, what’s your name.” A student naughtily asked.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled back.

“So you’re taking my interrogation not bad, what’s your name. Well why only you, before we start our class you all introduce yourself.” That lady said and sat at her chair.

“I am Shaurya Kapoor, student of class 6th ” That boy proudly said.

Like this all student gave their intro, at last all student eye on their new maths teacher.

“I am Swara Bose and as you already know I am here for teaching you maths. And hope you’ll not make me run like you all did with previous three teachers or else I too have my own way.” Swara said last sentence gazing Shaurya who was giggling.

(Swara Bose: 25 years old, her parents died when she was 8 years old after that her sister only became her mother father… But 2 years ago even sister died (reason will come later)….)

“Mr Shaurya Kapoor you’re not any special student here, hope you fit this in your tiny mind.” Swara said

Listening it, all students laughed loudly. Seeing this Shaurya felt insulted, he angrily saw towards Swara who was checking book for seeing what she has to teach them today.

Shaurya make faces and angrily remain sitting in whole period, Swara noticed all this but kept silent.

After period end, shourya about to go outside but stopped by a girl same of his age.

“So today you get insult, now I love our maths mam.” Girl said and went from there laughing

“I’ll see you later muskaan but, let me see our maths teacher.” Shaurya said loudly.

Same day, evening

Shaurya was angrily sitting in his room, seeing him like that a lady came there and sat beside him.

“Don’t talk to me, in front of whole class you insulted me and even that muskaan was making my fun. This all due to you, I hate you” Shaurya angrily blurt and ran from there.

(Shaurya Kapoor; A 11 year naughty boy, but some deep pain hidden in his heart…. Saw his mother murder in front of his eyes… For him Swara is his everything same with Swara….)

Swara sighed, and went behind him.

“Shaurya listen I am sorry, but in class you’re not my nephew. You’re also my student like others so no special.” Swara said catching him in her arms.

“No you should give me special treatment. I saw Muskaan always get special treatment because she’s school trustee’s granddaughter. So I too want as you’re my teacher and I am your nephew.” Shaurya said

Swara turned him towards her and cupped his chin.

“But you think it’s right? I mean giving you special attention…” Swara asked

Shaurya nodded in no and looked down.

“And why you think so.” Swara asked

“Because then others feel bad, I too feel bad when all teachers specially treat her.” Shaurya said

“Ohhh, so tell me if I’ll give you special treatment then how others will feel?” Swara asked

He again looked down and slowly whispered “bad”

“I knew it my baby is so good, so I promise you I’ll look in this matter. Now happy.” Swara asked

Shaurya smiled and hugged Swara.

“You’re best Masi, I love you so much.” Shaurya said and kissed her cheeks and ran from there.

Swara smiled and stood from there. She took mobile and called someone. After talking sometime, she kept phone and became busy in her work.

Next month,

In this span of time Swara made good bond with everyone including students as well as staffs.

A fine day,

After sending all students out Swara was waiting with Muskaan as no one came for taking her, with her Shaurya too waiting and as usual Shaurya and Muskaan were busy in fighting with each other. She was facing hard time between them because no one was ready to listen her.

Seeing them fighting she remembered some incidents and smiled looking at them.

Finally a car stopped at gate of school, from gate a couple entered they directly rushed towards some class.

“Muskaan, we are sorry..” someone said and hugged Muskaan.

“Dadi, I am all fine. My teacher took good care of me.” Muskaan said

(Muskaan maheswari: 11 year old girl, live with grandparents, and chachu.)

Sujata broke hug and looked towards Swara who was smiling at them.

“Thanks for not leaving her alone.” Ram said and joined hands.

Swara quickly went near him and make him down his hands.

“Mr Maheshwari elders not look joining hands before youngers. And most importantly in school Muskaan is my responsibility.” Swara said and caressed Muskaan hair who was standing beside her only.

Sujata saw this, she smiled thinking something and took her photo without Swara’s notice.

“Well may I know why you took so much time, please not mind but today luckily I got last period. That’s why I able to know that no one come from her home.” Swara politely said

“Nothing beta, we just stuck in traffic you must knew about Delhi traffic.” Ram said

Swara nodded in yes…. “Okay Mr Maheshwari I shall take leave and please see Muskaan she’s little weak in studies.” Swara said

Sujata glared Muskaan who quickly hide behind Swara.

“But before today no one complained about her.” Ram spoke

“That I don’t know why no one told you anything, but you can check her notebooks if you not believe me, and sorry I have some work, you can come someday I’ll show you her progress card too.” Swara said, and took leave hurriedly holding Shaurya hand.

“Impressive” Sujata whispered

After few days,

Sujata began to visit school more frequently, with every meeting she was getting impress by Swara’s nature how honestly she used to say things about Muskaan and how she never treated Muskaan on basis of trustee’s granddaughter. Even Muskaan was performing well and as well as liking Swara.

In Maheshwari mansion,

“Ram I am thinking something, why not he meet Swara for once…” Sujata said

“But why?” Ram asked keeping laptop aside.

“Actually I like her, and I think Swara will be perfect for our son.” Sujata spoke

“But you already know Swara has Shaurya’s responsibility and as much I get to know about her I don’t think she’ll leave him.” Ram said

“About that we will think later.” Sujata said annoyingly

Next day,

A boy sleeping on bed covering himself in blanket. Suddenly someone jump over him.

“Chachuuuuu, wake up dadi is calling you. If you’ll not come in five minutes I’ll tell her our secret.” That girl angrily said making boy opened his eyes.

“Muskaannnnn, I’ll kill you.” That boy annoyingly said and immediately sat.

“And now what happen why your grandmother is calling me? As far as I remember I even not come late last night.” Boy said taking his clothes from closest.

“Don’t know but I heard she’s planning to bring Chachi for me. Well I not mind….” Muskaan tried to say but boy angrily turned.

“Muskaan you know already I hate this so don’t Kidd on this matter.” Boy angrily said.

“Sanskar chachu I swear I am not lying. I heard dadi was saying that she liked someone for you.” Muskaan said

(Sanskar maheswari: 29 years old, handling business, Muskaan is his world, angry from his parents due to some reason… Don’t want to do marriage due to reason first due to Muskaan and second ?? then wait)

“Okay you go I’ll see.” Sanskar said.

He frustrated took mobile for calling someone, but next person not lifted call this increased his frustration and threw mobile at the end of bed.


Sanskar came downstairs, he about to go from there but stopped listening Sujata words.

“Sanskar tomorrow is Sunday and you have to go for meeting one girl. So cancel all plans.” Sujata said

“But Mrs Maheshwari, I am not bound with it.” Sanskar said and tried to go.

“You have muskaan’s swear Sanskar.” Sujata played her trump card knowing now he can’t deny.

“What the hell is this?” Sanskar said

“Listen I am not saying to marry her now only just meet her if you not like her then no problem, but you surely have to meet her.” Sujata said and went from there without listening him.

He fisted his hand and about to punch on wall, but stopped by someone.

Muskan who was listening all this hiding behind pillar come there and stood on table and hugged sanskar.

“Chachu don’t worry this time too we both will make her run.” Muskaan said

“Yeah right so no tension, bye angel you complete your homework or else again your khadoos teacher…”Sanskar tried to say but Muskaan break hug and angrily glare him.

“Don’t say anything about my teacher.” Muskaan said and went from there.

“One day I’ll teach her teacher lesson, she’s spoiling my angel.” Sanskar said irritatingly and went from there.


At Swara’s home,

Ram and Sujata were sitting on sofa and trying to start conversation while Swara and Shaurya quietly sitting before them.

“Masi, I think they came here to punish us as you’re not giving special attention to muskaan.” Shaurya said and held Swara’s hand tightly.

“I too think, but I’ll put all blame on you as complained.” Swara said suppressing her laugh.

“Please Masi don’t do it or else all will tease me.” Shaurya said

“But how can I lie.” Swara…

Before Shaurya could say anything, sujata interrupted.

“Actually Swara we want to talk you something, but alone I mean I don’t think Shaurya…” Sujata hesitantly tried to say.

“Shaurya you go in room, and complete your homework Masi will come after some time.” Swara said.

Sharuya raised eyebrows and went from there without having any options.

“Yes mam now say.” Swara said

“Actually Swara we came here for talking about our son.” Sujata…

“Excuse me..” Swara said not understanding what she’s trying to say

“She mean we want you as our daughter in law but only on one condition if you would leave Shaurya. See we want you should start afresh and about Shaurya we will leave him in som…” Ram said and hold Sujata’s hand who was going to say something.

“I am ready to marry your son but only if you leave Muskaan too somewhere. I mean as per I know your son is taking care of her so after marriage I don’t want any hurdle in my life.” Swara said suppressing her anger.

Ram became numb listening it, even Sujata was not getting any word.

“What happen sir? You can’t leave her like that because she’s your granddaughter same way I can’t leave Shaurya he’s not only my sister son but also my life. So sorry you both can go now.” Swara said

Sujata signalled something to him, he nodded in yes understanding now what to do.

Swara about to turn, but stopped by listening further words.

“Swara we don’t have problem with Shaurya we just wanted to check that for your good life you’ll leave Shaurya or not.” Ram said

“But.” Swara composed herself from this shock and tried to say something.

“I know you must felt bad, but saw many people who behave good with us as we’re rich and we don’t want any girl who come in our house for money. Hope you understand my point and please beta say yes for marriage.” Ram said

Swara confusedly looked at them not able to think what she should answer them.

“Beta you can take your time, it’s about your and sharuya life. Just tomorrow meet our son after that you’ll easily able to think what you should answer.” Sujata said

Swara nodded in yes and shared this with Shaurya who was waiting for her in room.

“Masi tmrw you will say no to that man. Please I don’t want to separate from you.” Shaurya said and hugged her tightly thinking she’ll leave him.

“Yes baby, you don’t take tension.” Swara said


Next day

Swara was all ready to meet Sanskar, but in her mind something was going on whereas Sanskar was all prepared for making her say no.


Swara was waiting for sanskar and sipping coffee, suddenly she alert by some Voice.

“Miss listen me, see you have to say no to this proposal as I am not interested in you. I am already in relationship and my gf is 7 month pregnant hope you get it. So bye.” Sanskar said without taking single breath…

Precap: Keep waiting….???

Anyone can believe it’s that os which I started one month before, but due to some work I not able to complete…. That’s why thought to updates in part… As I have some plans regarding this os….

Just think will swasan agree for marriage? Both of them have some responsibility…. And will Muskaan, and Shaurya will ready to accept this marriage or not…. Specially Shaurya who is afraid that after marriage his Masi will leave him… Is this kind of fear is just due to affection or something is there….

Will try to be regular ???…. If only you liked this or else will delete this TS???

Sorry for mistakes ❤❤❤…..

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