Something about you Episode 2 ( friendship goals)

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Episode 1

~~Part 2 ~~
” Uff ..its My first day and i am still not ready ”
“Swara fast , quick quick quick be quick”i said to myself
“Ohk so now go ,you look perfect”my inner voice said
And swara headed towards hall to meet her mumma papa before going but what she saw made her shock
No one was in the hall she checked kitchen ..oh but no they weren’t there
Finally she stepped outside nd boom haha her family were standing outside waiting for her like she is going to lead a war

Haha all gave her a hug and a dairy milk silk (her favorite) to have a good start …leaving her all were tensed thinking how might it go
After having a 5 min family time she left saying a good bye
She decided to go in bus as she was late
Finally she reached the palace
‘The palace’ never did she know she would ever step in the palace
Now as finally she was here
She rushed in the palace keeping hand on her heart and”ALL IS WELL!”SHE SAID
Finally she met a lady there and asked as to what has she do today
The lady told her meet the manager
She went in a room as instructed by lady nd there he was

Oh god i forgot his name
Sans……what? Not getting
Let it be swara ..
Oh Mr. Wesley ..haan swara you have to ask about your work from Mr.Wesley but he is talking to prince
Wait what prince saw towards you?
Did he notice?
No he did not he just got back in talking with swara
Don’t get hopes he is not going to notice you
Now Mr.wesley was free and i went to him
Pov ends

“Hello Mr wesley” i said
“Hello miss gadodia ryt?”
I just nodded
He continued
“See here is all your details of your work and regarding more work you will be informed in advance like work for arranging a ball i clear and yaa any doubt feel free to ask”

“What if i accidentally entered in the places where i don’t have to be?”
He chuckled at my silly question and said
“Miss just be in your work and don’t worry about these matters besides you could go to the garden and yes i just forgot take good care of garden as queen has a specail connection with the gardens” he said
Swara just gave her best smile bowed in courtesy and went
She started doing her work when she just stumbled into someone
“Ohh i am so srry .. i didn’t see you around ”
“Oh its ohk dear btw you seem to be new her miss gadodia ..?” She read from her batch pinned on her dress

“Yes u can call me swara what about you ..hey would you be my friend ..?”
“Ofcourse ..btw i m janielle ..i too was bored anyway haha i too needed a company ..the maids there always gossip about some silly stuff and uff its so irritating”
“Hey wait i have something which i could share with you i think”
And she got a dairy milk silk from her pocket
And they enjoyed happily eating the silk taking a break
“So swara why did you leave your dream anyway may be some day you could have had the chances of becoming an artist”
“I can’t be happy in making my parents suffer for my dream”she said
“What about you janielle you here i mean ..”
” Haha simple swara i wanted to learn hotel management i took training too but i ended up here you see
May be some day i get a chance in some hotel”
“Ohk lady bubbly silk ” she said and out silk on her nose
‘you get back ..huh swara wait”
She caught her and said “lady nautanki i will take my revenge soon hhaha mughambo is happy”
Both really had a great time together
They cracked jokes… Giggled
Indeed both were happy getting each other’s company

Swara really did her work well and janielle too
One day swara said
” Jans i want to learn archery ”
“Swaru what a thought you have ! But from where will you learn archery … You know i once saw prince doing archery and what he was just great”
“You know thats why i always considered him as my ideal and he is handsome too haha”
” Indeed he is but you know he is soon going to be engaged but think about my pair with him it would be great na?”
“Haha yes chudail and white bhoot???”

“Lady nautanki wait i will show you” and she sprinkled water on swara
“Oh ohk i m srry ”
“Acha u know he is getting engaged soon”
“Ohh but what will we do we have to help in these preparations huh”swara felt bad as she admired him but she left the thoughts away

Days passed swara some or the other day saw the prince but prince never noticed her .. swara listened him when he talked about wars or some issues related to crime as she liked all this .. but he was always in his work or some meeting or busy practicing
But swara was interested in learning archery too
One day
“Jans see prince is practicing…could you find out his tym of practicing so that i can too learn looking at him going near.”
“Ohk i will try but i am not sure”
Janielle by some way got the timings and told swara about it
Swara always used to finish her work early for that archery lessons by watching him hiding behind a bush
Sometimes she used to skip her break nd did not have her meal for her lessons.
She started to like him
the way he played archery

Perfect and professional just awesome
Swara used to go hiding her face as janielle instructed there are many bodyguards she has to be aware of
Garden scene
Prince was doing archery usual swara was behind tge bush looking at the way he is holding the bow
Though arms and technology were new like use of guns and may other arms but prince liked archery more
Swara was just watching that just then she sneezed
And the prince heard that
He shifted his gaze here and there and finally looked at his back and found soneone standing behind the bush
He did not let his guards made a move and went back of the bush and
What he saw shocked him
____tada done with the chapter

I know i write too short nd i am srry about it
But i can’t help it
I am lazy
Ohk meet u soon

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