Siyappa Pyar Da (Ankhi, arjohi, sahil, virika) Chapter 1

Hi guys! Here’s the first chapter of my ff. Hope you will enjoy it.

A big bungalow is shown. A big room colored in light blue. Walls are covered by pics of actresses.
Baby u r so hot. Your eyes r very beautiful. Some one is whispers. He was moving and hugged someone who was sleeping beside him. He was going to kiss..
Bachao abbey kya kar raha hai someone shouted.
Second guy-woke up in panic. Kyo chilla raha hai. I was watching a beautiful dream and she was very close to me. I was going to kiss her. But your shout messed up
First guy- u was going to kiss me. And hit him
Second guy-ouch

They heard footsteps of someone.
Utth gaye tum dono someone asked in heavy voice.
Both at same time- ji bhai good morning
Guy-Good morning. Get ready and come down in 10 minutes
But bhai why both asked at same time.

Did u guys forget today is ahil’s wedding
Both looked at each other in surprised.
Anshuman-what r u saying? I was finding u downstairs and here u r cracking jokes. And hit him
Bhai I think now u should get married.
Ahil-arjun u want me to beat u
Ahil bhai arjun is saying something right for the first time.
Arjun-really viren and punched him
Anshuman-stop your jokes and come downstairs we r going to gym.
Both- okay boss
Anshuman gave them a angry look

Ahil-come on yaar
They left from there
Arjun-yaar bhai really changed a lot after preet bhabhi’s death. I want my old bhai back
Viren-hey come on don’t be senti. We will definitely get our old bhai back. Now get ready
They both got ready and went downstairs and left for gym.

Hope u guys liked it. I will try to make it more interesting. Please guys do comment.

  1. nice start

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