i am sorry khushi( with arshi ishra and swasan) epi 26

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The next episode starts with raman coming to speaking to arnv.
Raman: I got an idea for uniting u with khushi.
Arnav smiles from inside.
Arnav: tell.
Raman: this is the scene. Lavany is standing for the fixing bulb.
Arnav: why will she stand for fixing bulb, I will fix na.
Raman: shut and listen.
Arnav listens.

Arnav thinks u r gone now. u r going to get beatings from khushi and aman. He smiles.
Raman: what happen she slips and u catches her.
Arnav: raman that day u knew ishu fell down is sangheet function during decoration works that was.
Raman: planned by ur friend only.
Arnav sees ishu listening. He thinks to add oil in the fire.
Arnav: ok. done.
Already khushi was listening to his plan.
Raman: u know I helped sanky also. I only told the idea to call swara as sister.
Swara hears this.
Swara twist sanky’s ears.
Sanky : ouch.
Khushi ,ishu and swara take a broomstick and stands at 3 sides blocking raman.
Ishu: planning mr raman bhalla.
Raman: arnav ,sanky,
Arnav: I cant help raman
Sanky: u didn’t give idea. It was nk only na.
Swara: no nk is good . u only will give idea like this.
Swara turns raman’s ears.
Raman: u r my sister haan? Doing like this.
Swara: sister have more right.
She starts beating raman.
Raman: papa, mumma.
Arnav shouts.
Arnav: no one is here.

Sanskar and arnav does hifi.
Khushi: what plan do u make with lavanya mr bhalla. She beats him.
Ishita: and me? she starts beating.
Lavanya comes out.
Lavanya: what happened.
Ishita explains it.
Lavanya also beat raman
Raman: I cant handle.i didn’t do anything . just to enhance myself I told. I didn’t do anything yaar. I just told a lie. Swara’ idea was told by nk and I never did like that.
Ishita: I will not believe u . today u r staying in guest room . this si final.
Raman: ishu.
khushi: then my plan?
Raman: arnav only asked.
Khushi stares at arnav.
Arnav: u only told to act na. what can I do.
That time anjali came out of sleeping.
Anjali: what happened guys?
Arnav: u missed the drama yaar. raman got beatings with broomstick.
Anjali laughs.
Ishita: u both got together.
Khushi: yes?
Swara: when , where how?
Khushi: yesterday,at room by anjali.
Ishita: u didn’t even tell me anjali.
Anjali: just wanted to see raman beated. She winks.
Raman: anji.
He starts chasing her.

Lavanya: ok bye. U all fight. i have an urgent work.
Lavanya leaves taking her things.
Swara : raman bhaiya.
Raman: what.
Swara: I know that nk gave idea. Already sanky told and nk also personally met and told.
Raman: so u did this for me to just get beatings.
Swara: of course. Its sister’s duty to get bhai beaten na. u beat me a lot na . I am slowly taking revenge from it.
She winks.
Meanwhile anjali and swara both joins and runs.

Meanwhile all the parents return.
They all get to know about the alliance.
They all decide to get them married.
They decided day after tomorrow as marriage..

Gairma: its like a dream. U accepted marrying..
Khushi pinches garima.
Khushi:real only.
Garima hugs khushi.
Garima: I am happy for u.
Khushi smiles.
Raj: so today ur engagement.
Khushi: we didn’t take any dress na?
Raj: go with arnav and select. Go ..
Ishita: papa we also want to go shopping.
Kavin: every ladies will go with the respective gents. Ok fine.disperse.
Anjaali: me then?
Sanskar: go alone.
He winks and leaves.
Anjali: omg why didn’t I fall in love with anyone . if I have I would have him accompanied me . so bad of all of u.
Everyone do their purchasing and came to home. Within that time the home was decorated.

At evening.
Engagement ceremony..
Khushi was wearing a peach and cream designer saree with arnav cream sherwani. Both were looking as an awesome pair.
They both exchanged the rings.
Their was an beautiful smile.
All were dancing meanwhile arnav pulls khushi outside and takes her upstairs..
Khushi: what arnav…
Arnav: look at the sky..
Khushi looks above .
And a fire cracker bursts …
I love u khushi…
Khushi smiles and hugs him.
Khushi: thank u . thank u. thank u. it is really awesome. Very different.
Arnav: will u marry me khushi.
Khushi: of course.
Arnav: now u r my half wife na.
Khushi: more in 2 days will be become full wife.
Arnav laughs.

Arnav: I am sorry yaar for making u wait.
Khushi: did I tell I hated waiting?
Arnav: no , I feel guilty of hurting u with lavanya.
Khushi: forget it yaar. think this as a new beginning.
Arnav: u know my heart is filled with happiness now. I never had these feeling to lavanya. Only to u.
Khushi: really?
Arnav: yes. I don’t know when I started loving u khushi. eventhough u were there with me I couldn’t realise . I am sorry.
Khushi kisses arnav.
Arnav gets shocked.
Khushi: if u again start speaking about this. that’s it u r gone.
Arnav: if the punishment will be this then I will say more.
Khushi: u ..
She starts beating him.
Arnav holds her hand and hugs her.
Khushi smiles..
Swara and anjali makes hiccups.
Khushi and arnav realizes their position and comes out.
Swara: I don’t know u r this much romantic arnav..
Arnav: swara.
Swara: ok leave that .come to have dinner.
Anjali: come fast. U can romace after marriage.
Arnav: anjali.
Anjali and swara leaves.
All of them haves the dinenr and moves to respective rooms.

Meanwhile ishu locks her door..
Raman sleeps in the guest room.
Ishita thought that raman will come and ask but he didn’t come and ask. So she was disappointed.
She couldn’t sleep at night so she came upstairs with a mug of coffee and sits above the tank. She stares at the stars and thinks..
Ishita: did I scould him more? I shouldn’t have done like that. I am sorry raman..
She drinks the coffee ..
Ishita: I will go to guest room and see what he is doing.
She goes to the room and sees him sleeping.
She sees this and gets little sad as he didn’t come and ask her or speak anything during any function..
She locks the door from inside.
She goes near him and sleeps hugging him.

The next day..
Raman wakes up and sees ishita hugging and sleeping. He smiles but he remembers he was angry. He leaves outside.

Ishtia wakes up in the mean time and sees him not in the room.
Ishita: always angry.
She leaves cursing herself..

In the other side..
Swara was having her hair free and drying it.
Sanky come towards her and hugs her from backside.
Sanskar: why did god make u this much beautifull.
Swara: I don’t know , u should ask god only na. she smiles.
Sanskar kisses swara in her cheeks.
Sanksar: u love me swara?
Swara: no I don’t love u.
Sanskar: then why did u marry my.
Swara: my mom forced me to get u and me married.
Sanskar: really..
He tightens the grips.
Swara: its paining. Leave. I have lots of work. Should set everything ready for marriage. Should go and say cook to what cook. Lot of works. Don’t interfere na.
Sanskar: then who will look after ur husband.
Swara irritated: r u a kid sanskar. understand na. ur sister marriage . u should do everything. I am doing ur job also.please leave. She leaves.
Sanskar gets little hurt as she spoke little harshly.
Swara realizes.
Swara runs back to the room and sees him upset.
She kisses his cheeks.
Swara: sorry my dear prince. Have lots of work. Sorry. please.
Swara cutely asks making faces.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: thank u.
Sanskar: I will also help u.
Swara: sure. Come.

They both go to do the works..


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    gooshh they are naughty

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  3. Kumud

    hahhahahahahahahahaha feel so sorry for raman nice episode

  4. Jasminerahul

    Girls handling boys.so funny. Loved khushi ‘s engagement Saree a lot.loved arshi romance.swasan scene was so cute n romantic

  5. Oh god nice one.
    Raman play as angry person but knowing that he loves her very deeply.
    Oh everyone save NK but not Raman how can women beat Raman.

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