SNS-Tera Mera Rishta Purana -Season 2 Part-64 {SPECIAL EPISODE}

Dedicating this part to Riana who wants a romantic scene of ViEra with “ Hawayein” song from “ Jab Harry Met Sejal” movie????….Part 64-


Singh House is shown

In Virendra’s room

Virendra is shown thinking about yesterday’s incident….

Virendra (In his mind):Meera ji u almost kissed me yesterday???….THAT MEANS U FEEL THE SAME WAY AS I DO???!!!…When u get back home, I will say “ I LOVE U MEERA JI??”….And u will say “ I TOO LOVE U VIRENDRA JI?”….And then I will ask u “ WILL U MARRY ME??”….And u will say “ YES”….And then…..

Roopa passes through his room and seeing him like that thinks….

Roopa(In her mind):Beta I can’t let ur dream come true ?….

She goes from there….

Scene shifts to Texas


Naiya goes to check on Megha….She gets shocked to see Megha in Pinks arms and crying???….

Naiya:Why is she crying???…
Pinks:Don’t know?….I think she is feeling abandoned?….

Naiya takes Megha in her arms….She checks her forehead and gets worried??….

Naiya:OH MY GOD???….I think she has fever??….
Pinks:???….I think we should take her to a Doctor?….
Naiya:Not we I will?….

Naiya ordered Vijay to race the car at top speed in order to get the child to hospital, as quickly as possible….Vijay does the same which he is told to do….

After Sometime

Scene shifts to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

Naiya arrives there and straight away goes to Doctor’s cabin….Doctor puts Megha on a drip and injects a mild sedative into the saline solution….Megha fell asleep at once but the doctor gets very angry seeing her condition?….He turns around to face Naiya and he is Dhruv….

Dhruv:Tell me, the girl has a temperature of 80 degrees and only NOW, u thought of getting her medical attention?….Didn’t her cries alert u???….What type of a mother u are???…
Naiya:Doctor I am NOT her mother…I am her aunt and I am babysitting, while her mother is away….
Dhruv:OH, JUST GREAT??!!!….I would really like to meet this mother, who just upped and left this tot?!!!!….U know, I can just imagine her….Skinny like a model, constantly worrying about her diet and her perfect figure, neglecting h poor baby??….
Naiya:Dr mind ur language?….My sister-in-law is NOTHING LIKE THAT?!!…She loves her baby and would give her life for her??….It’s just circumstances that took her away, leaving Megha behind….
Dhruv:And where is she right now, may I ask??…
Naiya:She is in India?…..
Dhruv:Oh!…Then I guess she knew that taking the kid along; could be harmful?….U know such a small baby can get deaf by traveling in an aircraft✈….
Naiya:Yes Dr, she told me so?….
Dhruv:Good?!!…I am happy that she knew about that?….Now tell me, did she….

Dhruv tells something which is muted….

Naiya:Yes Dr?….Megha has….

Naiya tells something which is muted….Dhruv disagrees on it and explains her something which is muted….Naiya nods….

Dhruv:Didn’t any of the relatives advise her???…
Naiya:Dr all the relatives are in India?….
Dhruv:And where is the father????…
Naiya:My brother is deceased??….
Dhruv:Oh!…Very sorry to hear that?….So, that means, ur sister-in-law is raising the child, all on her own…That must be difficult?….That explains the mistake….Look, as soon as the drip finishes- I will check Megha again….If her fever has broken, u can take her home?….And then I want her to….
Naiya:Ok Dr?….

Naiya decides to call Meera and tell her about Megha but realizing that Meera has so much to attend to, she decides against it….

Scene shifts to Singh House

Meera arrives there….On seeing her Virendra comes to her….

Virendra:Good Morning Meera ji?….

Meera ignored him and went to her room and started packing her stuff….Virendra too comes in her room and back-hugged her….Meera gets shocked???….Meera pushed him hard….

Meera:What the hell, Virendra ji???…Stay within ur limits?!!…

Virendra gets stunned hearing her tone….

Virendra:I am sorry?….Very sorry Meera ji?….I shouldn’t have done that?….

Meera continued packing….

Virendra:Meera ji….
Meera:I want nothing to do with u?….It was MY mistake of getting too close to u???….But I am gonna rectify that….I am going to a hotel….I will always be grateful to u for saving my life, but that where our relationship ends!!…

Saying this she walked down the stairs, with the suitcase?in her hand, but leaving her mobile? behind….

Roopa witnessed the arrangement….She was happy about what happened….

Roopa(In her mind):Now, I; don’t have to do anything!!…

Virendra walked out of the house in anger….

Virendra (In his mind):How dare she is to talk to me like that???….She ALSO has feelings for me, I can tell….I am NOT imagining?….

He goes to Adi’s house….

Scene shifts to Road

Meera just reached the bus stop, when a media-van stopped in front of her….4 Reporters got out and began questioning her….On seeing her suitcase one asked: “ Where are u going??…Are u leaving again??”….Meera was already under a lot of duress and now being accosted by the media, she was finding difficulty in finding a voice….Luckily for her, Adi came to her rescue….

He pushed the media persons back in the van…

Meera:Jiju u were just fabulous?….Thank u so much?!….
Adi:Awww, it was my pleasure….Are u alright???…
Adi:U don’t need to go anywhere…Go to my home?….

Meera nods….Adi goes from there while Meera goes to Adi’s house….

Scene shifts to Rathod House

Meera comes there….Janki welcomes her….She goes to a room and sees Shivu annoying Virendra by constantly touching him, hugging him….Virendra was about to go when he caught a glimpse of Meera….He smirked as an idea popped into his head?…


Scene shifts to Texas


Naiya decides to call Meera to tell about Megha, since she is back home…

On the other hand

In Singh House

In Meera’s room

Meera’s cell?rang continuously….Roopa found the cell…But before she could answer, the ringing ended….The screen saver that came up on the cell; stunned her???….It was a Photo shopped picture of DHARAM, MEERA AND A BABY (As in the Banner)….She dropped the cell in shock????….

Roopa(In her mind):No-no-no!…Oh God, what have I done???…If only I knew u had a baby?….I wouldn’t have taken u away from her?….I shouldn’t have kept u away from them??….God forgive me for ANOTHER SIN?….

She walked out of the house and onto the road….She stopped outside the church⛪and sat on the bench there….

Scene shifts to Rathod House

Meera’s felt her heart? shatter into a million pieces????as she watched Shivu and Virendra so close….Virendra and Shivu gets into a passionate liplock?….Shivu’s hands were around Virendra’s neck and his hands were on Shivu’s back moving up and down….Virendra from his one eye watches Meera’s reaction….

Meera quickly wiped away a lone tear? that escaped her eye, but it was already seen by Virendra….Meera felt like pulling them apart and give Shivu a tight slap?….She hated the feeling of jealousy that was bubbling inside her?….She ran off from there and stopped in front of Virendra’s house….

Singh House

Meera sat on the porch and cried???….A hand on her shoulder, jerked her out of her state…. She turns around to find Virendra….

Virendra:Why are u crying Meera ji??…
Meera:I’M NOT CRYING?!!…
Virendra:Yaa right…Then something must’ve gotten in ur eye RIGHT??…Admit it Meera ji….It hurt u to see me and Shivu in THAT POSITION!!!…
Meera:Why would it???…It doesn’t bother me at all?….

Saying this Meera got up to leave….Virendra held her wrist firmly….

Virendra:Where are u going???…
Meera:I realized I left my cell? upstairs….I am going to get it?….

Meera pushed his hand and went up….

Meera found her cell?on the floor, next to the bed….As she turned to leave again, she found herself; standing very close to Virendra….They gets into an eyelock??….

Tujkho….Main rakh loon wahaan
Jahaan pe kahin
Hai mera yaqueen

Meera’s heart? began to pound faster….Virendra smirked when he saw her condition….He leaned towards her ear and whispered : Admit it Meera ji….U are falling for me???….Say it u are in love with me!!!…

Meera:I’m NOT?!!!…

Main job….Tera naa huaa
Kisi ka nahin
Kisi ka nahin

Virendra pulled Meera for a smooch?….She moved away and gave him a tight slap?….He pulled her again for a second kiss?…Yet again, she backed out and slapped him?….For the third time, he kissed her with passion, that Meera too; responded with equal vigour?….

Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein Hawayein
Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein Hawayein

Begaani hai yeh baaghi
Hawayein Hawayein
Le jaayein jaane kahaan
Hawayein Hawayein

As the kiss continued, Meera began undoing the buttons on Virendra’s shirt and even pulled it off???…..Air was desperately needed, so both broke off from the kiss….Meera buried her head into Virendra’s chest, she panted heavily….From the corner of her eye, she spotted Dharam….Dharam’s scar that is!!…

Virendra had the same 2 scars at the exact places that Dharam had his, when he was shoot in Rajkot….Meera immediately remembered Dharam’s words: “ 1 Day when I’m lost somewhere, I have no idea of who I am, then u can identify me with this mark?”….

Meera gave him a very broad smile and hugged him for the longest time….

Meera:I knew it was u???….

Virendra got confused….Meera had all the proof now, that the man standing in front of her was her HUSBAND!!!…But she wanted to hear it from Virendra’s mother….She needed an explanation!!…She left “ Virendra” and ran off to find Roopa…

Scene shifts to Road

After searching for Roopa at the clinic, and coming up blank, Meera EVENTUALLY found her seated in the same place; outside the church⛪….

Meera:Aunty tell me who is Virendra???….
Roopa:Virendra is ur husband….Virendra is ur Dharam!!!….


Meera confronts Roopa….


Meera and Virendra gets into a faulty car?….

Soo how was this twist???….Enjoyed???….Do share ur views on it in the comment section below????…..

  1. Marvellous Mansi .Sooooo Virendra is Dharam only .Yeah ! DhEera are very romantic .Meera the great Wife .Thank you update soon .Will give lengthy comment tomorrow .

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Rose??yeah will update soon ? would be waiting for ur lengthy comment???

  2. I really loved it mansi .superb!!!!! I was waiting for this to happen. shivu and viren scene made ViEra closer. oh not Viera , its DHEera now. DHEera scene was outstanding. Dharam got many slaps but finally kissed Meera. I was sure that u will mention that scar too. bcz it was the only proof. totally loved it . mansi in ur precap u showed DHEera gets into a faulty car , so can u plz show some rain romance…….. overall I totally loved the update. plz plz plz update soon …!

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Lavi??Glad u loved it????Awww??yeah scar was the only proof☺??

    2. Mansi

      Will show rain romance???but not in the next part?u will have to wait a little longer for that???

    3. Mansi

      Stay Tuned?!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    virendra loves meera and decided to confess it to her as he was sure that she too loves cute.back hug was sweet until meera said she has no feelings for roopa realized that dheera have a kid and regrets keeping him away from meera.happy that roopa is correcting her viren kisses shivu to make meera jealous.but still he could have avoided liplock.I couldn’t tolerate it.dharam trying to get closer to meera and forcing her to admit her love and kiss were so passionate. loved meera realizing that he is her dharam from her scars.waiting for viren to know it.roopa too said the truth to meera.just loved it.did roopa do it for shivu?naiyya meghu druv scene was nice.wonder what the muted conversation was

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Jazzy☺??yeah until now Roopa didn’t knew that but she now got to know of their kid??Glad u loved that scene of Meera realising it’s her Dharam???next part will be a thriller???

    2. Mansi

      Sorry can’t tell here what was the muted convo between DhruYa…I hope u understand that?

    3. Svetlana Kapoor

      Hi J di?

    4. Jasminerahul

      hi …sorry…I did not see it before

  4. Riana

    Romantic Episode..???….Love the sequence of VieRa (DheeRa) ????….Song goes very well…n i imagined the scene it was amazinggg feeling..???…Thankyou so much for dedicating me this episode…and thanx for changing the banner…Its looking very awesome…Btw who is dhruv ??…I forgot is he Naiyya’s fiànce or came for proposal to marry naiya pls bata naa ??…And precap: Smirks…??….Carrrr ?????…Updt soon…Manuuuuu ????….Love u alot ????

    1. Mansi

      Ur welcome☺Glad u loved the banner???I was waiting for this special moment to change the banner☺Glad u loved the romantic sequence of ViEra with the song????yeah will update soon ? Love u too?????

    2. Mansi

      Nope Dhruv is not Naiya’s fiance or came to marry her?he is Dr Priya’s hubby??he is played by Siddhant Karnick☺Thanks a lot Riuuuuuu???

    3. Riana

      Oh yah i recalled him…Thankyou ?

    4. Mansi

      Ur welcomz?Glad u recalled him???

    5. Svetlana Kapoor

      Hii R di?

    6. Riana

      Hi dear ??

  5. Svetlana Kapoor

    What an update Diiiiiiiiii??????u made me speechless???????????????????????✌✌✌???????????????????❤❤❤❤❤???????????????

    Roopa go to hell???n take Shivu too along with u??????

    Adi n Janki are such a sweetheart??????

    Loved how u handled the convo of DhruYa very maturedly??only u can do it??❤❤?????

    Meera found her Dharamji?????n the kiss❤❤❤❤❤❤

    For this I can tolerate Shivu n Viren’s liplock???

    Precap is thrilling?????Update soon??

    1. Mansi

      Thanks a lot Svetu????Awww it means a lot to me????Glad u loved my handling the convo of DhruYa very maturedly???Yaa next part is thrilling???

    2. Mansi

      Stay Tuned?!!

  6. Svetlana Kapoor

    Was waiting for this Banner from quite a Longgggggggggggggggggggg Timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????

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  7. Svetlana Kapoor

    When will u update KKHH di??

    1. Mansi

      Very soon will update KKHH Svetu???

    2. Svetlana Kapoor

      Wow?????can’t wait now??????

  8. Svetlana Kapoor

    What an update diiiiiiiiiiii????????U made me speechless????????????????????????????????✌???????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????

    Go to hell Roopa???n take Shivu too with u???????

    Adi n Janki are such a sweetheart??????

    Loved how u handled the convo of DhruYa very maturedly????only u can do it????

    Meera got her Dharamji????the kiss????

    For this I can tolerate Shivu n Viren’s liplock????

    Precap is thrilling?????

    Update soon??

    1. Mansi

      U already said this Svetu?

  9. Fianlly.. the moment we have been waiting for days has come.. finally viren is Dharam.. loved it completely.. update soon

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