Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 9 – A Cute Stranger

Hi..! First of all sorry for taking a long break without informing. I had finished my finals but still there were some college stuff I had to take care of. Now finally I’m free. I logged here after a long time and guess what I saw! SDCH has finally ended. Truth to be told, I’m very happy. The reasons are quite obvious. What could’e been a greatest stories of Indian tellywood turned out to be a disaster. Part of me is still sad about that coz I always thought this would be an unforgettable and amazing story. Talking about that now is completely useless. Hope all those actors never find a project like this. Now the next happy news is… the ff writers are still here and they are writing awesome stories. I’m sorry for not commenting on your articles. I have yet to read them. I just hope our loving readers would stay and support all our stories. Without the drama, there’s still ffs. But without readers, there won’ be any ff. Okay… now let’s move on.

Previously on Some Colours Of Life,

Sanchi’s bunch of friends are spending their time differently. Pragya is helping her dad’s campaign for the next election. Veer is in London with his family to visit his sister Priya. Garv is on a trip around South India with his cousins. Isha is in Paris participating in a 6 months course for her modelling dream.

Back in India, it was just another normal day. Everything was perfect until a sound disturb the two had their heads buried in their laptop screens.



One head snapped up in complete surprise to hear a sound that he was not supposed to hear in his cabin, while the other one had tension run around her whole body thinking of her fate in the company from tomorrow.

“Did you hear that?”

“What Mr. Kapoor?”

“That sound!”

“Sound? No sir. What sound?”

He ran his analytical gaze on her. She looks normal yet tensed. Her voice sounds calm and innocent. But he couldn’t help but to think she’s being too innocent. **Whatever! Must be my illusion.**

He made himself busy with his work again. But not for a long time. He heard the same sound again.


Sanchi gulped nervously hearing Kabir’s swivel chair rolling back. She knew he just stood up. A second later, he was standing in front of her. His hands on her desk and leaning forward to match to her seated form.

“Ms. Mishra, did you bring a cat to my office?”

“N-no s-sir… W-who w-would b-bring a c-cat h-here?” She gave him a nervous smile.

“Why are you stammering then?”

“I’m not…”

“Hmm… ??? if you haven’t brought a cat to my office, then what’s this sound I’m hearing?”

“What sound sir? I didn’t hear anything.” She asked as innocently as possible.

Just then they both heard it like a shout. She prayed to god to not let him notice she heard it. But alas! His expression said it all making her gulp in fear.


Kabir raised an eyebrow at her threateningly. “That. Sound!”

Sanchi again smiled nervously. “Um… uh um… Oh!! That sound? It’s my phone!! Message alert!! Yes! My new message alert tone!! ???” her lie was almost convincing. Key word! Almost! ???.

“Really? Then keep your phone on silent mode”

“Sir?” She started to sweat.

“Your new message alert tone is disturbing me. Now take your phone, and keep it on silent mode”

“But sir-”

“Silent. Now. Sanchi…” he glared threateningly emphasizing her name scaring her a bit.

“Okay” she mumbled halfheartedly and did what he said. He was still on the same position whithout moving. Just when she kept her phone aside, it came again.


Now she couldn’t meet his eye.

“Ahem ahem…” Kabir cleared his throat to get her attention but she was looking down. “Sanchi… where’s the cat?”

She took out the basket she was hiding under her desk. She kept the basket on her table. There was a shawl covering the basket and it started to move. Slowly, a small face peeked out.

It’s a cute baby cat.

“Meooow…” it purred softly, looking directly at kabir as if to greet him.

“WHAT’S THIS?” He asked angrily.

Little kitten got scared and went inside the basket again.

“Please… please don’t scare him…” Sanchi pleaded him with her head turned down.

He was surprised to hear her tone so different. “Sanchi… explain to me why the hell there’s a cat in my cabin?” He tried to keep his voice low but he’s getting angry.

“When I was coming here this morning, this little one was on the pavement. It was raining heavily and he’s injured too. How can I leave him on the road like that? I didn’t have time to take him home and come back. There was an important meeting today na. This job is important to me, yes, but I couldn’t sacrifice my humanity for the sake of it. If I had left this one on the road, I’d see him dead on my way home in the evening….” the kitten came out of it’s basket and nuzzled on her hand as she spoke.

For a moment Kabir was lost. **She knew I’d scold her if I found out. Yet…… Would Riya help a poor creature like this?** he compared them absentmindedly.

“I’m sorry sir… I really am. I-I…”

There was silence. Kabir looked at the kitten who now managed to get Sanchi’s attention. She was patting its head with a light smile.

“Go, fetch a firstaid box!”

He took the little kitten on his hands.

“Be careful!!” Sanchi exclaimed when the kitten meowed being held by a different person.

“It’s not the first time I’m holding a cat. Now get the firstaid box!” He moved away all the files on his table.

He treated the little kitten’s injured paw with utmost gentleness which amazed Sanchi. Both she and the kitten stared at him like he’s an alien ???.

“Why are you both giving me that strange look?”

“Nothing sir…”

Little kitten rubbed his head on Kabir’s hand as if to thank him. He looked so cute but Kabir just tapped his head without showing any emotion.

“Now get him some milk” he ordered.


“Go and get some milk! It must be hungry! You brought it here but till now you were busy. Didn’t you think it’ll get hungry?”

**Khadoos! Why so rude? He could’ve said it nicely. Just when I thought he’s nice he ruined it!!**

Sanchi went to the cafeteria to get milk. Cafeteria guy gave her a strange look when she asked for a glass of milk. No one usually ask for milk. It’s always tea, coffee, fruit juice, etc. Not that it’s any of his business, she still said, “I skipped breakfast. Still time till lunch and I’m so hungry! ???” and then his strange expression turned normal.

She opened the door hurriedly only to find her normally so scary boss playing with the kitten. He was holding a pen and the kitten was trying to grab it. He finally let go of the pen and the kitten played with it happily. To her amazement, he talked to the cat.

“You are cute you know…”

“meow…” was the reply he got.

Sanchi was listening secretly. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but she was curious to know what he’s say to a cat. **Aww… even he thinks it’s cute!! So the rude boss guy is actually normal..!!**

“But don’t tell that to the stupid girl who got you here…”

An angry meow came making him laugh.

**YOU!!! You called me stupid? How dare you? If you were someone else….!! My little friend, you should scratch his face for calling me stupid!! ???**

“??? You already defend her? That’s good little guy… you should be a loyal friend to her!” Unlike when she was there, now he is caring for the kitten with love.

**He always have a frown and scold everyone for the simplest mistakes. But if he’s that much khadoos, how can he be like this with this little one? No… I think he’s a nice person from inside… wow Sanchi! Who would’ve thought The Kabir Kapoor can smile so carefree with a kitten?**

“Ahem ahem…!” Sanchi cleared her throat to make her presence known. “Looks like you found a new BFF Mr. Kapoor… ???”

He lightly blushed knowing she saw him playing with the kitten. Covering it up quickly, “took you long enough!!” He snatched the glass of milk from her and pour it on a saucer on his desk. The kitten lapped it happily as of to remind them he was starving. Both humans adored him silently.

“What do you plan to name it?” Kabir asked breaking the silence.



“Yeah that means friend-”

“I know what it means but why Saki?”

“Coz we’re gonna be best friends. ??? don’t get jealous Mr. Kapoor I’m gonna take you new BFF away from you!! ???”

“???. So you plan to take Saki home?”

“Yeah… I’m sure maa will give me a nice lecture though…” She added sheepishly.

Both Kabir and Sanchi continued their work after treating, feeding and keeping it back in it’s basket. Though he had his paw injured, Saki is a little one who can’t stay in the same place for very long. He ran around entertaining both of them. Sometimes he climbed on to Sanchi’s desk. Sometimes on to Kabir’s desk. He played with small things on their desks while he was there. This scared Sanchi a bit thinking whether Kabir would get angry with Saki if he keep playing on his desk. As if she jinxed it, she heard something fall from Kabir’s desk.

**Now my cute friend will get a lecture from scary boss… ???**

To her utter surprise, he just picked what fell and mumbled “behave Saki..!” And that’s all. No lecture! Saki stared at him kind of apologetically. He patted Saki on his head. Saki settled beside where his hand was on the desk and decided to sleep yawning cutely.

**It’s really a miracle… I hated this damned office and building my whole life!! But today… for the first time, I’m happy to be here today because of this silly little kitten and… this silly girl…**

He had a calm expression making Sanchi was wonder how amazing the little kitten is to make Kabir so gentle. It was beyond her to comprehend why Kabir is nice for a minute and rude for 3 days. Little did she know she had some affect on him without either of hem knowing.

Evening came. Everyone was going home. Saki was back in his basket covered with a shawl. Sanchi tried to get a taxi instead of taking the bus as usual coz it won’t be easy to take a kitten in a basket on a crowded bus. What if Saki come out and create any trouble? ??? that won’t be very nice. Catching a taxi wasn’t an easy task when it was raining. She forgot to bring her umbrella and that’s another problem.


Kabir walked to the parking lot, a little bit more cheerful than usual. There was his most valubal thing, his car, to welcome him and take him home. Not just any other car. It’s a McLaren 570s coupe. It’s not like he’s showing off his wealth. He really likes the car. Besides, what’s the point of stacking all the money you earn without a use? But that’s not the only case. There’s something about the car that’s very special. It values to him emotionally. That being the reason, he never let anyone drive it. Not even his driver. Why the hell he would buy a sports car and let the driver drive it? No way! His driver can drive some other car. Not his baby.

Another special thing is that he never let anyone else step inside this car. Call him possessive, he doesn’t care. It is off limits for everyone. Especially to Riya!! Despite her continuous attempts to make him take her a dinner or a party or wherever the hell she wants to go, he managed to avoid using this specific car, only because he thought she isn’t worthy to even touch his car.

His mother on the other hand is a different story. He had no probs over his mom being in that car. It’s just the other way around. She had a problem with the car. She always says it’s way too fancy for her personality and refused to ever touch the car the car.

A train of thoughts invaded Kabir’s mind as he slowly pulled his precious car out of the parking lot. His first thought was about his abnormal day with a cute little kitten and the mysterious secretary. Yes. He calls her mysterious. Only in his mind though. First she prank called him. Then she came to his company for a job interview. He acted like world class ba****d and gave her a lecture being so judgemental. He wasn’t proud of it. He normally acted very respectful to the whole womenkind even if his opinion on them is bad. According to Kabir Kapoor, women are heartless, evil, manipulating opportunists. But that day she defended herself gracefully. No one dares to raise their voices against Kabir Kapoor but this girl did. It did angered him, but looking back, she was right. Then he made her work in his company thinking he would torture her with work and make her regret for talking against him. But day by day she made it extremely difficult with her nice behaviour. She ignored how much work load he was giving to her, she apologized to Riya for the prank calling sh*t and got slapped. She managed to make him see his fault in Mansi – Shyaam incident. Many things happened in past three months. Today she risked getting scolded and saved a homeless, injured little kitten. She doesn’t match with how he describe a female. She is different. In a good way.

As he drove past the company premises he saw the person invaded his thoughts trying not to get the basket where the little guest was right now and herself drenched while desperately trying to catch a taxi to go home. Her feeble attempt made him slowly drive to where she was standing. He rolled down a window and said the most dreadful two words he never dared to say when he’s driving his precious car.

“Get in.”

For Sanchi, it was like god sent her help, when a car stopped in front of her. Mind you! A very fancy sports car she had no idea what the name was but know the owner very well. Window facing her, rolled down and her not too friendly with humans but animal loving boss’s offered her a lift.

“It’s alright sir. I’ll manage.” She did declined with a polite smile.

“It’s raining. And I don’t care about you but the one in that basket.” Though it sounded like a warning, Sanchi noticed a pinch of kindness was there lacing his tone.

On the other hand Kabir couldn’t help but to frown facing front. **She just agreed for the cat’s sake! So what? Even I asked her for the cat’s sake na! ??? why else would I let her in my precious baby?**

Somewhere in his mind he knows that it’s a big fat lie and he didnt do it just for the cat’s sake though he likes to believe otherwise. Just like that, Kabir Kapoor broke his own rule and let someone get in his car. That too with a cat ???. It’s his precious car, of course it’s a big deal. Some lucky lady Sanchi is ???!!!

As she took her seat, she couldn’t help but to throw a somewhat sarcastic glance at his way without notifying him. **Only because of the one in the basket! Damn!! Saki, you sure came from another world. ???**

Beep. Beeeep..! Horns! Lights! That’s what around them as they’re now stuck in a traffic jam. Then there’s the tap tapping noise of raindrops hitting everywhere like stones. Kabir glared at the vehicle in front of him through the windscreen like he could move it with his icy glare. After a minute or two, he got tired of it and gave up. Looking to his left, he found Sanchi resting her head comfortably, staring out of the window. She was drawing non-existent patterns on it as if she’s trying to touch raindrops from otherside. It was calm. No sound from Saki. He glanced down and found him sleeping soundly in his basket on her lap. He had her palm over his body like a warm blanket.

**Cats are cute. They wake up, look adorable, eat, sleep. Then wake up again, play a little, eat again and sleep, again. It keep repeating. Just like babies. ???** He had a smile. Then another thought came up. **Did I hit my head somewhere? It’s the second time I mentioned children. ??? (his expression got bitter) Kabir… children with a loving wife… a happily ever after… it’s not in your destiny. Forget it!!**

Sanchi suddenly bolted up and stood straight on her seat breaking his pathetic thoughts about himself.


She rolled down her window and yelled to the other side of the road causing Kabir to go deaf temporarily.


“Hey why are you yel-” he didnt complete when he saw her signalling to a boy.

“Sir, I’ll just go from here. When you go a little bit further, you can take a turn to go home.”

He took a glance form the boy standing on the other side of the road holding an umbrella. “How will you go? It’s still raining!”

“Oh, it’s just a few blocks away from home. Besides, Sunny’s there too!” She smiled and got ready to open the door with her bag and basket. She felt a tug on her hand making her turn around to meet his eyes. For a moment she got mesmerized with his eyes.

“Is it okay to go like this?” He asked cocernedly.

She couldn’t hear what he just said. Her half conscious question was, “Huh?”

“I mean with him,” she followed his gaze out. “is it safe?”

She laughed getting what he’s asking. “Absolutely! He’s my brother ???”

“Oh, okay then.” He let go of her hand which he didn’t know he was still holding.

“Thanks for dropping me. Even if it’s only because of Saki ??? Goodnight sir…”

Kabir switched back to his normal khadoos mood from caring mode and just nod looking away without bothering to reply. Sanchi smiled at the sudden mood swing. When she safely reached her brother, she looked back to find him following her with his eyes to see if she’s safe.

“Di… what a car that is ??? who’s that? Your khadoos boss who have a vamp fiancee?”

“Yeah… he’s not that bad…”

Sunny noticed his sister’s attitude changing when she’s talking about Kabir since couple of days. He’s afraid she’d get close to Kabir to the point she fall in love with him. Kabir is a rich guy who can do almost anything with money. He just don’t want his sister to get hurt.

“Too bad he’s engaged ???” he said carefully assessing Sanchi’s expressions.

“Idiot! I don’t like him that way!!”

“Well, maa always say that’s what girls say as an excuse” he continued with a shrug which earned him a smack on the head.

“Ouch!! You’re so violent! ???”

“Oh, you just realized? ???” She asked threateningly as he whined.

Sunny shuddered a little. Noticing the basket she was holding he asked, “By the way, what’s in the basket?”

She stopped abruptly with his question. “Um… about that Sunny… I might need your help.”

“Uh oh! This is not good. You’re definitely gonna do something maa won’t like. Count me out. I won’t help you!”

Sanchi raised one eyebrow threateningly. “Oh reaaaaaly?” Then she gave a sickly sweet smile. “My dear brother… ??? you think I’ll give you a choice? You have to help me. Or else I’ll tell maa that you broke that ugly old vase she adored ???”

“You can’t blackmail me with that!” Sunny tried to act brave. She saw right through him. She had him where she wanted. She always knew how to make her troublesome brother do her bidding.

“Try me ???”

“Di… maa will kill me! She loved that stupid vase more than us!!

“Yeah. Just help me and I’ll keep it a secret ??? maa won’t ever know.”

“Fine!!” He agreed at last making her grin in victory.

“That’s my pretty brother! ???”

“Pretty? I’m not a girl!” He walked away with his umbrella letting her drench.

She quickly ran up to him. “HEY!! That was mean!”

“Like blackmailing me is so nice ??? evil witch!”

“??? Love you too bro! ???”

When Kabir came home he was pleasantly greeted by his mother. “Maa? You’re back already? I thought you won’t come back for two more days.”

Kusum frowned ???. “Now you have a problem coz I came early?”

Then her frown took a dramatic turn. “Hey bhagwan….!! Yeh kaisa din aagaya hai mere jeevan mein….?? Mera beta mujhe dekh kar khush nahi hai….!! Yeh nahi hona tha….!! Ab main jaaungi…. koi mujhe rok nahi sakta…. main zaroor jaaungi aur wapas nahi aaungi….!! -…………..- Oh god….!! A day have come that my son isn’t happy to see me….!! This shouldn’t have happened….!! I will go now…. no one can stop me…. I’ll definitely go and won’t come again….!!”

“Maa…” Kabir hugged her warmly.

“Oh go away!! I don’t want your drama…” ???

“So I am doing drama?”

She gave him an incredulous look. “Now you’re saying I’m acting? Your mother is acting? Hey bhag-”

“Okay okay fine! You win…” Kabir lifted his hands surrendering. “So… how was Mrs. Mittal?”

His mother practically beamed when he let her win ???. “Good thing you asked! Patha hai Golu, her son is getting married next month.”

“That’s great. I can’t attend the wedding with you, but give my wishes to him”

She slapped her son on his head. “Don’t act dumb with me. I want to see my son get married and settle down too!! I won’t be with you forever!! I need to know that there’s someone by your side to take care of you… to support you throughout this long journey of life. But no! My son is so stubborn!”

“Aisa nahi hai maa, Riya-”

“Kabir, I’m warning you… don’t increase my bp mentioning that girls name!”


“No buts! Whatever going on inside your head, whatever game you’re playing… let it go. It’s about your life. Think about yourself… don’t make me worry every time…”

He couldn’t stand to see worry on his mother’s face. From his childhood to today, his mother endured a lot. He only wanted her to be happy for the rest of her life.

“Okay… what should I do?” He gave in.

“There’s this girl-”


“You just have to meet her!”

“That’s it?” He raised an eyebrow suspiciously.

“Yes. That’s all..!”


“That’s my good boy!”

Little did she know, a small plan was already hatching inside his head ???. He gave her convincing smile ???. “Shall we eat now? I’m so hungry!”

“Okay freshen up, I’ll arrange the table.”

11.30 in the night. All were sound asleep after a long tiresome day, except Kabir. Sleep was nowhere near him. He kept tossing from side to side on his bed. The day’s events clouded his mind again. He doesn’t remember the last time he was so light-hearted. Then the image of Sanchi climb out of his car came to his vision.

“Did she go home safe?” He naturally took a hold of his phone. He came out of his thoughts when he saw he’s one step away from calling her. “No… why should I call her?”

He reached to his nightstand for a glass of water. Both his glass and the jug was empty. Annoyed with his own carelessness, he jumped out of the bed to get some water. He filled the jug with water in the kitchen. When he was about to go back to his room, his eyes caught his phone sitting on the kitchen counter.

“I brought this here?”

Fidgeting with it again, he end up calling her this time. 1 ring, 2 rings… **No no! What am I doing? I should hang up!**

Sanchi was sleeping like a log on the other side. She jumped 10 feet high when her pillow stated to vibrate like we earthquake. “What the? Oh god! I’m gonna kill this idiot!” She mumbled harshly reaching under her pillow. Her phone was found vibrating nonstop. Without caring to look the caller id, she fired her caller with words like a cannon. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?”

Just before Kabir hang up, she answered. He had to hold his phone 2 feet away from his ear. Plus she sounds murderous.


He frowned deeply ???. “Who’s Veer?”


Her absentminded sound told him she was checking the caller id now.

“Ka-Kab… M-M-Mr. Ka-Ka-Kapoor? S-S-Sir?” Suddenly she wasn’t feeling sleepy anymore.

“Yeah. Not Veer.”

“Sorry sir. He was… annoying me before I sleep. I thought it’s him again.”

“Boyfriend?” He couldn’t stop himself. The question already came out.

“What? No! No no no no no! Oh my god! That idiot? I’ll die single but not him!” Hearing his laugh from the other side, she stopped her rant. “Sir? Is there anything important? I mean you called me…”


She heard him clear his throat.

“I… um… how’s Saki?” He blurted out. **Wow Kabir. Wow. Way to go. ???** He wanted to ask “”did you go home safe?”” But instead he again asked about the cat. “I just wanted to know whether he’s safe or not. Did he ran away?”

**Really animal lover boss? ??? couldn’t you just be nice to the human/me and ask “”did you go home safe?”” No! You just wanna know about the cat. Hmph!** with much difficulty, she stopped herself from voicing her honest thoughts. “No sir. He didn’t ran away. He’s here. Sleeping now.” A gentle smile appeared on her face when she glanced at the curled up figure near her head.

“Oh. That’s good. How did it go with your mother?” He asked chuckling inaudibly.

“Not nice. She was hysteriac when I told her. But then Saki walked up to her feet and stared at her so cutely. She agreed then. I think Saki has a charm to charm people ???. First you, then maa!”

“I wasn’t charmed.” He deadpaned.

“Yeah… ???”

“I’m serious!”

“You sure are… ???”

“You won’t understand. You’re stupid.”

“Yeah… ??? wait WHAT?”

“You’re kind to people. You trust them. You won’t understand how stupid you are until they take advantage of you and betray you.”

**Why did it suddenly feel so weird? ??? Like he’s… he’s hiding a grave pain. Did someone betray him like that?** It was getting too personal. She raked her mind for something to make the situation light. “Well… in that case, Saki isn’t a human. So that won’t be a problem. ??? Unless…. he’s not actually a cat but a shape-shifting one. You know like an ichcha dhari billi..! Oh god! What if he’s actually… oh no!!!”

As expected, her overly dramatic response received a laugh from other side.

“??? Very intelligent. What are you? 5?”

“Imagination ke liye age ka kya lena dena hai Mr. Kapoor?” She again joked.

“Yeah yeah whatever.”

“I’m sorry for not inviting you home!” She blurted.

“It’s alright. Your brother was there too na.”

“Actually… that wasn’ the only reason. The car…”

“What about the car?”

“I’ll tell you but you can’t be angry”

He didn’t like it when she started about his car. But he has to know what she’s talking about. “Okay.”

“You have a very attractive car.  Even if it was raining, many neighbours would notice it and me coming home in it. It could have caused me a lot of problems.”

“Yeah I get it. People tend to poke there noses in to others lives even they have so much they should think about.”

“Thanks for understanding sir. ???”

“Were you sleeping when I called?”

“Oh…. now you remember to ask? ???” She wanted to say it’s alright. But he just called for almost nothing. Nothing important. That’s why she couldn’t stop herself from being sarcastic.

“Okay then. Go back to sleep. See you on Monday. Good night Sanchi..!” He said what he didn’t say back in the car.

**He didn’t even apologized for waking me!! ??? this evil- never mind. He said good night at least. Though it’s practically morning now. ???**

“Good night sir…!”

Kabir went back to his room shaking his head with a smile, completely forgetting the water jug back in kitchen. Little did he know, his mother too came to get water. She accidentally heard the last bit of his conversation.

“Sanchi? He’s speaking with her late and he’s smiling? What’s going on here? ??? Maybe it’s time to speed things up a little bit? ???”

While his mother had a plan on going inside her head whole night, Kabir fell asleep quite easily.

Other side, Sanchi had a weird expression. “A normal phone call with KKK? That’s…. weeeeiiiiiirrrrd!!” She let head fall to her pillow forgetting Saki was sleeping next to it. Luckily he didnt wake. She turned her head to his side. “May be…. He breathed Saki’s fur and it went inside his system? ??? that must be it!!” The last thing she saw before falling asleep was Saki’s twitching ear as if to respond her.


So how did you guys liked the cute stranger? Personally I like kittens and this idea came up. Maybe it was stupid. Maybe not. Next chapter would have another surprise for you. Well to the readers it’s good. But to Sanchi and kabor… let’s see how it turns out. To read more, stay alert for updates. And for me to update soon, like or dislike the story and give comments to share your ideas. Until I come back, ???

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