Sofia Hayat admitted to a hospital after her body salts fall dangerously low due to fasting

Sofia Hayat who was on a fast to cleanse her body has been admitted to a hospital in the UK. Sofia follows the ritual intermittently as a spiritual practice. The actress was hospitalized in the UK after she faint.

During a recent interview with BT, Sofia talked about it and shared, “I was doing the body cleanse practice by fasting and I did anema. I think during the purging process I lost a lot of salts and electrolytes from the body. The levels went dangerously low. I asked the nurse to get me five packets of salt and that kind of saved me. So, this condition resulted in me being hospitalized, my heart felt funny and I was shivering. I spoke to my friend from the hospital, he is a healer and it felt good. So, eventually, I had to break the fast and I had to eat food, to listen to my body. My body doesn’t want to fast this time. But, I am not sure why my health suffered this time because every time I have done it in the past- the last time was in 2014, I was quite fine.”

Sofia has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering now. She joked about the hospital bill and said, “One of the first things they put in my face when I was in hospital was the bill. Thank god I have health insurance here in the UK. Though the bill being so expensive, can actually bring back people to life!” she laughs.

When asked why she feel the need to fast, Sofia shared, “I’m fasting to explore my previous life, get in touch with and talk to my soul. I have done such practice before too. But after a few days, I stopped feeling the urge for food or water, and it was easy. But this time I was in pain, though I am recovering now. I can see God is helping me, recovering me, and showering His love. Spirituality does has a miracle. You start feeling god within yourself. I’m a blessed daughter.”

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