Siyappa Pyar Da (Ankhi,Arjuhi,Sahil,Virika) Chapter 4

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Hi everyone

Anshuman,ahil,arjun and viren did workout in gym for 2 hrs. Then they went to their house. They spent their whole time watching movies, playing video games and teasing each other.

On the other side sanam, pakhi, Jeevika and arohi spent their time roaming in bazaar, they went to park and they were remembering their old moments.

At night:
Viren and arjun was watching something on arjun’s phone and laughing. Ahil and Anshuman was discussing about office work.
Suddenly anshuman’s phone rings. He picked up phone but when he saw number on phone. He throw phone on table.
Trio got shocked at his act.
Ahil-kiska phone hai
Viren-bhai what happened let me see who is calling. When he saw number oh Mar gaye
Anshuman nodded yes
Viren-bhai today is Sunday and we forget to call
Arjun-oh teri abb kya hoga ajj bahut dant padegi
Ahil- now stop discussing first pick up phone
Anshuman pick up phone and put on speaker

Before he could speak something. Someone from other side start scolding them.
In argry voice oh so finally y guys thought to pick up my phone. I had been calling from 10 minutes.
Anshuman- wo…
Unknown person I am not done yet. Why u guys didn’t call. I was been waiting from the morning for your call. Bolo chup kio ho
Someone said from behind bole get to tab jab tum ohne bolna ka mouka daugi
Arjun-bhabhi it’s all your patiparmeshwar’s fault.
Ahil-arjun is absolutely right bhai it’s all your fault
Viren- air nahi to kya app hi subah se Hume videos send kr rahe ho or keh rahe ho dekho
Anshuman- yeah and when we asked about bhabhi u said she is sleeping.
Arjun-or yeh vi kaha tha badi mushkil se musibat tali hai now I can watch movies
Lady-did u really said that

Viren-g bhabhi
Mayank tumne mujhe musibat kaha. Now I will tell u musibat kya hot hai she said in angry voice.
A girl is shown she is wearing sea blue churidar her hair was tied on back. She is none other than nupur.
Mayank- Nupur I was just joking. I didn’t mean that. U know that I can’t say anything like that to u.
Nupur- now I understand what u think about me. Mayank I will see u later. First I have to talk with my devars.
So kya chal raha hai ajj kal
Anshuman- kuch nahi bus office
Mayank- Anshuman time office ke ilawa koi air baat asti hai kya.
Arjun- I am so exciting. My college is starting tomorrow.
Nupur- arjun r u okay na. College. ..excited woh vi tum *funny tone plays*
Viren-bhabhi u know college girls, flirt and wink at arjun
Mayank- arjun don’t fall in love with a girl who is from your college.
I did that mistake and bearing it.
Ahil- mayank what u mean? U r lucky that u got wife like Nupur bhabhi
Anshuman aur nahi to kya she is perfect for u
Nupur- samjhe Mr mayank I am prefeCT for u
Mayank I know I was just kidding. U know na that I love u.
Viren- bhai chaliye baad main baat krte hain u guys carry on.
Mayank- nahi wo bus
Anshuman it’s okay. Bye take care
Viren- Nupur bhabhi is so sweet
Ahil-yeah right
Anshuman okay guys time to sleep.
They wish good night to each other and went to their rooms.

A boy and girl are talking.
Boy- u know chashmish. U r so beautiful. U completed me. I can’t imagine my life without u. I love u
Girl-I love u too samrat. I can’t stay without u.
Promise me that u will never leave me alone
Samrat-promise gunjan. U r my life. They hug each other.
Samrat- gunjan ajj main tumhari help ki mera inaam nahi daugi kya
Gunjan-what do u want
Samrat- came close to her and he was about to kiss her
But interpreted by phone call
Who is calling this time

Gunjan- pakhi
He picks up phone. Hello pakhi how r u??
Pakhi-hi bhai good. How r u and bhabhi
Gunjan- hum vi thik hai but we r missing u a lot
Sanam- it means u guys r not missing us. U r only missing pakhi (phone was on speaker)
Arohi- very bad she said in childish manner
Samrat- oh drama Queens we r missing u guys too
Gunjan- so how’s life going
Jeevika- bhabhi wish us luck tomorrow is very important day for us.
Samrat- what’s tomorrow
Sanam- tomorrow I am going for a interview
Jeevika- I am joining a hospital as an intern
Arohi- I am starting my college again
Pakhi- Main vi kal se usse dhudna shuru kr raho hu jiske liye aai thi.
Gunjan- I am so happy for u. All the very best
Samrat- our blessings and best wishes r always with u.
Thanks bhai and bhabhi four of them said in unison. We’ll talk later good night.
Duo- good night take care. Bye

Gunjan- samrat it’s too late we should sleep now
Samrat- chashmish u always says that we should never leave any work incomplete
Gunjan- yeah
Samrat- let me finish my work which I was going to do and give naughty smile
Gunjan- samrat… no
Before she could say anything else samrat give her kissed on her lips.

In delhi
Pakhi- guys it’s too late we should sleep now
Jeevika- ya tomorrow we have to wake up early
Sanam- yeah even I am so tired
Arohi me too
They went to sleep.

Hope u guys like it. Please do comments and in next episode u guys will see scenes of anshuman-pakhi, Arjun-arohi, ahil-sanam and viren-jeevika. Stay tuned.

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