Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 2

Hi friends ??? here I am with the second part. I know I’m taking too much gaps but it’s the festive season in my country. On 14th it’s Sinhala and Tamil New Year, which is a major festival in my country. And there were so many preparations to do. And shopping!!! ??? that’s my favourite part ???. Ok so enough chit chatting, let’s start reading ???.


Previously on “Some Colours Of Life “….,

Stranger : hello, this is Kabir’s fiance speaking. He-

Sanchi : Wait hang on, he’s ENGAGED??

Stranger : yes it’s been couple of months-

Sanchi : I am his wife! And… *sob* *sob* I love him so… much! How could he do this to me? How could he cheat on me like this? Even after he knew……

Stranger : even after he knew what?

Sanchi : even after he knew that I’m carrying his child!! Not just a child. I’m having twins!!

In somewhere else, a certain Kabir Kapoor was annoyed and infuriated. Why? Because the person who he called his fiance was so dumb to believe some stupid prank call and she was trying to break off their engagement.


He had been having meetings with investors and about new projects back to back today. Finally round 7 p.m. he slumped on his comfy chair thinking to have a delicious meal for dinner and a good night sleep. But sadly his pleasant dream was shattered when he heard her voice through the door.

He heard his secretary inform her that he wished not to be disturbed but knowing her, she won’t listen and will barge in.

Just as he predicted, within a couple of seconds she slammed opened the door. There stood, ‘The great Riya Malhotra’. He tiredly opened his eyes. Before he could confront her why she was here at this time, she started to blabber some rubbish.

**Oh God!! Why do you hate so much? First I’m so tired and now I have to tolerate her nonsense? Can’t she see how tired I am? She’s like this today and she’ll be like this even after we’re married! I just hate my life!!** he thought about his life sadly.

“Yeah Riya I get it. Now if you don’t mind, I have to give these files to Ms. D’souza.” He wasn’t even listening to what she was blabbering, he just went out to find his secretary with some files. He went by himself instead of calling his secretary to get away from his so called fiance. It took him around 10-12 minutes to come back and when he did, he saw a very furious Riya. **Honestly she looks like a Meduza**

(If there’s someone who doesn’t know who Meduza is, well let me explain a bit. Meduza is a creature comes in Greek mythology, who is cursed because of her beauty to have snakes on her head instead of hair. Anyone who directly look in to her eyes will turn in to stone. ??? I’m too lazy to find a pic and add it here. You can just search if you want ???)

“What’s wrong?” He asked getting irritated.


“Riya would you reduce the volume of your voice? I’m getting a headache!” He snapped at her and she started to cry.

“??? I never expected this from you Kabir… how could you? ??? don’t you know how crazily I’m in love with you? Didn’t you think about me even once? ???”

She was crying and crying. He can’t understand what the hell she’s talking about. First he had work stress and now this. He’s on the verge of losing patience. “Riya… would. you. just. tell. me. what. the. hell. is. wrong. with. you?” He asked gritting his teeth.

“Everything!!!” She started to wail. “I couldn’t believe you cheated on me!! ???”

**did she just said I cheated on her? What the b****y hell is wrong with this woman?** he thought with a frown.

“Do you know how many things I have already planned for us?” She kwent on with her sad ranting.

“Oh would you stop screeching and tell me what the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about how unfaithful you are!!” An angry Riya yelled.

“What gave you that stupid idea?”

“Your wife called!!”

That’s when he saw his phone on her hand.

……….end of flashback……….

He tried telling her that this was a prank call of someone who doesn’t have any important work to do in their pathetic excuse of a life but she was still doubtful. After that he didn’t even try to talk to her coz he know, he know that she’d come around. The only thing he knows very well about Riya -his so called fiance- was that she’d never leave him no matter what he’d do. She’s too clingy, much to his utter dislike. So he gave up the idea of explaining and decided to wait for her to come around.

According to this so called wife of his is carrying his child. No! Not just A child but TWINS!! He called someone. “Rajesh, I want to know who that prank caller is by tomorrow morning!! Otherwise you’ll lose your job!! Got it?”

**I would definitely make her pay for this!! She doesn’t know with whom she messed with!!** he thought menacingly before closing his eyes to sleep.

He learned something from this incident too. Never leave your phone, keep it with you always.

……….next morning……….

“Good morning guuuuuuyyyyyysssss!!!” – Veer

“Oh God Veer, can’t you just type normally? It’s so annoying when I see messages with so many letters repeated!!” – Sanchi

“Oh mere phool ki jaise golgappa… you have no idea how much I get happy irritating you, even with a simple message ???” – Veer

“Did you two started to flirt again?” – Pragya

“Pragya!! ??? we’re not flirting!!!” – Sanchi

“It sure sounds like that ???” – Isha

“God!! No!! Me and this IDIOT??? ???” – Sanchi

“??? see na yaar she even gave you a pet name too!! IDIOT!!” – Garv

“???” – Pragya

“???” – Isha

“Ha ha ha *insert sarcasm* very funny ???” – Veer

“Waise nalayak, when is your flight?” – Pragya

“In an hour. I can’t believe I won’t be here for 6 months! I’m gonna miss all of you ???” – Veer

“Oh no you won’t miss us for a second when you see your beloved Priya di” – Isha

“??? that’s true!” – Veer

“???” – Pragya

“But why didn’t your sister and Jiju can’t come here? Why do you and the whole family have to go to London?” – Garv

“Yaar Garv, mere dosth! She’s pregnant! I told you na!!” – Veer

“Oh sorry yaar I forgot!” – Garv

“So Pragya have you reached Rajasthan yet?” – Sanchi

“No…! Only I know how I hate this trip. I mean it’s dad’s campaign yes, but what do I have to do with politics? ???” – Pragya

“Chill yaar! You’ll find a way to have fun in that campaign too. You’re Pragya Yadav na!” – Isha

“Woh toh sahi kaha makeup ki dukaan ??? – Pragya

“Shut up Pragya ??? Main na bohot khush hoon!! ☺☺☺” – Isha

“Yeah yeah” – Veer

“What yeah yeah? Why aren’t anyone asking why? ???” – Isha

“Coz we have listened to you say why hundreds of times!” – Sanchi

“Your dad agreed to let you take a 6 months modelling course in Paris as a present coz you cleared SDCH entry exam! ???” – Garv

“☺☺☺” – Isha

“Waise SDCH se yaad aya! Sanchi?” – Veer

“Not now Veer” – Sanchi

“Ok but we’re going to have this conversation when I come back!” – Veer

“Fair enough. So Garv, what’re you doing now?” – Sanchi

“I’m reaching Chennai station right now” – Garv

“Great!” – Isha

“I have to board my flight too!” – Veer

“Okay then guys, have safe journeys! Take care! Bye! ?” – Sanchi

“Okay, bye ?” – Isha

“Bye maharaani ?” – Pragya

“Bye sweetie ??” – Veer

“Bye guys ?” – Garv

……….End of chat………..

“Ok Sanchi, all if your friends aren’t here. Now you have to get ready for your interview. Hmm what to wear? ???” she went through her clothes wondering out out aloud. “Hmm… this seems good!” She took out a blue office attire she brought recently, and looked at the mirror. “Hmm… perfect!!! ???”

She came out of her room, dressed and her mother came to her. She touched her feet to take blessings. She goes out hitting her brother’s head, who was tying his shoelaces. “Bye Sunny!”

Tears rolled down her mother Jaya’s eyes as she see her daughter off.

“Maa… don’t cry na. Do will get the job” Sunny said coming near her.

“That’s the problem Sunny. I never expected your sister to find a job and take money matters to her hands. I always wanted her to study hard and become a doctor ???” she broke down.

Sunny knew nothing he would say will be able to stop his mother’s pain.


And that’s all for today. I know the story is still boring. But it’s just the beginning na, things will get interesting when the as it make progress ???. So now I’m gonna sleep. Tomorrow is the day before the new year and the next day is the new year (Sinhala & Tamil New Year) and I’m gonna get presents!! ???. Ok now bye, love you ???

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