Siyappa Pyar Da (Ankhi,Arjuhi,Sahil,Virika) Chapter 5

Pakhi wake up by alarm sound. she turned off the alarm and went to take bath.
wake up wake up… pakhi shouted
Jeevika- and sanam both wake up and wish Gm
Pakhi- Good morning
Arohi uttah ja ab varna late oh jayegi sanam said
Arohi- yawning gm
Pakhi- u guys go and get ready meantime i will make breakfast and she went to kitchen.
Afetr 45 minutes trio came to kitchen
Pakhi- R u ready???
Sanam- pakhi what did u made for breakfast?
Jeevika- khusboo to bahut acchi aa rahi hai
Pakhi- gobhi ke paranthe
Wao yummy arohi said in excitement
They had their breakfast. Arjun, jeevika and sanam left from house.

Ahil, viren and anshuman are sitting on dinning table. Ahil saw his watch ans said yeh arjun kaha reh geya. We’re waiting for him.
Viren- bhai he might be getting ready
anshuman- ready itna time itne time main toon main 10 baar change kar sakta hu
hain na ahil
Ahil- yeah absolutely
Aap 10 kya 20 baar ready ho sakte ho. Aapko bus apna wohi suit tie hi to pehnana hota hai arjun said in funny manner
viren- yaar u r looking really handsome after dost kiska hai mera and winks at arjun
Anshuman- now stop your jokegiri we are already late
Ahil- yeah I have to take interviews for my my PA.
Arjun- ahil bhai can u drop me and viren at mechanic’s shop. We have to pick our bikes
Ahil- sure
viren- thanks bhai
They finished their breakfast and left from home.

Jeevika, sanam and arohi are waiting on road to catch a bus. Main woh bhai sahib se puch ke aati hu ki bus kab tak aayegi jeevika signaled to someone and start walking.
She was trying to cross road when suddenly a car came in high sped and about to hit her. But car stopped at neck of time.
Sanan and arohi- jeevika r u okay na they asked in scared voice
Jeevika- hey I am fine. Nothing happened to me Relax
Aise kon drive krta hain u guys wait main dekhti hoon kon hain arohi said in angry voice

who gave license to u? Didn’t they check your vision before giving u license? Bahar aao gaddi se
Oh hello madam what’s your problem why r u creating a scene on the road. He is none other than arjun.
Jeevika- chodo na arohi please don’t sopil your mood na. Aise logo se baat krne ki koi jarurat nahi hain

aise log what u mean by that.. viren said. U r mood my foot u spoiled our day.
Jeevika- Mister whoever u r we don’t have time for your bakwas. We have many other works to do.
She hold arohi’s hand and said chal arohi

arjun- oh madam even we’re not free to listen your lecture. School main lecturer ho kya
viren- Abbe yaar kya bol raha hain lecturer ki job mili nahi hogi issi liye road pe jaa rahe logo ko lecture dekar bore krti hai
Arjun- right yaar and give hi-fi to each other.

Are u done? ya kuch aur kehna hai sanam said. What u think about yourself? kahin ke nabaab ho kya?
How much money do u want? Tell me how much. U r doing this drama for money na?. Yeh raha check jitna chaho utna likh sakti ho. Yeh lo now what r u looking at? ahil said in angry voice and hand over check to sanam
Sanam- Check she torn the check into pieces and threw on ahil’s face. Paisa ka rohab kisko dekha rahe ho. That’s the probplem with rich people aap logon ke pass paisa to bahut hota hain magar dil nahi hota

Ahil- now u r crossing your limits?
Arhi came forward and said oh really sach bola to dard hua
arjun- you
Arohi- u stay out I’m not talking to u
ahil- bus it’s enough. Just remember one thing galati se bhi hamare samne mat aana varna…
Sanam- kya varna.,. tell me what u will do
ahil ordered viren and arjun to sit in car and left from their.

Jeevika- I can’t believe that these kind of people exist in the world.
Arohi- unbelievable
Sanam- he gave threat to me.agar un main se koi bhi mere samne aa geya to chodungi nahin
arohi- haan main vi nahi chodungi
Jeevika- Leave it na. Don’t spoil your mood.
Smile kardo abb to. Smile!
They both smile. Meantime bus came and they left in the bus.

Arjun- yaar saare mood ki band baja di
Viren-haan yaar did u saw nabho ladki ne kaise bhai ke muh par check mara tha
Arjun- bhai apne rok liya varna main usse batata
Ahil- stop u both. I don’t want to talk about that badtameez ladki
There was a silence in the car.

Tomorrow- First meeting of Ankhi and past revelations.

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